Tapping Into The Power of Positivity

Don’t be content with “average.” That means you’re as close to the bottom as you are to the top.

YOU WERE BORN TO WIN. No matter what anyone says or does to you, don’t forget–you were born to win.

But YOU WERE ALSO CONDITIONED TO FAIL. As a child, you were exposed to the words and behaviors of others, and many of those influences were negative–but necessary. By the time you reached the age of five, you heard at least 50,000 “no’s.”

Unfortunately, those negative influences don’t go away as you get older. They just get more diversified. One corporate study found that employees hear nine negative words for every positive word.

Negativity pervades our culture. Most of the commercials on TV are designed to make you feel inadequate–that you aren’t okay the way you are. And if there isn’t enough bad news to broadcast on a particular day, the networks will air footage of previous disasters on the anniversaries of those events.

After being exposed to lots and lots of negative influences, your mind absorbs and adopts the negative. You become conditioned to fail. You get used to living at less than your full potential.

It’s like the fortune teller who told her customer, “You’ll be poor and unhappy and miserable until you are fifty.”

“Then what?” asked the man.

“By that time,” the fortune teller said, “you’ll be used to it.”

In other words YOU GET ADDICTED TO THE NEGATIVE. You start telling yourself a number of negative things. You tell yourself such things as, “I can’t do this” and “I’m no good at that.”

You start the “stinkin-thinkin” process. It’s like the manager said to the job applicant, “For this job we want someone who is responsible.”

The applicant replied, “Perfect. Everywhere I’ve worked, whenever something went wrong, I was responsible.”

You might even feed yourself negative expectations. One psychiatrist says 85% of the population is addicted to negative expectations. For example, you get a note from your boss that says, “See me immediately.” What is your first reaction? Do you think, “Great. The raise is coming early this year?” Or do you wonder, “What did I do wrong this time?”

85% expect the negative. As humorist Robert Orben said, “There are days it takes all you’ve got just to keep up with the losers.”

The problem with “stinkin-thinkin” is that you start to act that way. WHEN YOU START TO THINK YOU CAN’T DO SOMETHING, YOU’RE PROBABLY RIGHT. People seldom rise above their own words and thoughts. And people seldom go beyond their own self-imposed limitations.

On the other hand, if you change the words you tell yourself, you can get dramatically better results. YOU CAN LITERALLY PROGRAM YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS.

Professional athletes know this. Listen to their testimonies. They attribute 10% of their success to their physical abilities but 90% to the mastery of their minds.

They’ve learned that they can change who they are, what they are, and where they are by changing what goes into their minds. And so can you! Dr. Denis Waitley writes in his book, The Psychology of Winning, every winner he has ever met, in every walk of life, uses positive self-talk each and every day.

To be more successful, to achieve more of your goals, YOU’VE GOT TO GET ON THE BALL AND TAP INTO THE POWER OF POSITIVE SELF-TALK.

Perhaps you remember the story of the golfer who found his ball on top of an ant hill. He wondered what he was going to do, but then he decided to go for it. He took a huge swing, and whoosh, 1000 ants went flying, but the ball was still there. He took another huge swing, and another 1000 ants went flying to their death. But the ball did not move. He was about to take one more swing when one of the remaining ants said to another, “If we don’t get on the ball, we’re going to die.”

Put another way, you need to feed your body if you want to be healthy. And you’ve got to feed your mind if you want dramatically better results in your life and your career.

I know. Positive self-talk or affirmations helped heal a crippling illness I once had. And affirmations have helped millions of people achieve their goals. I hear it all the time from my clients. They tell me of moving from the bottom to the top in their industry or easily losing 50 pounds when nothing else worked–all through affirmations.

Affirmations sweep away the old negative influences in your life. Affirmations release the power of your full potential. And they’re simple, safe, effective, and fast.

Affirmations are even scientific. They take the guess work out of your future success.

One student didn’t know that, however. It was at the University of Denver where one of the most challenging courses was business law. During one of the more difficult, exasperating True-False exams, Brian Martinson noticed another student flipping a coin. The professor asked him, “Son, are you guessing on this test?” He said, “No sir. I’m just checking my answers.”

If you’re not using affirmations, you’re losing out. You’re not achieving everything you could achieve. It’s that simple.

I invite you to order a copy of my new CD, “GOALS: Good Intentions Are Not Good Enough.” In the course of 75 minutes, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about affirmations, mental programming, and goal achievement. I’ll tell you what to say, how to say it, and when to say your affirmations so you get the results you want.

Or if you wish, the CD comes as a part of my new 6-volume CD set entitled “TAKE CHARGE: Motivating Yourself to Achieve More Than Ever.” They’re selling faster than any product I’ve ever offered in the last 18 years.

Give affirmations a good try, and you’ll be delighted with the results you get. It’s time to take charge of your mind, your goals, and your future.

Action:  You feed your body three times a day. Do you feed your mind at least three times a day? If you’re not, start today. Take a few minutes each day to affirm the person you want to become and the goals you want to achieve.