Testimonial: Association Clients

Association Clients “Their Success Stories”

How Their Lives, Jobs, Attitudes, Businesses, and Relationships Have Changed As a result of Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s programs

Highest Rated Speaker…

Institute for Management Studies

“Thank you for the truly outstanding seminar you presented to our membership. As usual, your message was relevant and extremely helpful to all those in attendance—many of whom hold key leadership positions within their own organizations. As you know, the New York membership can be a very tough audience. However, I am quite pleased to say that the scores for your presentation were the highest of all our speakers this year! That is no small accomplishment!”

Mark Antonucci
Chairman, Institute for Management Studies

Among The Top 3 Speakers In 12-Year History …


“Your program was surely one of the most dynamic, useful, and beneficial presentations we have ever heard. In our 12 years of existence, we have had over 100 speakers, and you are among the three best, most valuable speakers we have ever heard. In the evaluation sheets, the members rated you straight 5’s, and some with a plus after the 5, on both Content and Presentation. They are seasoned veterans, and those scores are very rare. So it was a true compliment to you.”

Ken Jacobs
Chair, Vistage

Powerful Presentation That Was Actually Spellbinding…

Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business

“Congratulations for an outstanding presentation. Truly, your talk was powerful, motivational, and to some extent spellbinding. We would be pleased to recommend you to any group who wants a guaranteed success.”

M. Lauren Basham
Director, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business

Brought Our Attendees To Life…

Builders Association of the Twin Cities

“Being on the program during the last part of a two-day retreat, speaking to a group of tired attendees, was a huge challenge. But you brought them to life! What we experienced was a group of very enthusiastic people who were attentive because you kept them involved with your highly interactive, excellent presentation. You covered the topic we wanted with enthusiasm, presenting specific ideas that were of value to our members. I will be contacting you soon to discuss other uses of your talent.”

Robert L. Hanson
Executive Vice President,
Builders Association of the Twin Cities

Motivates Participants To Grow During And After The Program…

Mental Wellness Conference

“A colleague and I had heard Dr. Zimmerman speak several years earlier and realized that we just had to bring Dr. Zimmerman to our association. Dr. Zimmerman is a truly gifted educator! His ability to keep people’s interest is phenomenal, but even more significant is how he motivates participants to grow during and following the training. His presentations offer that rare training that keeps staff begging for more. I encourage everyone to contract with Dr. Alan Zimmerman for an outstanding educational experience.”

Lois Halbur
Staff Development Coordinator,
Yankton Area Mental Wellness, Inc.

More Excited By Your Presentation Than Any In Memory…

Tennessee Education Association

The committee was more excited by your presentation than any in memory. And the participants rated your presentation as the highest of any at the conference. The impassioned presentation you made about creating balance in our lives made a tremendous impression on everyone. Congratulations on your resounding success. I knew you would be a hit!”

Al Mance
Executive Director,
Tennessee Education Association

Provided Exactly What We Needed: Take-Home Value…

United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

“Your recent presentation at our annual convention was terrific. You were informative, professional, and knowledgeable. And you provided exactly what we required: take-home value for our attendees. Your ‘marks,’ I know will come as no surprise to you since your presentations during our annual conventions have consistently generated the highest ratings.”

Edward Downes
Director, United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

I Would HIGHLY Recommend You To Any Other Organization…

Floor Installations Association of North America

“Our members were especially high in their comments about your excellent program. I would highly recommend you to other organizations, and in fact, I will do so to those I know. You may certainly refer other organizations to me for a recommendation. Alan, again thanks. You made my job easier. Welcome to the team.”

Jim Lee
President, Floor Installations Association of North America

Your Customized Program EXCEEDED Our Expectations…

Minnesota Technology

“It was absolutely wonderful having you speak to our organization. You worked with us on customizing a presentation to meet our specific needs, and the seminar evaluation forms were extremely positive. You met and exceeded the expectations of the planning committee and the needs of the participants.”

Greg Sparks
President, Safeway

Keynote WOWED 600 People To Make Best Conference Ever…

Project Management Institute

“We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful program at the Southern New England Chapter of the Project Management Institute. You impressed the 40 people at the pre-conference workshop and then you WOWED the 600 attendees with your keynote address. I can’t tell you how many people told me this was our best PMI conference ever. We couldn’t have been more pleased … because you made it all happen. Don’t ever hesitate to ask for our recommendations to support a future engagement with another client.”

Diane Fuore
Project Manager, Project Management Institute

You Were Terrific…

North Dakota Bankers Association

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You were terrific. I send you sincere appreciation for the care and dedication you gave to us and for the superb message you shared. We’ll be keeping you in mind as we plan our upcoming convention.”

Ann Reich
Director, North Dakota Bankers Association

Conference Attendees Thrilled With Thought-Provoking And Highly Interactive Program…

National Education Association

“Thank you for an outstanding presentation! You created an atmosphere of high energy and delivered a message that was thought provoking, intellectually stimulating, and interactive. The conference attendees were enthralled, saying things like, “Best session of the conference … Fantastic … Have him back … Outstanding theory … Needs to be longer.” Alan, you far exceeded our expectations in both your content and delivery. You are a consummate professional.”

Kimberley Adams
Director, National Education Association

Program Rates An A+ …

Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin

“Your powerful message along with positive interaction, interpersonal examples and demonstrations left an everlasting impression on the 800 attendees. We received so many comments saying you were ‘the best keynote speaker in my ten years of attendance’ and ‘the most relevant information that I can use at home and work.’ However, you have left us with a dilemma. We are faced with the challenge of finding another presenter for future programs that can open our attendees’ minds in the manner you did. Without a doubt, your program rates an A+.”

Jeff Hanthorn
Director, Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin

Even The Executives Were Enthralled With The Program…

Training Specialist, AAA

“So many people thanked me for making the arrangements to have you speak to our association. It started on the very first break when some said they had already learned more than a full day at other sessions. It spoke volumes when three of our executives spent the entire day at the program. Typically they attend for a short while and don’t come back. In fact, we had more people still in attendance, and still coming into your session, than I ever witnessed—especially at 4:30 on a Friday—which is remarkable proof of the value people were getting.”

Joyce Tank
PTraining Specialist, AAA

Attendees Kept On Quoting You For Days…

International Furnishings And Design Association

If you measure a presentation’s success by the number of attendees who spend the next few days quoting you or including some of your remarks in their conversations, then your presentation to our members was indeed a great success. Your comments were right on target for our members as well as for the organization’s leadership.”

Frances Phillips
Conference Chair,
International Furnishings And Design Association

100% Of The Attendees Want Another Zimmerman Program…

RAC, United Kingdom

“The success of last year’s programme meant an invite back this year to a larger audience, and this was successful beyond my expectations. In fact, 100% of the delegates said they would like to attend another one of your programmes, which says more about its success and high quality than I ever could in this brief note. I look forward to seeing you next year.”

Dean Nicholson
Director of Roadside Operations, RAC, United Kingdom

Deeply Touched Our Attendees…

Wisconsin Vocational Association

“Thanks for making me look good! Your presentation was outstanding and a great way to kick off our conference in an upbeat positive way. You deeply touched our attendees with your comments and made us all stop and review our lives and our work. Everyone is giving you excellent ratings.”

Bette Lou Esser
Executive Director, Wisconsin Vocational Association

A Total Treat To Have You On The Program…

National Association of Credit Management

All of the participants found you a total treat to have on the program. Many of them would like to have heard you speak for a longer period of time! A truly high compliment when paid to a speaker who has already done a three-hour workshop.”

Lois Bell
Director, National Association of Credit Management

Made Us Laugh, Cry, And Even Gave Us Goosebumps…

Specialty Advertising Association of the Upper Midwest

“You did it again! You were dynamic at our meeting. You were back by popular demand and you outdid yourself. I have heard numerous speakers through the years all over the U.S. You are, by far, one of the best! You brought tears to our eyes, made us laugh, and gave us goose bumps – a definite success. And judging by the positive feedback of the 400 people attending, you struck something in everyone – a whopping success.”

Carol Walkner
Board Member,
Specialty Advertising Association of the Upper Midwest

Best Session In 18 Years Of Association Meetings…

Minnesota Newspaper Association

“As people left your session, they were simply raving about it. One person planned to drop into your session for a few minutes and said he was so ‘captivated’ that he stayed the whole three hours. The written comments said: ‘Fabulous! A real motivator! The room was just energized with excitement!’ Several told me that yours was the best session of the whole convention, and, in fact, one said it was the best session he’d been to in the 18 years of attending the convention. We’ll definitely have you back.”

Linda Falkman
Executive Director,
Minnesota Newspaper Association

Outstanding Talk. Perfect Kick-Off For Conference…

Minnesota Safety Council

“In a word, your talk was outstanding! It was the perfect kick-off presentation for our conference. My only problem is … what do we do next year? Our conference enjoys a reputation for excellence, and Dr. Zimmerman, you definitely helped us to maintain our high standard.”

Regina Hoffman
Manager of Program Development,
Minnesota Safety Council

Presentation Techniques And Content SO Beneficial…

Western Dairyland Economic Opportunity Council

“I have never received so much positive feedback from my staff. Many of them mentioned this was the best seminar they have ever attended. Your presentation techniques, humor, audience interaction, and useful content were SO beneficial. Please feel free to use me as a reference.”

James Schwartz
Executive Director,
Western Dairyland Economic Opportunity Council

Results? Grew Together As A Staff…

American Heart Association

“Your presentation was positive, encouraging, and very practical. Your talks were down to earth, filled with great examples, and were humorous. Your willingness to share your own life made it possible for us to be more open with one another. Your activities got us involved and helped us to know one another better. We not only had fun, but we grew together as a staff. We were able to return to our jobs with more positive energy and enthusiasm.”

Charles Romane
Executive Vice President,
American Heart Association

You Took The Time To Know The Issues In Our Field…

Iowa Optometric Assistants Association

“Thanks to you, our participants brought home the ability to better manage their relationships with coworkers and patients alike. What impressed me the most was your ability to get to know the issues we face in our field. You took the time to ask probing questions regarding our day-to-day challenges as well as the values we believe in. Your sincere presentation made a lasting impact, and I observed a more caring, positive attitude from the participants throughout the rest of the conference, which I attribute directly to your enthusiastic and superb presentations.”

Connie Hansen
President, Iowa Optometric Assistants Association

Amazing Job Of Keeping 375 People Fully Engaged For 4 Hours…

American Society of Training and Development

“Thanks so much for your outstanding program. What an amazing job you did in keeping 375 folks fully engaged for four hours. As you know, we had to move the event from the original venue because of the incredible demand, despite the fact that you have appeared several times in Bloomington. That speaks volumes about the value you provide to folks. And we really liked the way you crafted your presentation to build on last year’s event with our chapter. It was impressive to hear you say “Last year, I mentioned…” Thanks again for a great event.”

Bill Pence
Chapter President,
American Society of Training and Development

Consistent excellence…

EWI Executive Women International

“You made our Chapter’s 50th Anniversary Gala our best event ever! Your presentation was so very well received … partly because you tailored the program for us, guided us in our publicity efforts, and even gave a complimentary e-Book for all of our attendees.  As is always your standard, your presentation was superb!

Beverly L. Kennedy
Chairman, EWI Executive Women International

Never Had A Speaker Who Received More Attention And Enthusiasm…

Minnesota Crop Improvement Association

“We have never had a speaker who received more attention and enthusiasm. So I am very pleased that we had your presentation early in the program because it set the tone for the rest of the meeting and improved the whole day’s outlook. Thanks again for the wonderful job you did.”

Harley Otto
Executive Vice President,
Minnesota Crop Improvement Association

These success stories … and hundreds of others … paint a very clear picture.
They show how Dr. Zimmerman helps people and organizations have great meetings
that get powerful, practical, tangible, take-it-to-the-bank results.

Hire Dr. Zimmerman to speak at your next meeting for a guaranteed success