The Journey To The Extraordinary Tour

The 12 Success Keys…
And Why Most People
Never Learn About Them…

Welcome to my Guided Tour on how you can take your own Journey to the Extraordinary.  Through this Guided Tour, I’ll reveal a proven road-map you can follow to achieve lasting success in both your personal and professional life.  By participating in this Guided Tour, you’ll discover…

  • The “keys” to success, both on and off the job
  • Why most people are stuck in “ordinary lives”– and how you can break free and start your journey-to-the-extraordinary lifestyle you’ve always wanted
  • The crippling mistakes most people make that keep them from enjoying life and success — and how you can leapfrog over these blunders
  • How to tap into your own personal genius in just 10 minutes a day
  • Secrets to creating alliances, influencing co-workers and friends, and shortcutting your path to success
  • Plus so much more…

You might not feel the need for all the elements I just mentioned at the moment. Maybe your personal success is off the charts but you feel limited at work and in your career.
Or maybe your career has never been better, but you’d like some input on how to better achieve your personal goals.

As you’ll soon see, no matter what your current situation, unlocking the 12 keys to success (which I’m about to reveal) will dramatically improve your situation, no matter what area you may want to transform.

Here’s A Key Point To Keep In Mind

In the introduction to this Guided Tour, I mentioned “The 12 Success Keys.” In the lessons that follow, I’m only going to sketch out the 12 keys.

Then, in the final Lesson, I’ll show you what to do and how to do it to achieve absolute mastery over each one. Please bear that in mind as you move forward.

Let’s dive into the first key right now…

1st Key: Self-Esteem

Don’t dismiss the importance of self-esteem or underestimate the power of this strategy. Developing an unshakable sense of self-confidence is the cornerstone for all your other endeavors.

The reason is simple. You perform exactly as you see yourself. If you doubt yourself and your potential, that’s how you behave, and you get nothing but mediocre results. But when you believe in yourself and your dreams, you release an incredible power that brings you amazing results in every part of your life.

The good news is … there is a proven strategy you can use to develop an unshakable self-confidence no matter what your situation is. I call it the L.A.S.T.I.N.G. System.  When you apply the L.A.S.T.I.N.G. System to your life and your work, you will see dramatic and immediate results. You’ll save years of heartache and aimless floundering. In short… you can learn from my mistakes.

My childhood was challenging, to say the least. I was surrounded by alcoholism… suicide… divorce…prison. Each one visited my family in turn. Each took it’s time shredding our family, our hopes and our future. From there things got worse. I lost my ability to walk at age 20. Within a few years, I’d lost the most important people in my life.

So I’ve been down. And I’ve been out. I can even tell you in painstaking detail how to furnish an entire apartment for $100 bucks. Because I’ve done it. I’ve been there. In short, my self-esteem flat-lined. And yet, once I discovered and implemented the L.A.S.T.I.N.G. System, everything changed. I started to feel strong and confident.

From there, I discovered the rest of the success keys. And my personal and professional success skyrocketed. Along the way, I got my Bachelor’s degree. Then my Master’s. Then my Doctorate. I landed my dream job (at the time) as a university professor and received the “Outstanding Faculty Member” award from two different universities.

I started achieving extraordinary success in my personal life as well. To the amazement of my doctors, I overcame my debilitating illness and was able to walk again. I remarried and now have an amazing and supportive wife (whose name is Chris by the way).

But my extraordinary journey didn’t end there. I wanted to teach others the transformational secrets I’d discovered. I’d finally “cracked the code” on human achievement and I desperately wanted to show others the exact system I’d developed. So I started speaking to anyone who would listen. I spoke to Rotary Clubs, the Kiwanis, YMCA’s, church groups, fraternities … and dozens and dozens of other groups.

Those who applied what I taught started achieving extraordinary results too. And they told others. Soon I was getting calls from organizations around the nation and across the world, asking me to speak to their people.

I was swamped with requests from individuals and organizations who had heard about the dramatic difference the 12 keys to success were making in other people’s lives.

I literally had to quit my safe, secure, tenured position as a university professor because I didn’t have time to teach there, speak everywhere else, and take advantage of the many other opportunities that were flooding my way. I decided to shift gears and dedicate my life to helping people get the most out of themselves and others.

Over the past 27 years, I’ve taught my 12 keys to extraordinary success in 49 states and 22 countries. In total, I’ve taught these keys over 2,000 times.

Thousands of people have experienced the power of these keys, cast off the shackles of the ordinary and claimed extraordinary success for themselves. Listen to Carl Jordan, a Fleet Analyst at the Wagner Equipment Company. His story deeply touched my heart, as it will yours.

Carl writes, “Alan, replacing my low self-esteem with confidence in my abilities was my primary reason for attending the Journey. I have followed your suggested esteem-building steps, and now I have the confidence and security that I have desired for so many years. Before your seminar, I often thought how much I hated myself when things didn’t go the way I thought they should. It got to the point that I would verbalize those thoughts in front of both my family and friends. I now stand in front of the mirror telling myself what a great person I am. I started to believe what I was saying, and my attitude has greatly improved. I focus on this every day and am much happier in my daily life. When difficult periods crop up I say a few positive affirmations and can now overcome those times without feeling that there is no hope for me.

Carl continued, “When the day is done, I list the positive things I have accomplished whether it is on paper or just mentally. Sometimes the list is short but sometimes it is fairly lengthy. The most rewarding days of my life have all come after taking your ‘Journey.’ Thank you very much for opening my eyes to what I can do when I believe in myself. I now look forward to every day’s challenges with anticipation rather than dread.”

I’ve taught the 12 success keys to people from all walks of life. Members of high-profile organizations such as IBM, 3M, American Express, Prudential, the FBI, and the U.S. Air Force have used these keys with great success.

And thousands of others from small businesses, education, government and health care have seen the same dramatic results in their work once they discovered how to properly apply the 12 keys.

If you’d like to embark on your own journey to the extraordinary, jump right into the second key…

2nd Key: Purpose

A line from Alice in Wonderland says, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any old road will get you there.” Ouch. I’ve been there, wandering aimlessly through life waiting for something to happen. In fact, that’s how most people live. Most people never define a purpose. Their only concern is going to work to pay the bills, raise their families and squeezing out a tiny bit of pleasure amidst the inevitable struggle.

By contrast, those among us who live extraordinary lives do so because they have a defined purpose for their lives.

The next step you can take to begin your “Journey to the Extraordinary” is to define a purpose for your life. You see … deep inside you, there’s a burning desire to do something great.

Do you know what it is? If so, that’s wonderful!  I can show you how to use your purpose to turbocharge your ability to achieve amazing results in every part of your life. If you’re not sure of your purpose, no problem. I’ll help you find out what it is and how to apply it to your life and your work.

Listen to Denine Cappuccio, a Project Manager for Merck & Company.

Denine says, “The Journey gave me … and will give anyone … all the tools that are needed to build a way of life filled with meaning and purpose, happiness and achievement. Dr. Zimmerman does an outstanding job of defining every one of the ‘how-to’ techniques and even helped us after the program to make sure we implemented what we learned.”

3rd Key: Goals And Affirmations

Almost every motivational speaker harps about goals and affirmations.  Yet still, only a small fraction of people actually accomplish their goals with consistent success

Even those who regularly write out their goals and use daily affirmations fail to achieve consistent success. Why is that? It’s because even after hearing multiple “gurus” sound off on the importance of affirmations and goal setting, most people still don’t know how to correctly implement the specific, results-based systems of goal setting and affirmations.

Many people also mistakenly fall into the trap of thinking that anything concerning goal setting and affirmations is old news. After all, you may have bought some self-help books and CDs, and you may have even attended some seminars where affirmations were taught.

But I’d be willing to bet that mindlessly repeating affirmations hasn’t worked for you. However… it’s not your fault. I was in the same boat. I’d tried goal-setting and affirmations before too. But my results were lack-luster at best.

Like most people, I knew that goal setting and affirmations should work. But I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t working for me. What was I doing wrong?

Turns out I was making the same mistakes as everybody else makes.  But once I discovered the exact language structure that must be used in all affirmations, I started to achieve my goals faster than ever before. My goal achievement became… almost effortless… when I learned how to add a no-fail, slam-dunk, five-step process to the mix. I even made up some templates or cheat sheets so you can follow the same process I find so effective.

When I now teach my proven two-part affirmation and goal-achieving system, rest assured it’s not the same old “rah-rah” you’ve heard before.

The best part is … if you do it right, it takes only 10 minutes a day to apply my affirmation and goal-achieving tactics. In just 10 minutes a day, you too can transform your “mindset” from mediocre to extraordinary.

Listen to Eileen Zierman, a Supervisor at Fairview Hospital.

Eileen writes: “Previously I was scared to death when someone mentioned goals. I ran the other direction. The fear is gone, and now I have goals, and I’m achieving them. What a blessing from God! Thank YOU, Dr. Zimmerman, for giving me a VISION.”

Yes, my system for goals and affirmations will work for you professionally, as they did for Eileen. But my system will work for you just as easily on the home front. Listen to Allen Wyatt, a Center Director for the Social Security Administration, who became a better father to his children.

Allen writes: “Your goal-setting process worked beautifully for me. Ever since the first day of the Journey to the Extraordinary experience, I have been telling myself that I am a patient father. I used to yell right off the bat, without talking or discussing anything first. Now, I find it a lot easier to talk and work out problems with myself and my children without blowing up. It is bringing us closer every day. Thank you!!! This was GREAT training. I learned how to share positive feedback with those who deserve it, and you definitely deserve it. Thank you

How One Woman Achieved Extraordinary Success In Just 7 Days…

When you get right down to it, all that matters is results. These techniques have proven successful…for me and others. Take Dr. Marilyn Joyce for example. She re-invigorated her self-esteem, defined her purpose, transformed her mindset, set her goals, and within one week of using my system her career was transformed.

Marilyn writes: “I know for certain that the affirmation process works. Within one week of affirming my goal and vision, consistently, I was asked to contribute to 4 major books, not to mention requests by 7 major magazines for articles. Wow! Thank you, Alan, for the thought-provoking, powerful work you do. I recommend your seminars and materials to anyone I meet who is sincere about changing their life and their business.”

The 12 keys in my “Journey to the Extraordinary” experience flat-out work. And I’m so glad I can say that to you, because that’s been my lifelong mission … to discover the secrets of success … to find the things that work. It’s one of the cardinal reasons I left my university teaching job: I wanted results, not theories.
With that, let’s get right into the …

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