Testimonials: Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Companies “Their Success Stories”

How Their Lives, Jobs, Attitudes, Businesses, and Relationships Have Changed As a result of Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s programs

The “Zimmerman Effect” Brings Out The Leaders In All Of Us …

“Your information, exercises, and guidance had the same effect on us as it has in the past at J & J. The ‘Zimmerman Effect’ brings out the leaders in all of us, makes us more effective managers of others, and most importantly, reminds us of the very important values and fundamentals we sometimes forget. Thanks again for your presentation. You have become a very important person to this company. I know we will have many more opportunities to work together in the days, months, and years ahead.”

Louis Fordham,
Director, J & J Industries

Your Programs Make The Impact We So Desperately Need…

“You’ve spoken for us dozens and dozens of times, and as usual, your ratings were absolutely fantastic. Your modules are again the standard on which we base our judgment for perfection! Your message is so important, so very timely, and so well received. And I know it’s having the kind of impact we so desperately need.”

Jim Vanderheyden,
Manager, Honeywell

Best Program In 32 Years With The Company…

“Your workshop was terrific! I would like to find something to be critical about but how can I when participants are telling me comments such as: ‘I loved it’ and ‘the best workshop I have had in the 32 years I have been with the company.’ Your workshop was a winner for USM! You are definitely a top-notch trainer and speaker. The analogies you used supported the material very aptly. And your humor, personal stories, and openness were very well received.”

Robert Pickett,
Manager, US Mining Company

More Positive Attitudes And Better Listening After Your Program…

“It’s so wonderful to see the impact of your program on the people of our company. Their attitudes are more positive, considerate, and encouraging. I see people who now listen to others more attentively and with better body language. Each individual seems to have taken something different from your presentation and focused on making a change in their life, business, personal, or both. Thank you for making such a great impact on Universal Strap.”

Tom Johnson,
President, Universal Strap

Created A Sense Of Community That Continued Long After The Session…

“You are the first speaker we have invited to present at two NFPA programs held within 3 months of each other! Not only were your evaluations scores super high, you created a sense of community within the audience that continued long after your sessions were finished. The sincerity with which you present your ideas singles you out of the crowded arena of so-called ‘motivational speakers’.”

Leslie Miller,
Manager, National Fluid Power Association

Customized Presentation Stirred Emotions, Invoked Laughter…

“We have heard numerous speakers through the years from the U.S. and Canada, and you are, by far, one of the best. Your customized presentation stirred emotions, invoked laughter, and energized the audience—a definite success in our opinion.”

Spencer Graham,
Manager, Boeing

Program Changed Negative Behavior Of Some Team Members…

“On behalf of Volkswagen of America I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for conducting one of the best seminars we have ever attended. Your presentation had everyone discussing the merits of thinking and acting in positive way. People are now practicing the ‘power of positive affirmations’ each day. And the positive impact of your program has already changed the negative behavior exhibited by some team members.”

Dale Hawke,
Director, Volkswagen Audi

Saw Our People Get Excited About Themselves And What They Can Accomplish…

“‘Positive…Enlightening…Thought provoking…Fun…Enjoyable’ are just a few of the comments I heard describing your presentation. The most enjoyable part was seeing our people get excited about themselves and what they can accomplish with the proper information and a positive attitude. Your methods of getting people to interact were extremely effective, especially for a company such as ours, where the cohesiveness between office and field staff can sometimes drift apart.”

Michael McCormick,
Vice President, T. E. Ibberson Company

Helped Us Cope With Huge Amounts Of Change…

“Our business is currently undergoing a great deal of change, and your program helped me, my management team, and other colleagues to understand and cope with the change. And as you know, our organization has difficulty with negative employees, but you awakened our people, and they greatly appreciated your style of presentation.”

Stuart Fyfe,
Executive, Brook Crompton, United Kingdom

Material Helps Employees On The Job And At Home…

“Without a doubt, your on-site Peak Performance Boot Camp was the best workshop that our employees have ever attended. Your speaking style, participant involvement, and content are exceptional. The material not only helps employees to deal with situations on the job, but also has carry-over value to their home and family. We are so impressed that we already have your scheduled to return.”

Rodney Hamilton,
Manager, U.S. Mining Company

Instantly Grabbed Everyone’s Attention And Never Let Go…

“Our weekend Leadership Retreat was great, and your program was clearly one of the highlights. When your program started, you grabbed everyone’s attention from the very first and didn’t let them go until the time was up. Your ability to target the subject right to the heart of each participant is a tribute to your presentation skills and your ability to read our audience and their real needs. I look forward to working with you again.”

Diane Fulcher,
Manager, Siemens

Phenomenal Feedback…

“What a pleasure to have you here speaking at Leviton. The feedback that we received was phenomenal! I look forward to working with you again.”

Kim Shephard,
Manager, Leviton

Outstanding Speaker With Outstanding Content…

“Your presentation on ‘Peak Performance: Motivating The Best In Others’ is always one of the highlights of our Management Academy Program. I have reviewed the course evaluation, and this is what they said: ‘Outstanding speaker, outstanding content…The best motivational speaker I have seen…Excellent…I received a tremendous amount of relevant information…Unbelievable presentation on how to remove negative energy and treat people with respect…I will use this at work and at home’.”

Don DiGirolamo,
Training Director, U.S. Steel

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