Testimonials: Construction

Construction “Their Success Stories”

How Their Lives, Jobs, Attitudes, Businesses, and Relationships Have Changed As a result of Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s programs

Brought About An Entirely New Attitude In Our People …

“This meeting was the first of its kind for our organization, and as such, there was quite a bit of skepticism going into the meeting. But your positive, productive, and uplifting message was just the ticket to break down barriers and get our team focused, motivated, and moving in the right direction. Additionally, I have noticed an entirely different attitude among our personnel in the weeks since you were here. Everyone seems to be trying a little harder to get along, be productive, be positive, and work as a cohesive team. I hear a lot more comments like ‘Good morning’ and ‘Job well done’.”

Bryan Timberlake
Vice President, Timberlake Construction

People Were Initially Skeptical But You Won Them Over…

“As you know, people are skeptical about attending motivational seminars, especially when you’re pulling them away from deadline projects. But your set-up and your style were so refreshing and made everyone comfortable. Our invited owners and subcontractors were so pleased to have attended. We received letters from them thanking us for the invitation and the opportunity to learn information they could use in their business relationships.”

Anthony Consigli
President, Consigli Construction

You Brought Our Tired Attendees To Life…

“Being on the program during the last part of a two-day retreat, speaking to a group of tired attendees, was a huge challenge. But you brought them to life! What we experienced was a group of very enthusiastic people who were attentive because you kept them involved with your highly interactive presentation. You covered the topic we wanted with enthusiasm, presenting specific ideas that were of value to our members. I will be contacting you soon to discuss other uses of your talent.”

Robert L. Hanson
Executive Vice President, Builders Association of the Twin Cities

You United As One Team Rather Than Individual Business Units…

Thank you for presenting a perfectly structured program in answer to my specific goals for our company. Your program was a huge success. The feedback from our group has consistently been very positive and ranges from the sincerest ‘thank you,’ both written and spoken, to reports of life-changing experiences. Your cohesive, interactive team approach created a foundation that united as ‘one’ rather than individual business units in the corporate environment.”

Tim Krump
President & CEO, Krump Construction

Gave Us The Secret Ingredient To Beat Our Competitors…

“Practically speaking, wage rates and working environments are about the same between us and our competitors. The ‘secret ingredient’ that Hamilton can offer –due to your presentation — is communication. Your presentation made that both clear and easy to apply. To sum up your visit with us in two words … ‘Extremely Applicable’.”

Ken Maddox
Business Manager, Hamilton Construction

Helped Create Lasting Relationships With Our Team Members…

“Your program was excellent in all respects. Your content and your speaking style were the best we’ve ever seen. And the interaction you created at the workshop has created lasting relationships with our fellow team members. The energy of the weekend program has carried over into our everyday work and lives.”

Kevin DeVries
President, Exxel Pacific

Gave Us Practical Measures To Make Tough Decisions…

“Words like ‘powerful,’ ‘outstanding,’ and ‘fantastic’ have been used by our member contractors to describe your presentation. You focused in on the needs of our industry leaders with your expert advice. And everyone left with real life, practical measures that helped them with the tough decisions they had to make.”

Dianne Trout
Director, Farmers Union Industries

Your Programs Are Still Being Talked About…

“Usually I give feedback to our guest speakers before now, but the comments just keep on coming in about Dr. Zimmerman’s presentation. In fact, your programs are still being talked about among our people and are being discussed in our Communications Task Force. It has been said that when expectations exceed cost there is value, and you have certainly added value to May Construction.”

Lewis May
CEO, May Construction

Employees Keep On Thanking Us For Your Program…

“It is not too often that we hear employees thanking us for setting up a program in which attendance was mandatory, but with your program we can honestly say that has occurred several times over the last few weeks. And yesterday, an employee was walking down the hallway with a smile from one ear to the other. I had to ask, ‘What did you do?’ He replied, ‘Nothing. I’m just noticing how positive people others are reacting when I smile like this.’ It is great to hear that people are still thinking about what you covered.”

Tony Frattalone
President, F.M. Frattalone Excavating

Delivered A Powerful Message On Ridding Negativity…

“This year’s banquet was very special to us because we entered our 100th year of business, and so we had to choose a very special speaker. You delivered a powerful message on ridding yourself of negativity and provided key insights for happiness at work and at home. You were able to impact over 350 employees and guests with your program, and people are still raving about it!”

Larry Leliefeld
Safety Director, Fred Carlson Company

Gave Us Practical Ways To Accept Change And Improve Service…

“Thank you for the outstanding presentation you gave at our recent company meeting. Your program was both motivating and inspiring. And you gave us practical ways to accept change, motivate others, and improve our customer service. I also appreciated how you kept our group involved during the entire seminar—giving us ‘hands on’ time to practice and implement your methods of relating to others.”

Michael Rueckert
President, Younglove Construction

Never Been To A Seminar That Was So Interesting…

“Remarks from those fortunate enough to have attended your program have been nothing but flattering!! Almost every person has thanked me for arranging this session and wants to know when the next one will be held!!! Some of our older field personnel told me they have never been to a seminar that was so interesting and held their attention for the entire period. It was amazing to watch the dynamics of the room as we progressed through the exercises and got into your content–which was right on target. Several employees have already used some of the techniques they learned with great results.”

H. Lin Riley,
Jr. Vice President, Phillips & Jordan

Desperately Needed Motivation And You Gave It To Us…

“Thank you for the fantastic presentation. Motivation was a subject that our company was in dire need of, and we got it at your seminar. In fact everyone benefited from the seminar. Your energy level kept everyone involved throughout the entire program. There was never a moment for the audience to lose focus or drift away. Many people told me how impressed they were that the company took the time to have a program of this nature. It was time and money well spent.”

Patrick Sweetman
President, Concrete Materials

Recommend You To Anyone Who Wants Real Achievement Strategies …

The seminar was a resounding success! It was a wonderful feeling to see our clients, subcontractors, and coworkers enjoying the seminar so enthusiastically and having such a great time. I would highly recommend your seminars to any company that wants to enhance the potential of their employees through a combination of positive energy and real strategies for achievement and motivation.”

Marcia Gabriel
Director, Hunzinger Construction

Your Program Rates an A+…

“Your powerful message, positive interaction, interpersonal examples and audience demonstrations left an everlasting impression on the 800 attendees. I, and all of the AGC of Wisconsin staff, received numerous comments such as ‘the best keynote speaker in my ten years of attendance’ and ‘the most relevant information that I can use at home and work.’ However, you left us with the challenge of finding another presenter for future programs that can open our attendee’s minds in the manner that you did. Without a doubt, your program rates an A+.”

Jeff Hanthorn
Director of Safety, Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin

Promote Better Relationships Among Our Diverse Workforce…

“Your presentation was the highlight of and the perfect climax to our two-day event. The interaction among your audience was not only an effective means of proving your points, but also promoted better relationships among our diverse workforce. Your professional and entertaining delivery certainly kept everyone’s attention, and our evaluations indicated an overwhelming ‘excellent’ rating. My challenge is to plan a program for next year that will be at least as good as the one we just had. My best bet is to begin by inviting you back. Consider yourself booked!”

Clarence Bittner
President, Shook Construction

These success stories … and hundreds of others … paint a very clear picture.
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