Relationships and Teamwork


The Partnership Payoff:
The 7 Keys to Better Relationships and Greater Teamwork

In today’s tough business environment, it takes more than product knowledge, technical competency, or social media contacts to be successful.  Professional knowledge and organizational contacts can become obsolete with the next change in technology or shift in organizational structure.

Success in today’s world requires an extraordinary amount of raw people skills.  You’ve got to know how to start and build relationships… on and off the job. And you’ve got to know how to work with others… so relationship management or teamwork becomes a reality rather than a buzzword.

In this program, you will sharpen the tools you need to communicate more effectively, build relationships more easily, and get the cooperation of others more quickly.  You will learn how to gain credibility, present your ideas, and minimize opposition.  You will learn how to persuade others to get the response you want … from your coworkers, your customers, and even your family members.

But that’s not all.  Every relationship and every team experiences some conflict.  And too much conflict can impede progress and create unproductive tension.  So you’ll also take away the specific tools you need for resolving those conflicts without spending a lot of time, money, or energy.


  • Start and strengthen your personal and professional relationships in ways that benefit everyone
  • Develop instant rapport that magnetically pulls people towards you
  • Answer the age-old question of “How do I get others to do what I want them to do?”
  • Turn an “ordinary” group into a clearly focused, highly productive team that generates extraordinary results
  • Turn your negative “naysaying” team members into positive “We can do it” team members
  • Effectively resolve the conflicts that inevitably pop up in any work situation
  • Motivate others with meaningful recognition that doesn’t break your budget



  • Avoid judgments that stifle relationships and teamwork
  • Display 5 “satisfying” behaviors and attitudes that draw people towards you


  • Avoid rudeness or apathy and show caring
  • Express feelings appropriately
  • Speak assertively so others feel respected and give you respect


  • Identify and avoid the major trust busters
  • Use the 10 trust builders to strengthen your relationships on and off the job
  • Meet the 5 needs that lead to positive, productive, profitable relationships
  • Listen with empathy so others open up… and listen with accuracy so you get it right


  • Adopt a communication style that encourages others to listen to you
  • Use nonverbal cues that command respect
  • Avoid words and behaviors that irk others
  • Ask questions that encourage others to say “yes”


  • Turn a group, department, or family into a united team
  • Engage team members’ eager participation by speaking their 5 “work languages”
  • Value the contributions of others
  • Make quality decisions that invoke high commitment
  • Exhibit leadership behaviors at every level


  • Prevent conflicts before they pop up
  • Filter out destructive criticism so team members hear one another without getting defensive
  • Develop “style flex” to ensure constructive conflict resolution


  • Deliver praise that builds the other person’s self-esteem
  • Give positive feedback that reinforces good results and motivates great results
  • Provide recognition that turbo-charges performance without spending any money


“Your appearance generated more enthusiasm … and enrollments … than any other speaker we’ve ever had! People are still talking about your presentation; and more importantly, they are applying your tips, suggestions, and strategies in their work teams.”

– Allan Forbis
Director of Mgt. Development, State of Missouri

“Hallway discussions about your presentations are making others envious, and they want you to speak to their groups as well. There have been many changes in the people who attended. People are showing appreciation to each other, and there is an increase in positive energy. Thank you for a wonderful day!”

– Laura Rud, Manager, Mayo Clinic

“The energy each person had as they left was really astounding. What was even more important to me was the fact that people were sharing their experiences back with their colleagues over the next several days. This increase in energy and teamwork was exactly what we were hoping to accomplish.”

– Sheila Johnson, Manager, 3M

“After you spoke, our salespeople were all saying it was great and inspiring. Even our customers in the audience said your ‘Partnership Payoff’ presentation was fantastic, and that your presentation alone made the whole conference worth attending. Let’s do it again next year!”

– Bruce Flantzer
President, PSPR, Inc.


Available as a half-day or full-day program.


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