The Champion Leader Coaching Process™

Overview The Champion Leader Coaching Process™ is an exciting, customized, 1-on-1 learning experience to take you to the next level in your work and life. It is a personal growth program for leaders who want to change their business and improve their impact and influence, on and off the job. The Champion Leader Coaching Process™ is also an intensive 1-on-1 trusted-advisor experience for high achieving executives and leaders who know that oftentimes the best and quickest way to bigger and better results is through the use of a coach. The coach can help you learn new skills, get unstuck from a problem, ask tough questions, hold up a mirror to help you discover your blind spots, and help hold your feet to the fire to reach your goals. That’s where Dr. Alan Zimmerman comes in. Over a period of time, most typically six months, you meet with Alan privately through a series of telephone, Zoom, or face-to-face coaching sessions of 60-70 minutes each. The sessions are scheduled approximately every two weeks. The sessions are designed to layer learning, practice new skills and behavior, monitor your personal action plan, process issues, and remove obstacles as you begin to exercise new leadership attributes and tackle your other challenges. You also have full accessibility to us during the entire coaching process for quick coaching issues, through emails, short calls, or other means in-between your regularly scheduled sessions.