Live On Purpose, Not By Accident

There are many definitions of “success,” but the only “true” definition is living your life on purpose, instead of by accident.

Troyal went to Oklahoma State University on a javelin-throwing scholarship, but athletics did not feel like his real calling. So he asked himself a crucial question: “If God came to earth with a box containing the reason for my life inside of it, what words would I most like to find in that box?”

It didn’t take long for Troyal to know that the box would contain the word “music.” He could pick a little guitar; his voice wasn’t too bad, and he had written some songs. So he set off for Nashville.

Troyal did not find instant success in Nashville. He returned to Oklahoma, but two years later he was back in Nashville working at a boot shop. One night he showed up for auditions at the Bluebird Cafe where a Columbia Records scout caught his act. The scout liked what he heard, offered a recording contract, and the rest is history.

Today this singer is known as Garth Brooks, the best-selling country artist of all time. He’s sold more records than Michael Jackson or Madonna. But it all started with purpose. Garth found the race he wanted to run, and he didn’t quit until he had won.

What about you? Have you found your purpose? I hope so. Without a clear purpose, you will have some happiness, but never real joy. You will have some energy, but never real passion.

This is just one of the many topics I address in my two-day Peak Performance Boot Camp. Of course we don’t have time to go into great detail today, but if you want to clarify your purpose, start asking yourself some questions. The answers will lead you toward your purpose.

START WITH YOUR DREAMS. What did you dream of doing when you were a child? What were your dreams when you graduated from high school or college? What are your dreams today?

THEN LOOK AT YOUR IDEALS. What do you believe in? What makes life worth living? What would you die for?

NOW EXAMINE YOUR GIFTS. What blessings do you have? What gifts do you possess? How do you want to share them with others?

Your first challenge is to clarify your purpose. Your answers to these questions will help you do that. Your second challenge is to live accordingly.

Action:  To see if you’re living on purpose or by accident, ask yourself one question, “How would my life look if my life was in line with my purpose?” If you see any gaps between the answer you receive and the life you’re living, get busy. Do some things to close the gap.