The Payoff Principle


Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want Out of Life and Work

Everyone wants to be happy. Many yearn for success. Most have no idea how to have either. But now you can have both. In The Payoff Principle, you’ll learn the simple formula for getting the payoffs that you want in your life and career. Purpose + Passion + Process = Payoff. Available in PDF and in Hardcopy.

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Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want Out of Life and Work

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Where do you hope to go with your life, your career, and your relationships?

How will you muster the energy to keep on keeping on, in the good times and the bad? What skills do you have to learn–and then use–to make sure you get the payoffs you really want in your professional life and your personal life?

The problem with so many positive-thinking books and self-help routines is that they don’t give you the whole formula.

The Payoff Principle gives you that formula: Purpose + Passion + Process = Payoff and then works as your guidebook, teaching you how to apply the formula to achieve success at work, at home, and everywhere you go.

When you find purpose in what you do, exhibit passion for the outcome, and master the process to make it happen, you produce the payoffs you want, need, and deserve.

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Read The Payoff Principle and discover:

  • The most important question you’ll ever ask yourself
  • How to uncover your true purpose in life
  • One simple yet powerful technique for staying on purpose each and every day
  • Eight ways to cultivate the type of attitude that leads to success
  • Why you should give your feelings a vote, but not a veto
  • A step by step process for keeping on course
  • Two processes to get the full, willing cooperation of others
  • How to keep on going when you don’t feel like it

Plenty of people have gotten the payoffs they want, whether consciously and deliberately or accidentally and luckily. But, you don’t have to depend on luck anymore.

You can have a formula for getting what you want. You can have a practical set of strategies guaranteed to deliver greater happiness and success than you’ve ever experienced.

All you have to do now is read The Payoff Principle to learn how to implement the formula to experience the new-and-complete you.

“Everyone is looking for ways to be happier and more successful. Stop looking and start reading.”

Marshall Goldsmith, Author of the New York Times bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“If you really want to achieve something, put The Payoff Principle to work!”

Randy Gage, Author of the New York Times bestseller Risky Is the New Safe

“The Payoff Principle captures the incredible power of Dr. Zimmerman’s wisdom and heart.”

Jill Blashack Strahan, Founder and CEO of Tastefully Simple, Inc.

“Dr. Zimmerman offers a fresh, clear framework to transform your life!”

David Horsager, Bestselling author of The Trust Edge

Click here to read a free excerpt of The Payoff Principle