Testimonials: Health Care

Health Care Clients “Their Success Stories”

How Their Lives, Jobs, Attitudes, Businesses, and Relationships Have Changed As a result of Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s programs

Program Brought About More Caring, Positive Attitudes…

“What impressed me the most was your ability to get to know the issues we face in our field. Your sincere presentation made a lasting impact, resulting in overwhelmingly positive ratings. I observed a more caring, positive attitude from participants throughout the rest of the weekend conference, which I attribute to your enthusiastic and superb presentations.”

Connie Hansen,
President, Iowa Optometric Assistants Association

Motivated Participants To Grow During And After The Program…

“A colleague and I had heard Dr. Zimmerman speak several years earlier and realized that we just had to bring Dr. Zimmerman to our association. Dr. Zimmerman is a truly gifted educator! His ability to keep people’s interest is phenomenal, but even more significant is how he motivates participants to grow during and following the training. His presentations offer that rare training that keeps staff begging for more. I encourage everyone to contract with Dr. Alan Zimmerman for an outstanding educational experience.”

Lois Halbur,
Staff Development Coordinator, Yankton Area Mental Wellness

First-Rate Information And Energy…

“Your workshop sessions, your information and energy, were first-rate indeed. I am not surprised a bit that the responses to your work here were, of course, ‘EXCELLENT’.”

Mary Jo Hansell,
Clinical Education Partner, Iowa Health

Never Seen Such Energized, Productive Communication Before…

“I cannot say thank-you enough. After your seminar, the group stayed behind, and we discussed the things we had learned and how to apply them to the organization. In my five years at MBC, I cannot remember being a part of such an energized, positive and productive conversation. I have not seen this many smiles in a long time! Your presentation started something we are going to hold onto and continue.”

Lisa Robertson,
Manager, Memorial Blood Centers

People Are Showing More Appreciation To Each Other…

“The sessions you presented were well received by everyone! Hallway discussions about your presentation are making others envious, and they want you to speak to their groups as well. There have been many changes in the people who attended. People are showing appreciation to each other, and there is an increase in positive energy. Thank you for a wonderful day!”

Laura Rud,
Clinic Manager

Best Training Company Ever Had…

“Our people are saying your program was the best program they have ever attended. It was a re-charging of the batteries, an evaluation of our leadership styles, and a chance to make changes in how we interact with our employees, peers, customers, and families. We look forward to doing business with you again!”

Ellen Gaucher,
Vice President, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Kept On Referring To Your Comments Throughout The Conference…

“Please accept our hearty thanks for getting our three days off to such a powerful start! Your energy and enthusiasm are highly contagious. Your perceptions and understandings are relayed in such a way that we found ourselves referring to your comments over and over during the rest of our time together.”

Adrienne Hitchcock,
Program Chair, Minnesota Organization of Nurse Executives

Got A Great Return On Our Investment In Your Program…

“We received so much value from your presentation that we invested in your audio/video library. All twelve of my subordinates are using your material, and they are making great strides in their own performance through your programs. I am seeing a great return on my initial investment.”

J.T. Messerly,
Manager, Abbott Laboratories

Practical, Down-To-Earth Tools That Kept People Buzzing…

“The convention halls were still buzzing after your presentation at our national meeting. Your session will be remembered by all—not only for your insightful stories that drive home important points, but for the practical, down-to-earth tools that you gave each of the participants. I thank you for making a difference for our participants. God Bless!”

Pam Head,
CEO, American Red Cross Central Plains

Rave Reviews On How Practical The Information Was…

“Your opening keynote was a super way to start off this event. Through your remarks you were able to give almost 1000 of our participants a more creative mindset and some ideas for different ways they could approach their jobs back home. Your two other concurrent sessions also got rave reviews, and I heard numerous comments regarding how useful and practical the information was. I even heard people quoting you, and if that’s not testimony as to how well you kept their interest, I don’t know what is!”

Heidi Simpson,
Manager of Education, Minnesota Association of Homes for the Aging

People Use The Skills Dr. Zimmerman Teaches…

“You reached the audience at our management retreat. 95% of them rated your retreat as ‘Excellent.’ And after the conference, I received many notes saying such things as: ‘It was fantastic … I think everyone should be attending his conference … How blessed we should all fee to have the opportunity to attend … It was the best 2 days I ever spent at a conference.’ As I’ve traveled to the hospitals in the weeks since the retreat, I’m hearing that your message has sustained itself because I’ve had multiple staff tell me they continue to use the skills you taught.”

Tracy Warner,
Director of Rural Health Resources, Iowa Health

A Knock-Your-Socks-Off, High-Class, Professional Presenter…

“In the meetings arena, there are public speakers and then there are high-class professional presenters who will knock your socks off with practical information presented with pizzazz. You definitely fall into that second category! Even after six hours, our long-term care professionals were still hungry for more.”

John Sauer,
Executive Director, Wisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the Aging

Should Have You As Our Featured Speaker Every Year…

“Thanks so much for the presentation you gave on ‘Building Customer Enthusiasm.’ The feedback was exceptionally positive. Comments included: ‘Great seminar … Excellent … Have him come again … Wonderful seminar … Well worth my time … Should be a mandatory seminar.’ If it was up to me, I would have you as our featured speaker every spring!”

Jackie Beig,
Director, Columbia Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

Impressed With Your Ability To Connect With Your Audience…

“I was particularly impressed with your ability to connect with your audience. The group you spoke to has heard countless professional speakers, and they can be a little calloused. But you didn’t overwhelm them with bravado. You reached them.”

Al Gjersvig,
Executive Director, United Blood Services

Grew Together As A Staff…

“Your presentation was positive, encouraging, and very practical. Your talks were down to earth, filled with great examples, and were humorous. Your willingness to share your own life made it possible for us to be more open with one another. Your activities got us involved and helped us to know one another better. We not only had fun, but we grew together as a staff. We were able to return to our jobs with more positive energy and enthusiasm.”

Charles Romane,
Executive Vice President, American Heart Association

Learned How To Motivate Others To Achieve More Than Ever…

“I wholeheartedly recommend your ‘Peak Performance’ program for anyone who leads people and wants to understand how to truly motivate their teams to high performance. One District Sales Manager wrote me saying, “I have attended a number of programs over my career, but this is the first program that truly moved me and woke me up to what I have and have not been doing.’ Another one wrote, ‘I received more practical learning from this program than any other program in the last 20 years.’ I think most powerful is the fact that because this program was so well received by my leadership team, the Primary Care National Sales Director is inviting you back to present to his leadership team.”

Sean Purdy,
Senior National Sales Director, Sciele Pharma

100% Of Participants Want To Attend Another Zimmerman Program…

“The audience loved the skills you taught, the stories you shared, and the humor you used. Their standing ovation says it all. And 100% of the audience said they want to attend another Zimmerman program. That’s awesome. Alan, you helped us help others. You did it with rich content, a flair for humor, and an ever-involved audience. We couldn’t ask for more. Thank you, and please come back!”

Karen Messer,
Director, Life Services Network of Illinois

Mesmerized Our Executive Audience…

“I have to admit we had some trepidation as to the acceptance of your talk on change by our executive audience before the meeting. But our Vice President told us not to worry because no matter what the topic you would mesmerize our audience. You did. Feedback has been excellent, and you are our highest rated speaker!”

Peter Atwood,
Manager, 3M Health Care

Ratings Off The Chart For Health Care Managers And Suppliers…

“Your ratings were off the chart. And as you know, a rating this high is exceptional when considering the diversity of participants in our meeting. I have seldom seen such unanimity among this mix of health care managers and suppliers. We would be pleased to act as a reference for you and your organization.”

Jim Donnelly,
Director, Fairview Hospitals

Weeks Later Participants Refer Back To Your Presentation…

“I can honestly say that I do not recall any previous training sessions in which we have had such consistent high praise. Your combination of lecture and participative exercises are always engaging, entertaining, and educational. It is really interesting to hear conversations days and even weeks later that refer back to the examples from your presentation.”

Jerry Main,
Manager, Abbott Laboratories

Best Feedback Ever Heard, And From A Tough Crowd On Top Of It…

“Your program received some of the best feedback I’ve ever heard from the trainers. As you know, sometimes trainers can be a tough crowd to train! I heard from one trainer that your program was the best program he ever attended in his six years at TAP. I think a further plaudit centers around the fact that one-third of the audience has heard you speak before. Yet, each of these people continues to learn more and be challenged by your programs.”

Eric Otterbein,
Director, TAP Pharmaceuticals

Customized Program Met Our Exact Needs…

“Our staff was overwhelmingly pleased with the day. It was so motivational. And 99% of our staff has requested that you return. Thanks also for the time you spent with us to customize this program to meet our needs. It was obvious from the presentation that you incorporated our suggestions and needs into the program.”

Gail Kane,
Director, Medica

Set the Bar of Excellence for the Entire Conference…

“Your keynote presentation at the Project Management conference was one of the best, if not the best, keynote addresses I have ever heard. In fact it set the bar of excellence for the rest of the conference. You provided actionable tips that we could apply not only to our professional lives but our personal lives as well. And now we’re all eager to take what you taught us and share it with our teams.”

Nicolle E. DiGiovanni,
Project Manager, Health Net

Our Leaders Soaked Up Everything You Said…

“As you know, we were concerned about our leadership meeting. We weren’t sure anyone could connect with our top leadership team and get them to change, and the last thing we needed was a retreat that bombed. Our fears were quickly put to rest. Our leaders soaked up everything you said, and you were able to thoroughly engage each and every one of them. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for a great meeting. The feedback has been TREMENDOUS. Our paths must cross again … soon.”

Andy Mills,
CEO, Medline

These success stories … and hundreds of others … paint a very clear picture.
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