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To put it plain and simple, Dr. Zimmerman’s presentations focus on transforming the people side of business. After all, most people may know how to do their jobs, but they may not always know how to bring out the best in themselves and others. That’s where Dr. Zimmerman’s presentations fit in.

If you’re looking for a program filled with take-aways that your attendees can use immediately, if you want a program that is fun and highly motivational, and if you want your group fully engaged, rather than sitting back, passively listening to another lecture … you can be sure you will get all three of these benefits with Dr. Zimmerman’s programs. That’s why Dr. Zimmerman has maintained a 92% repeat and referral business for more than twenty years.

Let your audience and your organization experience what thousands of others have experienced … just like these two meeting planners.

“Your reputation preceded you as a professional to work with. And you were the consummate professional. Our Vice President told us not to worry because no matter what the topic … you would mesmerize our audience. You did. They were thoroughly engaged with you every single minute.”

– Peter Atwood
Regional Manager, 3M

“Congratulations for an outstanding presentation. Truly, your talk was powerful, motivational, and to some extent spellbinding. We would be pleased to recommend you to any group who wants a guaranteed success.”

– M. Lauren Basham
Director, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business 

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