What Past Attendees Have to Say About The “Journey to the Extraordinary”

“I expected to learn some communication techniques at the JOURNEY that would enhance my professional performance. Those expectations were MORE than met. However, I was introduced to material that has become critically important for every part of my life.”

– Hank Hauge
Salesman, Master Builders

“I found so much more value in your JOURNEY TO THE EXTRAORDINARY experience than ANY other program I have ever participated in.”

– Kristine Ruma
Coordinator, Medica

“Absolutely excellent seminar!! I learned so much about myself, and I picked up the exact tools I needed to improve my personal and work relationships. What a great investment. It continues to pay big dividends.”

– E. Laverne Perry
Strategic Business Development, The Boeing Company

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“Alan, replacing my low self-esteem with confidence in my abilities was my primary reason for attending the Journey. I have followed your suggested esteem-building steps, and now I have the confidence and security that I have desired for so many years. Before your seminar, I often thought how much I hated myself when things didn’t go the way I thought they should. It got to the point that I would verbalize those thoughts in front of both my family and friends. I now stand in front of the mirror telling myself what a great person I am. I started to believe what I was saying, and my attitude has greatly improved. I focus on this every day and am much happier in my daily life. When difficult periods crop up I say a few positive affirmations and can now overcome those times without feeling that there is no hope for me.”

“When the day is done, I list the positive things I have accomplished whether it is on paper or just mentally. Sometimes the list is short but sometimes it is fairly lengthy. The most rewarding days of my life have all come after taking your ‘Journey.’ Thank you very much for opening my eyes to what I can do if I believe in myself. I now look forward to every day’s challenges with anticipation rather than dread. Because of the ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ experience, I have a better self-esteem. I am now able to look at the accomplishments I make personally and professionally and be excited and proud of them rather than embarrassed. I am able to accept praise when before I would brush it off. Your ideas have left a lasting impression on me, and have given me the confidence to share with others. Thanks for the experience!”

– Carl Jordan
Fleet Analyst, Wagner Equipment Company

“I’ve always believed in the importance of interpersonal skills, but Dr. Zimmerman hit me squarely between the eyes at when he said, ‘The soft skills are the hard skills.’ That was a huge revelation for me, because I’ve always focused on the technical aspects of my job and taken the ‘people stuff’ somewhat for granted. Your JOURNEY TO THE EXTRAORDINARY experience showed me EXACTLY HOW I could motivate the best in others as well elicit greater cooperation from my coworkers. More importantly, I’ve been using Dr. Zimmerman’s techniques at work and have noticed a huge increase in both personal and peer performance. Your JOURNEY has added great value to both my personal and professional life. Great job!”

– Paul Faust
Project Manager, Wells Fargo Financial

“Back in April I attended the ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ with Dr. Alan Zimmerman. It was a turning point in my life. Ever since high school I’ve had a passion for art but haven’t done much with that passion. The Journey gave me the tools for leaving my comfort zone, planning out my goals, and reaching my goals. I cut back my hours at the hospital where I worked and took over the Serendipity Co-op Art Gallery in Lake City, Minnesota. Needless to say I’m very busy transitioning and bringing in other artists’ work. But it’s working and it has been so much fun!!! Thank you Dr. Zimmerman.”

– Julie Fjetland

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“I LOVED the Journey to the Extraordinary.’ In fact, it was amazing!! It has changed my life for the better, most definitely, and if you offer the program in this area again, I’m coming again with my husband. In particular, based on the communication techniques you showed us, the communication with my husband has become more open, and we’re getting back to where we used to be … which is great. So THANK YOU for everything!”

– Casey Dunker
Shiloh’s Hope

“Dr. Z’s ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ program was a life-changing experience for me! I give this program credit for saving my marriage, enhancing my relationship with my son, getting me back to church, bringing exercise into my life on a regular basis, getting me to a financial planner and assisting with my latest promotion and salary raise as I’ve spread Dr. Z throughout our Leadership trainings. I just can’t say enough about the ripple effect of my attendance at this workshop. I would be happy to talk to anyone in person who might be considering attending!”

– Teri Rokusek
First Vice President, Lincoln Savings Bank

“Your JOURNEY program opened my eyes. I learned what makes me tick and what makes those I live and work with tick. Now it’s a cinch to get cooperation and teamwork from others.”

– Tom Hendricks
Field Vice President, American Express

“I got so many powerful, positive ideas at the JOURNEY, and now I know how to reinforce the value of others and their contribution to the work place. Your stuff really works.”

– Cindy Travland
Finance Manager, DHL Airways

“Your ‘Journey’ program breathed new life into my attitude and improved every one of the key relationships in my life.

– John Tolbert
Manager, Index Corp.

“Dr. Zimmerman, I attended your JOURNEY TO THE EXTRAORDINARY program five years ago, and I have to say that your program has been the most positive and influential aspect in my life these last five years. For example, the VP at Tyco Healthcare approached me and inquired whether or not I would be interested in becoming the regional sales manager for Southern California. He started listing skill sets, character traits, and leadership qualities he had witnessed in me after taking the JOURNEY.

“As I started to think really hard about becoming a manager, I immediately got out all my notes from the JOURNEY TO THE EXTRAORDINARY experience. After reliving the JOURNEY through your extensive 160-page workbook, I knew I understood how to become a good manager. It took me two days to come up with a mission statement, which became the foundation for all my interviews. I was confident and sure throughout the interview process. I got the job.

“Then I sent my mission statement to my reps and followed up with action items to reinforce the mission statement. I couldn’t have been happier with their responses. Now I’m using your material to inspire my 6 new reps.”

– Cheryl Stevens
Tyco Healthcare

“Dr. Zimmerman’s ‘Journey’ program was the best two days I have invested in training in my entire business career.”

– Gordon Thomas
Service Director, Tyco Healthcare

“No matter what field of work you are in, you will be transformed by Dr. Zimmerman’s seminar. I was inspired and rejuvenated by his words and practices.”
– Clare Schreiber
Wife, Mother and Teacher

“Dr. Zimmerman, attending your ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ program was very exciting for me. It got me focused on affirmations, attitudes, goals, and risk taking. But even more exciting is the results I’ve gotten. For example, a few weeks back, I was talking to a colleague about how our week had gone. I was full of energy and told her it had been a wonderful week. Then, a few days later, some of my team mates complimented my passion and my leadership style. Other peers said I was highly regarded as an individual who brought logic and reason to the table. My supervisor even mentioned that I was respected and trusted, and that they were glad to have me as a part of the team.

“Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The very things they were saying were the same things I had been focusing on in my daily affirmations. Your ‘Journey’ techniques worked, and it feels very empowering.”

– Renee Keffer
Sprint Nextel

“For many years I’ve heard that you need to write down your goals and say affirmations, but I didn’t know how to do it. So I never did it … until I came to the ‘Journey.’ Using the practices you taught us, my confidence, listening, conversing, motivation, energy, enthusiasm have all improved dramatically. The practices remind me of my goals and push me toward the accomplishment of those goals. It really is quite awesome!”

– Bob Wernimont

“The most powerful thing that I brought home from the JOURNEY was a clear sense of purpose. I now have my purpose written out, and I think of it every day. And I have given your Purpose CD to many people. It hits everybody like a ton of bricks. Your message has an overtone of a deeper God-driven purpose. I love it. It’s very real and very meaningful. I commend you for it.”

– Paul Schmall
Vice President, Moretrench American Corporation

“I am a project manager for the Consigli Construction Company and spend countless hours planning my jobs for success but never really took the time to plan my own life for success. I even attended a number of seminars and read a variety of books on the subject, but Dr. Zimmerman’s JOURNEY is different. It actually gave me the tools to make improvements in my life.”

– Jeff Navin
Project Manager, Consigli Construction Company

“I improved my listening skills tremendously, and I learned a great deal about attitude. As a manager, I found out how powerful it is to keep things in a positive frame of mind. And people are responding so much better in our new positive team environment. I was able to go back to work and turn a non-performer into a real performer because of your JOURNEY program.”

– Allan Hermson
Accounting Manager, Seedorff Masonry

“Without a doubt, Dr. Z’s ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ program is the most powerful seminar I’ve attended in my 35-plus year career. I highly recommend the seminar to all managers, employees, spouse or parent, regardless of company rank, job title, or age. It’s that good!”

Timothy L. Adkins
VP – Environmental, Health & Safety, Oglebay Horton Company

“Just an update from my time with you at the ‘Journey’ class: I am still using the affirmations you taught us, and just recently completed my Master of Arts in Health and Human Services at Saint Mary’s University, a dream for nearly two decades. I want you to know that your program was a big part of the turnaround in my life. Thank you so much for your Journey class.”

– Todd Livingood

“I attended Dr. Zimmerman’s ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ program a few months ago, and I wish I had have done so years ago. It changed how I think and what I do. It got me out of my comfort zone and into the habit of taking more constructive risks. The result? I just got a new job at twice my old salary. My eternal thanks to Dr. Zimmerman for the skills and inspiration he provided!”

– Debra Ward

“What a pleasure to meet and work with you after all these years of reading your ‘Tuesday Tips.’ But more importantly, I want you to know that my self-confidence has grown enormously as a result of the techniques you taught us. I’m setting my goals, achieving my goals, and in the process of developing an African leadership center. Thank you so much!”

– Joseph Caulcrick
Manager, UPS

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“I used to struggle with self-confidence. But your affirmation exercises made an instant and positive difference in my self-esteem, and I continue to use this confidence in professional career and personal life.”

-Amber Lynch
Manager, Complete Property Management Group

“I love this program! With the tools you gave during the ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ program, with your ten weeks of reinforcement after the program, and with your ‘30-Day Self-Esteem Builder,’ I am feeling so good about myself. My self-confidence has really risen.”

– Sue Reinhart
Team Lead at the world’s largest automobile insurance company

“I’m amazed at how many good things start to happen when your purpose is clarified and staring you in the face. I’ve wanted to be thin for 44 years, and now it’s happening. I’m spending a little time every day saying my affirmations, outlining my goals, and making progress. I also realized, like Dorothy in the ‘Wizard of Oz,’ that I’ve had the power all along. Thanks for making it so real and useful … at work and at home.”

– Carolyn Nivens
Laboratory Manager, Missouri State Tuberculosis Laboratory

“Dr. Zimmerman, I just wanted to let you know that I began applying some of your techniques even before I left the program, and they really work! This program was just what I needed! I learned to clarify my purpose and I began to live and work ON purpose. And I’m making a difference. How very enlightening and inspirational!”

– Alline Scott
U.S. Army

“I’ve been to lots of seminars that provide some good information, but I found that they gave out information that was too difficult to apply on a consistent basis. But you gave me exactly what I needed to set my goals, use affirmations, and accomplish my goals in a way that was so easy.”

– Mark Prescott
Sales, Thomson Reuters

“I second that. Out of all the great material in your two-day program, I truly loved the section on goals and affirmations. I’ve been using those techniques ever since.”

– Amelie Budney
Account Representative, Thomson Reuters

“I had heard about the goal-setting, self-talk techniques you were teaching, and I thought it was some kind of wierd ‘new-age’ stuff. Not at all. You told me exactly how the mind works, how to feed it the goals I wanted to achieve, stay positive, and achieve more goals than ever before. The entire ‘Journey’ was wonderful, but your goal-setting, self-talk techniques were Great, Great, Great. I’m a better person for this. And I’ll have to admit I felt like a sponge when you were talking. Your insights were fascinating, and your techniques have changed my life on and off the job.”

– Dennis Wicklund
Treasury Manager, United Health Group

“At your ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ program, I learned how to define my goals, write out my goals, and then stick with them until they were accomplished. In addition to that, I got so many techniques on how I can deal with my employees and family members – starting with the implementation of a customer-service attitude. This stuff works.”

– Vicky Ernster
Benefit Specialist, Olmsted Medical Center

“I’ve learned how to teach my employees how to have a positive attitude. And I’m more convinced than ever that being positive is a key to success.”

– Carolyn Maddox
Buck-N-Bass Sports Center

“I changed my attitude as a result of your program. Now I look at things positively and act with enthusiasm. And I can now accept criticism as a method to change for the better.”

– Kenneth Frisco
Senior Financial Services Manager, Sony Electronics

“As a result of your class, I have taken some major risks in the last few months. I quit my job as a Sales Engineer for a construction company, got myself back into school, and accepted a position with a church. Your class helped me look inside to see what is really important and how I wanted to live the second half of my life. Thank you for this amazing experience and the knowledge you shared. You gave me the support and courage I needed to take all these risks. And as a result, this has become my best year ever!”

– Tammy Williams

“One of my unspoken desires was to increase my willingness to take risks, especially with regard to what I do vocationally. After going through the ‘Journey,’ I started to actively seek out speaking opportunities, which would be quite a stretch from my current position where I teach attorneys how to manage their email. Your strategies worked. I was given an amazing opportunity to speak and preach in a church setting, and I was able to use some of the things you taught at the ‘Journey.” It was an incredible experience … one I hope to repeat more and more in the future as I continue to get outside my comfort zone and take risks.”

– Ken Stewart

“I’m a very ‘hard sell’ when it comes to motivational programs, but Dr. Zimmerman’s ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ program went way beyond any of the ‘subjective’ or ‘motivational’ presentations I’ve attended in the past. I learned so many ways to improve performance both for myself and the people who report to me. And I truly learned how to balance my personal and professional lives. I loved my Journey experience!”

– Cory Allan
Manager, Social Security Administration

“If you want to increase your productivity and build a better relationship with those around you, this seminar is vital.”

– Dr. Brandon Eighmy
Director of School Services and Human Resources in Iowa

“Thank you for helping me to find the right way to speak to my thirty-three year old son. thank you for bringing a greater family relationship to all of us.”

– Tom Lucchesi
Grand Lodge of Illinois

“Whether you are building self-esteem or improving your professional or personal relationships, Dr. Zimmerman provided a superb class that will take you from ordinary to extraordinary. The two days were lots of fun, very enlightening, and powerfully effective.”

– Ken March
Director, Bain Capital

“Finally, a class that gave me the tools I needed to improve my professional and personal life. Practical, easy-to-understand tools.”

– Crystal Stepp
Emdeon Corporation

“I learned so much that I could apply to work and home. The way I communicated and listened improved dramatically after the ‘Journey.’ Thank you so much. Definitely money well spent!”

– Jessica Dern
Nurse Manager, University of Wisconsin Hospital

“Dr. Z’s JOURNEY gave me a new view of life, success, and relationships. And the valuable skills I learned dramatically increased my proficiency and communication skills. This experience literally transformed my life on and off the job.”

– Michael Van Horn
Senior Graphic Designer, The Boeing Company

“Before the Journey, I had never figured out or written down my purpose. Once I learned that, it has helped me keep things in perspective and stay focused on what is really important. My purpose has helped me make better decisions, making me think about whether certain actions will contribute to or detract from the purpose. It’s even improved and nurtured my relationships at home. Thank you for all of your helpful information and helping me in my personal and professional lives.”

– Dawn Driscoll
Account Representative, Thomson Reuters

“I attended your JOURNEY program several years ago and found it to be the best course I ever attended in the 36 years I worked for the federal government.”

– Judy Crompton

“You taught the ‘act-as-if’ technique at the JOURNEY, and I need to report to you what’s happened. I’ve amazed myself! My work days have flown by, and I am finding new enthusiasm for my work. Even though my duties haven’t changed … my attitude has!

Your reinforcement program that came to us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for ten weeks after the JOURNEY has kept me busy, making sure that I put into practice everything I learned. I even got a clearer sense of focus or a sharper purpose for my life and my work. I’ve learned, as you said, ‘When I know my ‘why,’ any ‘how’ is possible’.”

– Joan Baca

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