How to fortify your Confidence, clarify your Purpose, achieve your Goals, ignite your Attitude, create the Change, and experience Balance like never before

There is one question that has intrigued me all my life.  Why is it that some people accomplish so much more than others? 

Or put another way, why is it that some people have lives that are so much richer and more fulfilling than what others have?

There is nothing in the research that accounts for this.  It cannot be explained by age, birth order, gender, education, race, religion, ethnic identity, nationality, sexual orientation, political philosophy, economic circumstances, or any other known factor.

However, it is clear that those people who accomplish the most, who experience the most happiness and greatest success, have adopted 6 practices that have made all the difference in their lives.  I call those 6 practices The Champion Edge, and I’m eager to share them with you in this FREE virtual conference.

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June 4th, 2020

at 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, 12pm Mountain, 11am Pacific

Dr. Alan Zimmerman, CSP

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Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman, Best Selling Author, CSP CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame 

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What You'll Take Away from This FREE Web Conference...

  • The Three Big Champion-Killing Mistakes. I'm not ashamed to admit that I had some very incorrect ideas about success. I'll show you the 3 big champion-killing mistakes I made that you may also be struggling with right now. 
  • The Six Myths that Will Stop You in Your Tracks, on and off the job . We live in an instant-gratification culture that teaches these 6 myths. And these myths are the very reason you may never achieve what you were destined to achieve and may tempt you to settle for good-enough when awesome results are within your reach.  I’ll show how to blow all 6 myths out of the water and out of your life.
  • The 6 Practices of The Champion Edge You’ll learn each of the 6 practices that all Champions follow, as well as some real-world strategies you can start using RIGHT NOW to put you on a proven, time-tested, success path.  And if you really want to have The Champion Edge working for you, you may want to join a very small, select group of people who will work with me for 5 weeks on a live, virtually-delivered program starting soon. 

WARNING: Space for this FREE web conference is limited to 300 participants, and seats will fill up fast. Register now to make sure you get a spot. 

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