Testimonials: Government Clients

Government Clients “Their Success Stories”

How Their Lives, Jobs, Attitudes, Businesses, and Relationships Have Changed As a result of Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s programs

Engaging, Enlightening Presentation That Kept People Spellbound …

“Thank you for the very enlightening, entertaining, and extremely useful seminar to our base. The information you presented was so very helpful to our unit. Your method of presentation kept everyone engaged, actively listening, and many times—spellbound. We will be using your techniques for many years to come. And I have received nothing but positive comments about your presentations. We want you to come back for a base-wide leadership seminar.”

Scott Harrison,
Colonel, U. S. Army National Guard

People Can’t Stop Talking About Your Program…

People can’t stop talking about your program, and the feedback is reaching the highest levels in our Regional Office. In addition, people are stopping me in the halls and telephoning me to tell me what this training meant to them. One lady stopped me to say that it was as if someone, somehow, knew that she needed this, and there it was. Another one called it a slap upside the head. I heard a lady in the cafeteria line today talking how great she felt. It was great to finally meet the person who has been providing me counsel for years through the ‘Tuesday Tip.’”

Fran Woods,
Director, Social Security Administration

Everyone Loved The Program…

“I want to pass on our thanks for the outstanding program you put on for our junior force. Your program and presentation was truly phenomenal, and I know everyone who attended agrees. The only negative comment we got on our feedback forms was in regard to the room in which we held the event. Everyone loved the program!

Eric Nardi,
Cost Analyst, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Program Brought Instant Successes…

“I’ve been in the health care business for years and have attended a number of programs nationwide, and I have yet to see a program as comparable or effective as yours. We have witnessed some instant successes amongst our staff already. And over a four-day period, our staff rated you and your programs an awesome 4.94. On our five-point scale, that’s almost perfect. Those are the best scores anyone has ever gotten from our staff. I have to say ‘Phenomenal’ and ‘Rejuvenating.’ You will be invited back.”

Floyd Thompson,
Director, Indian Health Service

Worth Every Penny…

“Your presentation at our All Staff Training Day was VERY enlightening, so I want to personally thank you. In fact, we had employees … who never like any of the training we do … who are negative about everything … say, ‘Bring this guy back. Whatever you paid him, he’s worth every penny of it.’”

Tracy Belz,
Warden, Minnesota Department of Corrections

Real Solutions Instead Of Useless Theory And Hype…

“Now, more than ever, in these tough economic times, our customers are looking for not only the best use of their time and training dollars, but also the best solutions to the problems they face in leading others while trying to do more with less. They have little patience for theory or hype – and found none in your program.

And when so many people say, ‘It was the best training session I have ever attended’ and ‘Bring Dr. Zimmerman back,’ I know the investment was more than justified.”

Allan Forbis,
Director of Management and Professional Development, State of Missouri

Program Brought About A Miracle In Attitude And Results …

“After Dr. Zimmerman spoke us, I saw a much more pronounced positive attitude throughout our organization. And in the months that followed his program, we kept the attitude going as we faced two audits, one from the National Guard Bureau and one from the 1st Army. We performed a near miracle, and it was largely attitude. When our audit results were compared against other states, we delivered the best results of any state in the past five years! Please tell Dr. Zimmerman that his conferences are invaluable, and the proof is in the pudding.”

Gerry Card,
Staff Accountant, U.S. Property and Fiscal Office for Florida

Made A Difference In Our People And Our Organization…

“We are sincerely grateful for your well-received workshop on the topic of self-esteem. Of all the workshops we offered, yours had the highest attendance. I believe that’s due in part to the importance of the topic. I also believe it’s due to your reputation and skill…and your message of inspiration and hope. You need to know that you made a difference in our people and in our organization. We can’t ask for more than that.”

Richard Cunningham,
Manager, Ramsey County

No One In The Audience Will Forget Your Program…

“Your message was right on the money and inspired us to re-look at our attitudes and the expressions we make when a new idea is presented to us. And the demonstration dealing with negative thoughts and how they affect a person’s abilities was awesome. No one in the audience will forget it.”

John Leonard,
Chairperson, Association of Government Accountants

Set The Tone For Our Most Successful Conference Ever…

“Your participation in our conference was greatly appreciated. Your innovative techniques–and your expertise in the areas of cooperation and teamwork–were very effective in setting a positive tone for our entire conference. You made this our most successful conference ever. ”

Timothy Munson,
Section Chief, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Helped Us Become A Winning Team…

“Your presentation was wonderful! The staff is still commenting on how this was by far the best training they’ve attended, and they have all recommended additional sessions. We’ve made a conscious effort to put into practice the things we learned at your ‘Teams That Win’ presentation. After each weekly staff meeting, we devote thirty minutes to discussion on actions people have taken individually and collectively as a team to improve the overall work environment. You helped us to become a winning team.”

Yolanda Dennis-Lowman,
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

Involved, Motivated, And Invigorated Our Conference…

“Thank you for the exceptional presentation at our supervisory conference. Our members continue to rate your presentations extremely high, just as they have at previous conferences. This is an amazing accomplishment, which can be attributed to your unique talent to involve, motivate, and invigorate our conference participants. According to our members, “Dr. Alan Zimmerman is EXCELLENT.”

Michael Bona,
Business Representative, Middle Management Association

Program Gave Us Everything We Needed…

“Everyone in attendance had nothing but praise for the manner of your presentation and the information you provided. It was very satisfying for my staff that your program gave us everything we needed.”

Maria Morse,
District Manager, United States Postal Service

Learned To Treat Each Other With More Respect…

“Even though ‘thank you’ doesn’t quite say it all, I want to thank you for your very inspiring, motivational, and entertaining presentations you made to our employees. We received a great deal of positive feedback. But more importantly your exercises actually made our employees treat each other with more respect. You certainly started us off on the right foot for all our upcoming changes.”

Donna Kolilis,
Director, State of Missouri Public Service Commission

Program So Good Let’s Book Another One…

“I am absolutely delighted at how well your event went. The feedback was exceptionally good and demonstrates the impact your session had on so many people. There are several people here, such as our senior management and technical communities, that now want you to work with them. Please confirm the dates you will be in the UK next and we can book something in.”

Gill Beighton,
Better Business Communications Manager, United Kingdom, GCHQ

You Keep On Exceeding Our Expectations Year After Year…

“You’ve been speaking to our organization several times a year for several years, and once again, I have to tell you—you exceeded our expectations! Your presentations continue to be simply fantastic! The information and communication skills you teach us are so very important in our professional careers as well as our everyday lives. And our students continue to be impressed by your delivery, style, content, practical exercises, and humor. Thanks for an outstanding job, and I look forward to our continued association.”

Thomas Coleman,
Contracting Officer, Departments of the Army and the Air Force

Group Remains Energized Long After The Program…

“Thank you for the excellent workshop on stress, conflict, and change. Your training exercises gave us a chance to test new approaches to communicating and getting to know our fellow managers. We gained skills to help us with our challenges, and we learned more about ourselves in the process. Our group remains energized from your excellent, day-long program.”

Marguerite Moccia,
Assistant Director, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

Gained Valuable Inspiration And Information To Take Back To Work…

“I must say that our people stayed very fired up and energetic during our week-long program due to your opening session. We asked the reps to rate the presentations made by everyone, and without hesitation I can say that your name was at or near the top of everyone’s list. Our people not only enjoyed your seminar, but they also gained valuable inspiration and information they took back to their markets.”

Peter Palmer,
Manager, State of Florida, Department of Citrus

Real, Memorable, Fun and Interactive…

“Many, many thanks! Your presentation at our annual conference was fabulous! Just what we were hoping for—you ended the conference on a positive note. The stories and personal examples you used were incredible and helped to make ideas real and memorable. And thanks for making it fun and interactive. I give my highest recommendation to associations who are considering you for their meetings.”

Laurie Klupacs,
Manager, Association of Minnesota Counties

First Class Training You Can ALWAYS Depend On…

“What can I say? You did it again. Your GREAT, uplifting, motivational presentation set the tone for the entire conference. I can always depend on a first-class presentation from you. Your material was right on the mark and well presented. And I especially appreciate you tailoring your presentation to fit the needs of our federal employees.”

Lahoma Yates,
Executive Director, Federal Executive Board

Improving Our Customer Service As A Result Of Your Program…

“Your presentation had a great impact on our 200 participants. In our business, success is measured in providing exceptional service to every customer in every visit to every canteen facility. Your presentation provided our managers very positive information that they are using to improve customer service in their workplaces. ”

Ralph Shalda,
Chief Operating Office, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Canteen Service

Recommend Your Services To Other Agencies Who Want Top Notch Professional Development In Their Organizations…

“Your program on ‘Motivating Yourself and Others in Changing Times’ was poignant and powerful and has already made an impact on our employees. In fact your program kept our employees discussing your presentation for the rest of the week and beyond. I recommend your services to other agencies seeking a creative, fun, and robust speaker to advance professional development in their organizations. Top notch!!!”

Garfield Boon,
Jr. Deputy Director, U.S. Army Space and Missile Command

These success stories … and hundreds of others … paint a very clear picture.
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