Testimonials: Business Clients

Business Clients “Their Success Stories”

How Their Lives, Jobs, Attitudes, Businesses, and Relationships Have Changed As a result of Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s programs

Best Program In 32 Years…

“Your program was terrific! I would like to find something to be critical about, but how can I when workshop participants are telling me this was the best workshop they’ve had in 32 years. You are definitely a top-notch speaker. Your analogies, humor, personal stories, and openness not only supported your material so very well but also made you so well received. Your program was a winner for us!”

Robert Pickett
Manager, US Steel

Teams Got Instant Results From Dr. Z’s Ideas…

“Your presentation was filled with terrific information, and it was delivered in a way that kept the audience engaged and anxious to hear more. Everyone left the meeting energized and enthusiastic about what they had learned. In fact, teams have begun to put your ideas to work and are already seeing results.”

Roy Simrel
Vice President,
Catalina Marketing

Inspired The Entire Conference For The Next 4 Days…

“Following your keynote presentation, we had to change the theme of our meeting to ‘As Dr. Zimmerman said.’ Almost every speaker during the next four days referred to something you said or incorporated your thoughts into their presentations. This certainly is a tribute to your unique ability to impact every person in the room.”

Linda Aasen
Manager, 3M

Highest Rated Speaker Out Of 44 Speakers…

Of the 44 different speakers we hired this year, your class was by far the highest rated. The only negative comments from your session evaluations were in regards to the length of the session – people wanting more! We want you back next year. Once again, thanks for your tremendous effort in making your program an outstanding success.”

Scott Babjak
Program Manager,
TAP Pharmaceuticals

Gave Employees Greater Control Over Their Lives…

“Your training fulfilled the exact need that we were looking for. You gave our employees a greater awareness of the control they have over their lives. Your course enlightened our employees that they don’t need to go through life simply accepting the things that happen; rather, they truly can be in charge of their lives. You opened up their potential for creating more successes.”

Greg Matuszak
Manager, AAA Michigan/Wisconsin

Mesmerized Our Executive Audience…

“I have to admit we had some trepidation as to the acceptance of your talk on change and our executive audience before the meeting. But our Vice President told us not to worry because no matter what the topic you would mesmerized our audience. You did. Feedback has been excellent, and based on the evaluations you are the highest rated speaker! The interaction you created was fantastic and met a primary objective of further building our relationships with these people.”

Peter Atwood
Regional Manager, 3M

Best Training Company Ever Had…

“I want to personally thank you. Your training was the absolute best we’ve ever had in all the years I’ve been with the company. You delivered exactly what we asked for, and that was to provide the group with the tools to motivate ourselves and others. If anyone would not have taken anything away from your program, I would recommend they have their pulse checked by a professional. Our only question is how are we ever going to top what you did for our company?”

David May
Director, Farmers Union Industries

Left With Better Attitudes And Better Relationships…

“It’s so wonderful to see the impact of your program on the people of our company. Their attitudes are more positive, considerate, and encouraging. I see people who now listen to others more attentively and with better body language. Each individual seems to have taken something different from your presentation and focused on making a change in their life, business, personal, or both. Thank you for making such a great impact on Universal Strap.”

Tom Johnson
President, Universal Strap

Grabbed Their Attention And Never Let Go…

“When the program started, you grabbed everyone’s attention from the very start and didn’t let them go until the time was up. Your ability to target the subject and materials right to the heart of each participant is a tribute to your presentation skills and your ability to read our audience and their real needs.”

Diane Fulcher
Manager, Siemens

Kept 375 People Fully Engaged For Four Hours…

“Thanks so much for your outstanding program – “Five Steps to the Next Level.” What an amazing job you did in keeping 375 folks fully engaged for four hours. As you know, we had an overwhelming response for this event. In fact, we had to move the event from the original venue because of the incredible demand, despite the fact that you have appeared several times in Bloomington over the past few years. That speaks volumes about the value you provide to folks. And we really liked the way you crafted your presentation to build on last year’s event with our chapter. It was impressive to hear you say ‘Last year, I mentioned…’ Thanks again for a great event.”

Bill Pence
Manager, State Farm Insurance

Changed Peoples’ Lives At Work And At Home…

“I have had many, many positive comments from our group on their experiences from your presentation. Several said, ‘He’s the best we’ve ever heard.’ One person told me, ‘When I came to the session I thought, oh yeah, another one of those motivational sessions. When he finished, I was very glad that I had come because I could relate to so many of Dr. Zimmerman’s stories and use the advice he gave.’ I know you’ve even received personal notes of thanks from members of our team. That in itself speaks to the success of the session. It’s so encouraging to hear people still talking about your presentation and how it has changed their lives on the job and at home.”

Michael Rueckert
President, Younglove Construction

Executives Say “Bring Dr. Z Back Every Year”…

“In one word, you are amazing! Your evaluations were exceptional, in fact almost perfect on a five-point scale. And you were able to answer all our employees’ questions in a very positive and authoritative manner. One key executive told me, “Let’s bring this guy back every year.”

John Barnshaw,
Education Specialist, IBM

Attendees Thank You For Bringing In Dr. Zimmerman…

“Your program was a BIG hit, to say the least! It was right on target with our franchisees as well as the home office staff. In fact, I had attendees catch me in the hallway about half way through your program and thank me personally for choosing you as our keynote speaker. Thanks again for a Super Session.”

Jay Bickford
Director, NOVUS Franchising

Turned Around The Behavior Of Negative Employees…

“Thanks for conducting one of the best seminars we have attended as a team. Your presentation on the effect of negative thinking versus positive thinking had everyone discussing the merits of thinking and acting in a positive way. Many people are now practicing the ‘power of positive affirmations.’ And the positive impact of your program has already changed the negative behavior exhibited by some of our team members.”

Dale Hawke
Director, Volkswagen Audi

It Was A Joy To Hear Our People Laugh…

“Your content was excellent and appreciated by all of us ‘tough-skinned’ construction guys. As always your speaking style commands attention, yet lets your audience relax while contemplating the excellent point you are bringing out. The humor that you intersperse throughout your program brings a moment of light-heartedness to the audience, and it was a joy to hear the laughter from our people.

But here’s the kicker, you were so well received we’re booking you for next year. Put it on the calendar.”

Bill Phelps
Chief Operations Officer,
Ellen Equipment

Participants Beg For More…

“Thank you for your dynamic presentation last week! One participant spoke for all of us when she said, ‘Even though we’ve had several teaming classes in the past year, this was by far the BEST. Dr. Zimmerman was knowledgeable and fun! The way he had us participate made it exciting. I truly did not want this session to end.’ Again thank you for kicking off our meeting in such a positive manner. Your presentation assimilated our ideas and generated ‘team thinking.’ You had a grand impact on everyone.”

Cecilia Andaluz
Director, Ernst & Young LLP

Rocked The Conference…

“You really struck a chord that helped our consultants to ‘Rock The Nation.’ They gave you a 5.9 on a 6 point scale which is ‘Outstanding.’ The attendees said such things as: ‘What an awesome speaker! Great info and great humor…Eye opening…Wow, fabulous, thought provoking. His words helped me examine all areas of my life…Many ah-ha moments.’ Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!”

Jill Blashack-Strahan
President, Tastefully Simple

Brought The Office And Field Staff Together…

“In a company such as ours, where the cohesiveness between office and field can sometimes appear to drift apart, we needed to be brought together. And you did. Your methods of getting people to interact are extremely effective and beneficial. It was so enjoyable to see our people getting excited about themselves and what they can accomplish with the proper information and a positive attitude.”

Michael McCormick
Vice President,
T.E. Ibberson Company

Gave A Brand-New Approach To The Topic…

“You made a very big impression on our conference attendees. We have received numerous positive comments regarding your presentation style, humor, sincerity, and content. In fact you made our attendees think about positive attitudes and building relationships in an entirely new way.”

Steve Bonar
Director of Business Development, Conklin Corporation

Real Training That Brings Real Results That Last…

“As usual, your ratings were absolutely fantastic, and your modules are again the standard on which we base our judgment for perfection! Your message is so important, so very timely, and so well received. I know it’s having the kind of lasting impact we so desperately need.”

Jim Vanderheyden
Manager, Honeywell

Moved Customers From “Satisfaction” To “Enthusiasm”…

“It is rare that we invite the same speaker back to our symposium, but as a result of your past performance, our advisory team unanimously decided to extend you an invitation. And once again your evaluations were exceptional. Most importantly, our education team is using your information to move our customers from being merely ‘satisfied’ to being truly ‘enthusiastic’ for our services.”

John Barnshaw
Education Specialist, IBM

An A+ Program With A Tough Audience…

“Thank you for an outstanding program. Real estate sales associates and brokers are a tough audience. But you treated them with respect and involved them in your program. I have heard nothing but great comments from our members. As a veteran meeting planner, real estate professional for 18 years, and a university Speech-Communication professor, I grade your program A+. I would recommend you without reservation to any company that wants a powerful and professional program.”

Ed Hill
Regional Director, ERA Realty

Exceptional Content And Participant Involvement…

““Your speaking style, participant involvement, and content are exceptional. Your willingness and openness to share your own personal experiences and stories added so much value to the message and gave us the opportunity to really connect with you. Thanks for the inspiration you provided to our leadership at Digi-Key.”

Deborah Wittenberg
Manager of Learning and Development, Digi-Key

Employees Accepting Change With A Positive Attitude…

We are being challenged to make changes we never thought possible. So your program on accepting change and keeping a positive attitude was right on target. I had many people take time to stop by my desk after the workshop to share with me their personal insight, and how they are putting into practice the principles you presented that day. I also received many, many e-mail communications thanking me for arranging the session and telling me how useful it was.”

Judi Hovde
Senior Trainer, Target Stores

Perfect Fit For Our Management Academy…

“Alan, your topic and method of presentation are a perfect fit for our Management Academy program. As always, the attendees were saying such things as: ‘Awesome, Awesome, Awesome… Outstanding speaker and even more outstanding was his sharing of personal information for our benefit…I will definitely use the concepts learned in this session in my workplace’.”

Don DiGirolamo
Manager, United States Steel Corporation

No Need To Be Apprehensive With Dr. Z As Your Speaker…

We were a little apprehensive offering your session up against a famous coach, but we obviously picked the right speaker when we picked you. The evaluations rated the presentation overwhelmingly as ‘Excellent.’ Thank you for a very successful session. I know those who missed your session really missed out on something.”

Connie Dooley
Director, Petroleum Equipment Institute

Brought Out The Leadership Talent Inside Of Everyone…

“Your information, exercises and guidance had the same effect as it has in the past when you’ve spoken at J & J. The ‘Zimmerman Effect’ brings out the leaders in all of us, makes us more effective managers of others, and most importantly, reminds us of the very important values and fundamentals we sometimes forget. Thanks again for your presentation. You have become a very important person to this company.”

Louis Fordham
Director, J & J Industries

Set A Great Atmosphere For The Entire Conference…

“On behalf of the board of directors and our members from Dunn & Bradstreet, thank you for your dynamic presentation. You gave us a great start to our day and set the atmosphere for the entire conference. Great Job!!!!!!”

Charlie Jackson
Director, Delta Airlines
Minnesota Crop Improvement Association

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