Testimonials: Energy Clients

Energy Clients “Their Success Stories”

How Their Lives, Jobs, Attitudes, Businesses, and Relationships Have Changed As a result of Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s programs

Several Months Later People Are Still Using Your Ideas …

“I have heard nothing but raves from the attendees. They were thrilled to leave the session with some very valuable ‘keepers’ and things they could put into play right away. And even though your presentation was several months ago, I still have people tell me how they are able to utilize your ideas. You created a high energy level, and there wasn’t a moment when you did not hold their attention. The standing ovations say it all—you were great!”

Sally McEntire,
Manager, Bell Atlantic

No Need To Worry When We Hire You……

We were a little apprehensive offering your session up against a famous coach, but obviously we picked the right speaker. The evaluations rated your presentation overwhelmingly as ‘Excellent.’ Your interactive format was well accepted, and those who didn’t sit in on your program really missed out on something. Thank you for a very successful session.”

Connie Dooley,
Director, Petroleum Equipment Institute

So Good We Had To Book You 2 Years In A Row For The Same Audience…

Not many speakers are asked back two years in a row, to address the same topic with the same audience. But you were. In my estimation, that is certainly a credit to you and your ability to communicate caring for people. Thank you again for delivering a very informative and motivational presentation. It is obvious you were a hit.”

Pamela Lavin,
Director, North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives

Excellent … Dynamic … Come Back…

“Our attendees said: ‘Excellent presentation…Dynamic…Bring him back often…Great for both the job and at home…Very interesting…Held our attention extremely well.’ We hope we can ask you to speak again at a future meeting. It is obvious you would be very welcome.”

Francis Brennan,
Chairman, American Water Works Association

Appreciated Your Willingness To Learn About Our Group And Theme…

“THANK YOU for your contribution to the conference. Our delegates noted that your presentation was the highlight of the three days. I appreciate your willingness to find out about the group and make it fit perfectly into our theme. I look forward to working with you again.”

Mike Marsch,
Director, Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives

Engaging, Informative, Very Powerful…

“Thank your for your exceptional keynote and breakout session. They were everything I had anticipated and more. The programs were engaging, informative, and very powerful. You were able to keep all 150 people involved right up to the end. And best of all, the staff is still talking about ‘positive affirmations’ and ‘taking risks in times of change’.”

Carol Loubier,
Coordinator, Northeast Utilities Service Company

One Of The Most Worthwhile Presentations Heard In Years…

“Thank you for one of the finest, most worthwhile presentations I have heard in years. And judging by the evaluations, I am not alone in my opinion. In the past week, I would estimate 30 participants have spoken to me about how much they enjoyed your presentation and how they applied the content. A comment I thought revealing was that one 15-minute break in 3 hours was too much. Considering the fact that your technical audience is very skeptical of any topic that is even remotely ‘touchy-feely,’ the response you received is all the more remarkable.”

Mark Ristau,
Director, Northern States Power Company

I Would Recommend You Without Hesitation…

“Program chairmen can suffer from the ‘loneliest person in the crowded room’ syndrome when a speaker flops. You are the best ‘aspirin’ for a program chairman that I have ever seen. You immediately connected with the audience and kept them involved. You took the most abstract concepts—such as trust building and cooperation—and made them interesting and easy to understand through stories. The main point is whether I would recommend you to a best friend or close relative as a program speaker. Without hesitation, I the answer is yes!

Steven Van Dyke,
Communication Specialist, MDU Resources Group

Informative… Thought Provoking…

“Our event was very successful, and much of the credit for that goes to you, our top-rated speaker. The attendees kept saying, ‘Great material…Informative…Thought provoking.’ We appreciate your willingness to work with us.”

G. Donald Hickman,
Inspector General, Tennessee Valley Authority

Your Demonstrations Were Amazing to Witness…

“You made a significant impact with our members; your ability to present the material in such a way that made it both enlightening and enjoyable was really something. I still can’t get over the demonstration on how our thoughts affect our physical strength. It was amazing to witness. Thanks for helping to close out our year in grand style!”

James P. Bartolotta
Executive Vice President, Air Comfort Corporation

Became More Effective at Engaging Our Entire Workforce…

“After I heard about the amazing work you did with our safety professionals in the U.S., I knew we had to have you speak in Canada to our engineering professionals. In a word, I was impressed! I was especially delighted with the tools you gave my team to become even more effective at engaging our entire workforce. We had a number of skeptics before you spoke, but every one of them told me how extremely effective your approach was. You hit a home run with everything we asked of you. Just so you know, I am telling my colleagues about your programs so they can experience the same kind of success that we’ve been having.”

E. Lee Monthei
Vice President of Engineering and Procurement, Enbridge Pipelines, Inc.

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