Overview of the Champion Leader Coaching Process™


The Champion Leader Coaching Process™ is an exciting, customized, 1-on-1 learning experience to take you to the next level in your work and life. It is a personal growth program for leaders who want to change their business and improve their impact and influence, on and off the job.

The Champion Leader Coaching Process™ is also an intensive 1-on-1 trusted-advisor experience for high achieving executives and leaders who know that oftentimes the best and quickest way to bigger and better results is through the use of a coach. The coach can help you learn new skills, get unstuck from a problem, ask tough questions, hold up a mirror to help you discover your blind spots, and help hold your feet to the fire to reach your goals.

That’s where Dr. Alan Zimmerman comes in.

Over a period of time, most typically six months, you meet with Alan privately through a series of telephone, Zoom, or face-to-face coaching sessions of 60-70 minutes each. The sessions are scheduled approximately every two weeks.

The sessions are designed to layer learning, practice new skills and behavior, monitor your personal action plan, process issues, and remove obstacles as you begin to exercise new leadership attributes and tackle your other challenges. You also have full accessibility to us during the entire coaching process for quick coaching issues, through emails, short calls, or other means in-between your regularly scheduled sessions.

Our Coaching Philosophy

We believe…

  • Champion Leaders are made, not born. New skills and more effective behaviors can be learned.
  • People are more capable than they often think. However, they may not know it just yet.
  • Layered learning over a period of time is more lasting.
  • Coaching is a proven and critical component when it comes to performance excellence.
  • It is a privilege to be someone’s coach.
  • The coaching relationship is a sacred and confidential one.
  • The client provides the primary commitment and enthusiasm to achieve their stated outcomes.
  • The coach facilitates and augments the success process, holding the person accountable for their commitments.
  • The role of the coach is to comfort the challenged and to challenge the comfortable.
  • Coaching is facilitating a process for people to achieve their own outcomes with commitment, accountability, and enthusiasm.

Sample Results That Clients Experience

  • You reach your goals with less hassle and more consistency
  • You build teams that are more cohesive, cooperative, and productive
  • You organize your time for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • You manage conflict constructively with a direct report, peer, boss or board member
  • You manage up more effectively, building relationships of respect and results
  • You take your team leadership skills to the next level
  • You develop a positive organizational climate with the development of new skills
  • You improve your impact and effectiveness as a leader after a negative experience
  • You address concerns about an increasingly negative work environment
  • You understand organizational resistance to change and take steps to counter it
  • You earn the respect and cooperation of others, on and off the job
  • You are more energized, more balanced, and less stressed

Doug Crozier

CEO at The Solomon Foundation

“Dr Z has been my Executive Coach for the last 2 years. I wish I would have engaged him 30 years ago! As the CEO of a dynamic and growing organization (The Solomon Foundation) having Dr Z help me navigate through multiple and complex decisions has been a major contribution to my success and the success of our organization. His thorough and comprehensive analysis on me was very helpful not only to me but my Executive team and our board. His 360˚ review was also very enlightening and meaningful. He also serves on my succession planning team and has been very active in this area. Dr Z serves leaders and CEO's in many types of organizations and his skill set and background are uniquely qualified. His heart for helping leaders is unparalleled.


Laura Coyle

CEO at HomeWell Care Services

“I had the pleasure of working one on one with Dr. Zimmerman for the last 6 months receiving executive leadership coaching. I found the assessments he performed to be so valuable and insightful. He walked me through exercises and assignments where I set short- and long-term goals for myself. His style was a perfect fit for me. He is genuine, patient, thoughtful, and resourceful. I enjoyed our calls and meetings. I can confidently say that I’m a better leader for having worked with him. One of my biggest accomplishments was to achieve something that I’ve been striving for over ten years….work/life balance! I once found this impossible to achieve. But with Dr. Z’s mentorship, I was finally able to. I highly recommend him for leadership coaching and conflict resolution. We plan to bring him to our office in NJ to speak to the whole company. He’s too good not to share!”