Managing Stress, Work-Life Balance


How to De-Stress, Re-Charge, and Re-Balance Your Life and Work in a Crazy Busy World

With more work, fewer employees, faster changes, and less money, workplace morale, loyalty, and attitude can take a hit.  Negativity can become more common. And comments such as, “It won’t work here … We’ve always done it this way… and …That’s not my job” become more familiar.

And that’s dangerous because negativity defeats you faster than the competition.  Negativity creates a workplace where people may not try as hard, care as much, or succeed as often.

The good news is you can create a positive workplace that is less stressful and more exciting … where satisfaction and fulfillment are the rule, not the exception.

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And on a personal level, you can create a lifestyle that is relatively free of stress.  You don’t have to feel stuck, helpless, overwhelmed or exhausted … even if your work schedule is highly demanding.  And you don’t have to choose between your career and your family IF you apply the simple work-life balance strategies detailed in this program.

Instead of sitting back and listening to a boring lecture, you’re going to get a high-content, high-energy and high-involvement experience when you book this program.  And you’re going to leave with a ton of take-aways that you can start to use right away.


  • Flush out any factor that is hurting the morale and productivity of your organization
  • Reap the rewards of a workplace filled with fun, energy, and attitude
  • Create a workplace that attracts the best, keeps the best, and brings out the best in people
  • Turn nay-saying, gloom-and-doomers into positive, can-do contributors
  • Stop thinking “We’ve always done it this way” and start behaving like “We can always do better”
  • Grasp what’s healthy and effective in your life and work… and what’s out of whack
  • Eliminate the stress that comes with too much work and too little time
  • Neutralize the stressors that can turn into “another day – another dollar” burnout
  • Renew, recharge, and re-energize yourself at any time in any circumstance
  • Balance your personal and professional lives in the midst of increasing demands and faster change


Four Positive WORKPLACE Processes

  1. Reformation
    • Moving from negative talk to positive communication
    • Avoiding two sources of disrespect
  2. Relationship
    • Building trust and eliminating negativity
    • Meeting the five needs that build positive work relationships
  3. Reinforcement
    • Rewarding positive behavior
    • Extinguishing negative behavior
    • Encouraging fun in the workplace
  4. Resolution
    • Applying the 5 prerequisites to cooperation
    • Getting others to do what you want them to do
    • Choosing the conflict resolution style that gives you consensus and commitment

Four Balanced LIFESTYLE Processes

  1. Focus
    • Doing what’s most important rather than focusing on mistaken priorities
    • Managing your time *Balancing work and family
    • Connecting with nourishing people and detaching from toxic ones
  2. Fun
    • Choosing “re-creation” instead of “wreck-reation”
    • Honing your sense of humor to let go of stress
  3. Fitness
    • Circumventing 5 stages of burnout
    • Making healthy ”physical” choices that turbo-charge your energy level
    • Eradicating 9 beliefs and behaviors that cause stress and imbalance
  4. Feelings
    • Maintaining your self-confidence and positive attitude in changing and challenging situations
    • Practicing an attitude of gratitude
    • Moving away from useless Struggling and Quitting to useful Mastering and Releasing

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The participants rated your presentation as the highest of any at the conference. The impassioned presentation you made about creating balance in our lives made a tremendous impression. Congratulations on your resounding success. I knew you’d be a hit!”

– Al Mance
Executive Director, TN Education Association

“Thank you for the truly outstanding seminar. As you know, the New York membership can be a very tough audience. However, I am quite pleased to say that the scores for your presentation were the highest of all our dozens and dozens of speakers over the last several years! That is no small accomplishment!”

– Mark Antonucci
Chairman, Institute for Management Studies

“Almost every person has thanked me for arranging this session and wants to know when you’ll be coming back!!! Some of our more senior field personnel told me they have never been to a seminar that was so interesting.”

– H. Lin Riley, Jr.
Vice President, Phillips & Jordan

You were by far the most powerful and enjoyable speaker we have ever asked to address our group. For several days following your program, we still continued to talk about and share with others what we learned from the session. When I came back to the office, I heard folks who did not even attend your session talk about the powerful message that you shared. This, Alan, was a real compliment to you. ”

– Lynn Chapman
Manager, Nationwide Insurance


Available as a half-day or full-day program.

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