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Written goals: How to get what you want out of life

In last week’s Tuesday Tip, I addressed the question that has bugged me the most my entire life.

However, there are two other questions that have bugged me just about as much. Why is that some people, who have so little going for them, accomplish so much?

And why is it that other people, who have so much going for them, accomplish so little?

The answer can be found in two words: DEFINED GOALS. The first group almost always has them while the second group seldom does.

I’ll address that in more detail in my complimentary webinar on The Champion Edge to be given on June 4. I hope you will join me by going to www.DrZimmerman.com/The-Champion-Edge.

For right now, I want to push you in the direction of DEFINED GOALS … as it will be one of the most success-producing, financial building, emotionally healing thing you will ever do. Here are a few steps you can start taking.

► 1. Take an honest look at your present situation.

The following quiz will give you a quick overview. Write the word “yes” or “no” after each question.

  • Do you have the sense that your life and work is complete … that nothing is missing? (Yes or No)
  • Do you know what you are passionate about? (Yes or No)
  • Are you well organized? Do you have a clear sense of your top priorities and get a lot done every day? (Yes or No)
  • Do you have a written plan for your personal and professional lives with clear time lines for accomplishing each item? (Yes or No)
  • Do you have plenty of time for your family and friends and feel good about the work-life balance you have achieved? (Yes or No)
  • Do you exercise at least three times every week to keep yourself in physical tip-top shape? (Yes or No)
  • Do you achieve your financial goals on a regular basis? (Yes or No)
  • Do you take enough time to keep on growing in the spiritual dimension of your life? (Yes or No)
  • Do you dedicate a certain amount of time each week and month to continue your learning and education? (Yes or No)
  • Do you feel like you are fulfilling your mission in life? (Yes or No)

If you have seven or more “yes” answers, congratulations. You have the power of DEFINED GOALS working for you.

If you have three or more “no” responses, you need to make some changes. Without those changes, your chances of building a better life, career, and relationship in the future are fairly slim.

So you need to do…

► 2. Get serious about goal setting.

Most people aren’t. In fact, some research indicates that only three percent of people actually figure out their goals. They just go through life and work on autopilot, without giving much thought to either one.

And that’s just plain stupid … because the research also indicates that the folks who figure out their goals achieve a whole lot more than those who don’t bother to do so.

As Albert Einstein put it, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

When you get serious about goal setting, you put focus into your life. You tell your subconscious mind, that of all the millions of possibilities in the world, these are the things that you would like your mind to focus on.

For example, one of my big goals years ago was to live in a beautiful house, in the woods, next to a lake. But I had no idea how I could make that happen. My income certainly did not support such a house. Indeed, it would have been easy to tell myself “Nice thought but it’s never going to happen.”

But once I got serious about goal setting and claimed that as a goal I would achieve, my behavior automatically changed. I found myself reading real estate ads on lake homes, going through numerous open houses, cutting needless expenses out of my budget, saving money here and there, increasing my income by offering new services, and engaging in a host of other activities. And, of course, the day came when I walked into that new, beautiful, spacious lake home … all because I got serious about goal setting.

I know the same thing will happen in your life and work when you get serious about goal setting.

► 3. Write out your goals.

Of course, some crybaby will say, “I’m too busy. I don’t have time to write out my goals.”

That’s fine. It’s your choice. You can have a grand life or you can have a mediocre life, and to a large extent it will depend on how serious you are to committing your goals to paper.

There’s something magical that takes place when you write out your goals. As soon as you write out your goals, your mind begins to think of ways to make them come true.

It’s one of the things I teach in my course on The Champion Edge. And the results are always exciting.

You’ll learn more about that when you attend my free webinar on June 4th, 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, on The Champion Edge. I advise you to grab one of the seats because they are limited.

Kayla Hermann, a Program Coordinator at Community Options and Resources, learned to write out her goals at my program. She says, “I discovered something quite amazing after I wrote down my goals and filed them in my subconscious mind. Two of my goals were having a deeper relationship with my husband and the other was to be self-employed.”

“Then one day I looked around and saw what was happening. I started to see the results of a deeper relationship with my husband. We are spending more time together and I am making a conscious effort to listen to him with my full attention. He can tell something has changed and he likes it.”

“Then another amazing thing happened with regard to the self-employment goal I’ve had for years and years. I was approached to buy a business that I occasionally work at as a hobby. Because I had written down that goal and because I had been using the mental programming techniques you taught us, I believe that I unknowingly attracted this offer.”

“I thank Dr. Zimmerman and his Champion Edge experience for helping me turn my goals into reality.”

My advice to all you reading this post: Get serious about goal setting and goal writing.