3-Step Phases of Champion Leader Coaching


The Champion Leader Coaching Process™ provides customized one-on-one guidance for executives, high-level leaders, aspiring leaders and others who want to develop new skills and achieve new goals in their area of concern.


As a result of this coaching experience, our coaching clients will be able to:

  1. Experience a custom-designed process to meet their current, individual development needs and goals.
  2. Assess their strengths, competencies, personal leadership and communication styles, and Emotional Intelligence skills and behaviors.
  3. Receive anonymous 360˚ feedback from people in their sphere of influence such as their immediate boss, Board of Directors, peers, direct reports, key individuals, and family members.
  4. Demonstrate positive outcomes toward achieving their specific goals.
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Phase One: Assessment

  1. The client experiences our on-line, comprehensive, validated leadership assessments that describe the client’s preferred leadership and communication styles, Emotional Intelligence, and competencies. The client will receive a 50+ page in-depth assessment.
  2. A series of 5 to 7 perceptual interviews will be conducted to discover how the client’s leader or leaders, board, peers, direct reports, clients, and/or key individuals perceive their leadership, communication style and effectiveness. An optional spouse feedback interview is also available. The client will receive a multi-page summary.
  3. In on-site/virtual meetings, over the course of several hours, we debrief the information from the 360˚ interviews and assessments and create a customized development plan which clearly defines the client’s goals and expected outcomes.

Phase Two: Target Setting

        1. Together we agree on 3 to 5 specific goals to be accomplished in the next six months that show specific growth and development in the areas identified.
        2. Instruction is provided to ensure that the goals set are written effectively and outlined in such a way that they are achieved.
        3. During phases One and Two, Dr. Zimmerman and the client typically meet every week for 4 to 8 weeks.

Phase Three: Implementation and Accountability

  1. This phase entails a series of telephone, Zoom or face-to-face coaching sessions of 50-70 minutes each. Sessions are scheduled approximately every two weeks.
  2. Sessions are set to layer learning and practice new skills and/or behavior. Action Steps will be determined and acted upon to ensure the best results. The client has full accessibility to Dr. Z during the entire coaching process for quick coaching issues.
  3. During the coaching process, all communication with the client is confidential. The client may determine that sharing information with certain selected others would be helpful.
  4. At the end of three months and six months the client is responsible for writing a learning summary based on the initial objectives, with a copy sent to Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s office.

Professional Fees

The fee for the customized six-month Champion Leader Coaching Process™ is consistent and is clearly laid out in advance. It covers all of the above, including all learning instruments, assessments, and resources. The only other possible expense would be travel expenses if the client requires any onsite coaching sessions.


Louis Romano

Owner and Chairman at HomeWell Care Services

“After spending 6 months working with Dr. Zimmerman and receiving executive leadership coaching, I can safely say it was one of the best decisions I made in my career. As a young CEO, I have always struggled to realize I have the ability to empower other leaders around me. Through my work with Dr. Zimmerman, I have learned to identify my strengths and weaknesses and utilized them in a very proactive way to better lead my company. We identified the need to listen more and validate the thoughts and ideas of those I worked with. It was easy to identify this, but putting in the work to actually make the change to do this consistently was incredibly difficult and I could not have done it without the guidance and professionalism from Dr. Zimmerman. I am grateful for the time he worked with me and I feel it will pay dividends for the rest of my career. I highly recommend Dr. Zimmerman to those that are ready to invest personal and professional success.”