The Journey To The Extraordinary Tour Part 5

Bridging The Gap

Now it’s time to wrap this up. You’ve already discovered the 12 keys to breaking out of the ordinary and starting to live the Extraordinary Life.

But it’s not enough to simply learn about these keys. You must also master the art and science of applying them.

Putting these keys into action is what took me from rock-bottom, out-of-luck, cold, alone and miserable to healthy, happy and the proud owner of a business that has broken almost every record in my industry.

But I have to admit there was a big gap in my life for all too long – between learning all 12 keys and acting on all 12 keys. It’s the same gap I see in almost everyone. The GAP between getting new ideas, information, intentions, and actually implementing them.

It’s a huge GAP!

The truth is I can’t help you bridge that gap from this Guided Tour and website alone. I wish I could.

To bridge the gap quickly and easily, you need to get out of your familiar environments and away from your old habits for a while. You need to give some of your undivided, undistracted attention to the 12 Keys. And you need a System for implementing them.

That’s why I’m inviting you to a very special live event that I call “The Journey to the Extraordinary” experience.

As I mentioned before, I had to learn a lot of things the hard way. But you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. It took me years to develop a System anyone could use to turbo charge his/her success. Again, you don’t have to take that long. The Journey to the Extraordinary is your fast track to extraordinary results.

The “Experience”

Why do I call it an “Experience?” Because that’s what The Journey to the Extraordinary is. There’s more interaction, more laughter, more skill, more energy, more hands-on practice, and more down-to-earth easy-to-apply examples than you’ve seen in any other program.

Instead of painstakingly learning to apply these 12 keys the hard way (like I did), I’ll show you the quick and easy way to do it.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel or struggle to find your way. In the Journey to the Extraordinary, I’ll give you a proven roadmap to success. And I’ll do it in just two days. In short, I’ll take you from start-to-finish faster than ever by cutting out all the guesswork.

All you have to do is follow the roadmap I’ll lay out for you. It will cut years off your learning curve and put you on the path to greater success and extraordinary results… immediately.

And here’s the best news for you.  By simply attending and going through The Journey to the Extraordinary experience, you’ll change on the spot — in significant and dramatic ways.  I’ll zoom you from start to success in just two days, giving you every tool you’ll ever need to win in your personal and business lives.

Since you’ve read this far, I can tell you’re genuinely interested in breaking free from the shackles of getting-by, good-enough mediocrity once and for all. You’re interested in finally achieving the extraordinary results you’re capable of.  That’s why I’m extending this special invitation.

Using my own specialized techniques and proven teaching methods, I’ll get you out of your chair and using these techniques before you leave this two-day, power-packed experience.

What Are The Take-Aways?

Even if you show up with no goals, no purpose and no motivation, you’ll leave with a set of practical and powerful skills and a clear-cut plan for getting the results you want.

Of course, you may be thinking this all sounds good … in theory … but what specifically will you take away from the Journey experience?

To be specific, you’ll discover…


  • A simple and easy way to achieve your goals in every part of your life, including your self-esteem, finances, relationships, career, and health
  • If you don’t even know what you want out of life, I’ll show you how to figure it out on day one… and start you on the path of a Purpose-driven life. (Remember, the second key is “Purpose.”)
  • If you’re stuck in a comfort zone, I’ll show you how to bust loose from it, take more risks and become a constructive risk taker
  • How to create true balance in your life – without sacrificing results (even if you don’t think you’re overworked, overstressed or out of balance!)
  • A 10-minute exercise (you can even do it in car driving to work) that ensures the effectiveness of your goals and affirmations. (Remember, the second of the 12 keys to success is Goals.)
  • 24 strategies that will neutralize stress and prevent burnout, no matter how busy or crazy your life is – and no matter how busy or crazy it may get down the line
  • How to build a powerful positive attitude that will carry you through the worst of times and enhance the rest of times
  • The 5 reasons people refuse to go along with your ideas – even when it’s in their best interest. Once you discover these reasons, I’ll show you how to melt resistance and get people eager to join your side.
  • The single most important secret you can use to get people to happily do what you want them to do
  • People never change, right? WRONG! They can change… if you know the 5 languages that touch their hearts and get them truly motivated to do it.
  • Is your listening less than effective?  I’ll show you two powerful listening strategies to help you pick up the most important part of the conversation: what’s not being said.
  • How to get maximum effort from your team members. 11 cunning strategies that inspire your team to seek and accomplish even the most demanding goals
  • A simple script you can follow that easily incites change in any team member who hasn’t been holding up his end of the bargain
  • 6 ways to phrase your requests… so when you ask for what you want… others feel naturally inclined to say “Yes”
  • A simple way to turn ideas into action – and why the first action step you take significantly shortens the road to success
  • 27 questions employees are afraid to ask their bosses – once you discover these secret questions you’ll instantly cement a bond with your employees… and you’ll know how to create a fun and profitable work environment for your team
  • 8 Brave questions you need to ask your employees, colleagues, customers and other team members (including kids).  HINT: If you take the time to ask these questions, you will see significant performance improvements in those people.

Yes, you’ll learn all that PLUS so much more – too much to mention here.

The Journey to the Extraordinary is an exciting, power-packed two-day experience guaranteed to unleash the hidden success mechanisms already buried deep inside you.

But don’t take it from me…

What Do Vaccine Researchers, CEO’s, NASA Space Chiefs, U.S. Army Commanders, Business Managers, Healthcare Supervisors, Government Employees, and Thousands Of Team Members, Spouses, and Parents All Have In Common?

They all came to my “Journey to the Extraordinary” experience and walked away raving.  You’ve read some of their comments as you’ve read through this Guided Tour.  But here are a few more of the thousands of testimonials I have received.

 Saved Her Marriage… And Boosted Her Income…

“Dr. Z’s Journey to the Extraordinary was a life-changing experience for me! I give this experience credit for saving my marriage, enhancing my relationship with my son, getting me back to church, bringing exercise into my life on a regular basis, getting me to a financial planner and assisting with my latest promotion and salary raise as I’ve spread Dr. Z throughout our Leadership trainings. I just can’t say enough about the ripple effect of my attendance at this workshop. I would be happy to talk to anyone in person who might be considering attending!”

Teri Rokusek, First Vice President, Lincoln Savings Bank

Teaches These Techniques To Her Students On A Daily Basis…

I use the information you provided on a daily basis. I teach it in my classes. And if I didn’t personally use some of your techniques, I don’t know how I would make it through some days. After the Journey to the Extraordinary experience, I was asked to share some of your information with three groups of adult audiences. I received so many compliments on your information and the effectiveness of my presentation that I’m being asked to share the same information at several school sites. I’ll have more customers coming your way.”

Jeanne Joyce, High School Business Teacher, State of Nevada

Taught The Techniques To 1000+ People… With Magical Results…

I have used your ‘30-Day Self-Esteem Builder’ and taught it to more than 1000 individuals. And it works like magic. Your Journey To The Extraordinary showed me how to help people think outside the box as well as create a stable, positive company culture.”

Keith Meyers, Director of Staffing, Keane

Most Powerful, Most Motivating Session Ever Attended…

“My wife Laura pushed me to attend Dr. Zimmerman’s Journey to the Extraordinary’ Experience even though I was skeptical. Thank God she did! It was the most powerful, most motivating training session I ever attended. This was a life changing event. It changed my business and my family relationships for the better.”

Gary H. Pendleton, Chartered Financial Consultant, Pro Equities, Inc.

Far Surpasses Normal In-House, On-Site Training…

“Folks around here have been anxious to hear how the Journey Experience went. Some of my supervisors have thought we might have something about the same ‘in house’, and I have had to dash their imagination — tactfully of course. It is essential that no matter who you are or where you work, getting training from ‘the outside’ has a refreshing quality that is simply unbeatable — by itself. Plus the content offered at your Journey to the Extraordinary experience is absolutely loaded with positive nuggets, concepts, stories, skills, and strategies that have changed my life and my work in wonderful ways.”

Ben Dreese, Senior Distribution Specialist, Pacific Gas and Electric

Patient Satisfaction Scores Increased…

“In the immediate weeks that followed your Journey to the Extraordinary experience, I was surprised at how often my mind went back to the strategies you taught me and how easily I applied them to my situation. As a result, my mental processes have changed, and I’ve accomplished more of my goals than ever before–both at work and at home. And now after 7 months, I’m telling other staff to send their managers. They need to learn your techniques because we continue to see the results in our team building. Our patient satisfaction surveys continue to show marked improvement and we celebrate!

Beth Houts, Director, Iowa Health System

Overcame Self-Imposed Limitations…

“I learned how powerfully my thoughts affect my life. I learned how to release the power of positive thoughts, and that has enabled me to return to college to pursue a degree, without becoming overwhelmed.”

Leila Carr, Credit Representative, TNT USA, Inc.

Grades Improved…

“Your Journey To The Extraordinary experience was the best investment that I have ever made in myself… and the benefits have spilled over to those around me. It has helped me focus on the priorities in my life rather than reacting to the pressures. I am eating and feeling better and have lost 15 lbs. My teaching and my curriculum have improved dramatically as I now offer purpose, goals and more enthusiasm to my students. Their higher grades and higher interest levels reflect my efforts.

Kevin Little, Teacher, Middletown School District

Helped Brother Get His Life Back Together…

“I am a graduate of the Journey to the Extraordinary experience, and it was an exhilarating and positive experience. Using what I learned, I helped my brother get through job loss, relationship difficulties, and addiction. My brother thought his life was over, but it’s blooming again like a spring flower. May God bless Alan Zimmerman, for his course gave me the strength to not give up. Whether it is in my personal life or my business life, Dr. Zimmerman’s Journey Experience is one of the best experiences I ever had.”

Kathy Sharkey, Credit Representative TNT USA, Inc.

Learned The Power Of Change…

I learned the power of positive affirmations, of planning, and of being the change agent for those around me. I’ve incorporated these techniques into my DAILY living and faithfully read the ‘Tuesday Tips’ for reinforcement. These really help!”

Dr. Gregory A. Poland, Director, Vaccine Research Group

Taught Tactics To Her Daughter Who Busted Out Of Her Shell…

“Your ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ program had a major effect on my life, not only at work but even at home. My children have had to deal with divorced parents for 9 years now. My daughter was having a difficult time with her self-esteem and in her school. Then I came to your program and passed the knowledge onto my daughter and son. What an improvement! Even the teachers have commented on how my daughter has emerged from her shell in the last 8 months. As always I attribute their success and my success to you. What would we have done without you?

Rob Wojtylo, Team Lead, Tank and Automotive Command

I Came With A Degree Of Skepticism, But…

“I came to the Journey to the Extraordinary with a degree of skepticism, but Dr. Zimmerman won me over with his enthusiasm and excellent content – skills to use at work and at home that changed my life. The thing that separates him from other motivational speakers is the emphasis he puts on follow-up after the seminar. He is just an outstanding speaker and the session was very worthwhile.”

Rich Busey, Video Producer/Director

Finally Started Following Through…

“The best thing for me was your explanation as to why most training fails for most people. You were right. Knowing the pitfalls, I’ve followed through on your training and my ‘Action steps’—more so than any training I’ve ever taken. And your follow-up e-mail reminders were a big hit.”

Greg Smith, Senior HCS Professional, Marathon Oil Company

The success stories above paint a mighty clear picture, don’t they? They show how I help people get tangible and take-it-to-the-bank results and achieve extraordinary success in all areas of life.

Unlike the so-called “guru’s” who get you all fired up to change and then hang you out to dry, I make the transformation “stick.”

When you come to The Journey to the Extraordinary experience, you’re not just signing up for a two-day, life-changing “seminar” or “workshop.”

I’ll “prep” you before you arrive in order to maximize our time together… and I’ll even stick with you after the experience to ensure that this time, the changes you make are permanent.

Here’s What You’ll Receive Before The Journey To The Extraordinary Experience…

Bonus #1: Pre-Experience Consultation
(Valued at $240)

Instead of having you “show up blind,” I’ll give you your own personalized Pre-Experience Consultation. This isn’t a service I take lightly. In fact I typically charge $240 for these consultations.

We’ll talk one on one about where you are right now… and where you want to be after the Experience is over. I want to make sure I understand your needs so I can make sure they get fully addressed during The Journey to the Extraordinary experience.

Based on our discussion, I’ll give you a few personalized strategies to help you break free from your specific problems and start achieving success – before the Experience even starts. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to build and customize this Experience around your own personal needs.

What Happens After The Experience?

We’ve all been to seminars that pump us up and get us excited about the possibilities of success.

But then what happens? You go home, return to the real world and your enthusiasm quietly fades away. A few weeks pass and you see nothing really changed.

That’s called “The Suntan Effect.”  It’s a common symptom at most conferences and seminars. Your enthusiasm lasts only as long as your tan does. And after a few weeks, you look the same and feel the same.

But I refuse to let that happen at the Journey to the Extraordinary Experience. That’s why I’m also giving you the following additional bonuses when you register.


Bonus #2: Ten-Week Reinforcement Experience
(Valued at $227)

10 weeks after most seminars, you’re right back where you started. Not this time! After empowering you to apply the 12 success keys… and the techniques and strategies that flow from them… I’ll stick with you for 10 weeks. I’ll send you email assignments, tips, additional secrets, and reinforcements 3 times a week for 10 weeks.

And you should know these additional tips, secrets and reinforcements were developed over time. I kept on testing them, using them, and getting feedback from past participants until they were just perfect. So you can be certain that this 10-week Reinforcement Program has been proven to work. It will support you in putting everything from The Journey to the Extraordinary Experience into immediate – and masterful – practice.

I’ll do my best to keep you on point. I’ll help you cement the 12 success keys in your mind and make sure you’re on track to accomplish your goals… so 10 weeks after The Journey to the Extraordinary Experience, you’ll be a transformed person.

I promise you that!

That’s only two of the valuable bonuses you’ll receive when you register. Here are the rest…


Bonus #3: Transformational Tele-Seminar CD
(Valued at $39)

Despite the fact we’ll spend two days together and you’ll pick up dozens of techniques and strategies, I want to give you 10 more sure-fire ways to become a more positive person. The material on this CD is so good I’d recommend you listen to it over and over again to fully absorb, lock in and integrate the breakthrough material on it.


Bonus #4: One Hour Of One-On-One Coaching With Dr. Zimmerman
(Valued at $649)

Here’s your opportunity to get additional personalized attention, support, and assistance from me. I’ll give you a one-hour private phone consultation you can use after your Journey to the Extraordinary Experience ends.

I want to answer your questions and help you remove any blocks or challenges that may be slowing your progress. I usually charge $649 for these coaching sessions and zealously protect my time… so you won’t want to miss this chance for one-on-one coaching.


Bonus #5: Journey To The Extraordinary Manual
(Valued at $179)

Journey to the Extraordinary participants are amazed at how much they discover and how quickly their lives transform. They tell me they receive more benefit from the Experience than they received from all the other previous seminars they attended… combined!

The problem is — I’ll give you so much meaningful material that you couldn’t possibly write it all down — let alone remember it all. No need to worry. I’ve solved that problem for you.

When you participate in The Journey to the Extraordinary Experience, you’ll receive a manual that covers and reinforces everything I share. I’ll even include extra material that you can use after the Experience to continue your journey to even greater success and transformation.

It’s a massive 3-ring binder, more than 150 pages, and every page is a keeper. So instead of having to furiously scribble out notes, you can just relax and soak it all in. You’ll have more fun; you’ll learn more; your transformation will be quicker and more powerful, and you’ll have a treasure-house of extremely valuable information to keep and refer to in the future.

The manual is valued at $179, but as a Journey To The Extraordinary Experience participant, it’s yours — FREE.

Lots of people would like to get their hands on this manual. I’ve actually had people call me up and ask if they could purchase it. But the answer is “No.” Only Journey to the Extraordinary participants can get copies.


The total value of all these free bonuses is $1334 alone.

Remember, you get…

The Pre-Experience Consultation ($240 value)

10-Week Reinforcement Program ($227 value)

Transformation Audio CD ($39 value)

One-on-One Coaching Certificate ($649 value)

Journey To The Extraordinary Manual ($179 value)


Remember, you get…

You get all that PLUS the two mind-blowing days of experience and transformation.

So, what’s the total investment to participate in The Journey to the Extraordinary — and experience the full two-day live event plus receive $1334 in bonuses? Just $1497.

Truth is, that’s a fair price for the powerful, life-changing, transformation Experience you’ll have. And many people will invest that amount.

However, there are two ways you can lower your investment costs. You could invest as little as $697. But you must register now. You can’t wait. Your immediate response will put money in your pocket.

How to Save HUNDREDS of DOLLARS When You Attend the Journey

journey listening



Registration open! The Journey will be in CHICAGO, IL MARCH 31-APRIL 1, 2022

If 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more of you register for the “Journey To The Extraordinary” experience together, you may deduct up to $200 more from each person’s registration fee.

Your tuition could be as low as $697 per person… providing, of course, you sign up as soon as possible.

Your Investment Is Completely Covered
By My No-Risk Guarantee…

If You’re Not Absolutely Thrilled With The Journey To The Extraordinary Experience…
You Don’t Pay A Dime.

Join the Journey to the Extraordinary experience for the entire two days. If you’re not absolutely convinced that this investment will pay huge dividends in your personal and professional life, just let me or one of my staff members know. We will promptly and courteously return your entire registration fee.

No hassles, no hard feelings whatsoever.


You now know the entire scoop on the Journey to The Extraordinary experience. You know about the 12 Keys, what makes the experience so different, and what makes me so different from all the other teachers out there.

I’ve given you several significant bonuses to support your transformation to an even greater degree.  I’ve given you several ways to reduce your investment cost. I’ve given you a no-risk, money-back guarantee. There’s simply no way you can lose.

If you really want to join me but cash is tight right now, you can also attend the amazing Journey to the Extraordinary and make your investment by 4 easy monthly payments. Just look for the details on the registration form.

Here’s The Bottom Line…

Look at it this way. You either create your own road-map to extraordinary results – personally and professionally — or you pay nothing.

If you choose not to attend The Journey to the Extraordinary Experience… then what?

Will you keep plugging away, trying to figure out why your current methods aren’t allowing you to experience the extraordinary life and success you know is possible?

Will you try some other seminar and listen to some Descriptive Expert explain what you’re supposed to be doing? Will you read the latest book by the newest Prescriptive Expert, who gives you a laundry list of to-do items but never gives you the tools, techniques and strategies to actually live your dreams?

I urge you not to make the same mistakes I did. Life is short. Why flounder for years trying to crack “the success code?”

I’ll lay it all out for you. You can legally “copycat” my successes, side-step the common mistakes, slash years off your personal learning curve, and transform your personal and business lives NOW!

Just click the link below and you’ll be taken to a registration page with complete details on how to register.

Don’t delay. People tend to procrastinate when they stumble across something that could truly change their lives.

Don’t let that happen. Break through whatever resistance might be “up” for you and sign up today.


Registration open! The Journey will be in CHICAGO, IL MARCH 31-APRIL 1, 2022


Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman

Journey To The Extraordinary