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How The Best Leaders Bring Out The Best in Others… And So Can You

Leadership has little or nothing to do with your title or your position. But it has everything to do with your ability to influence and bring out the best in others.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re an executive, a manager, a supervisor, a team leader, a committee member, or even a parent.  Your effectiveness in any of those roles will be dependent on your leadership savvy and your use of “The Payoff Principle.”

As a leader at any level, when you tap into your driving Purpose, share your contagious Passion, and engage the right Process, you generate an enormous Payoff: You trigger the other person’s motivation and cooperation.

This program reveals the Purpose and Passion techniques practiced by all highly effective leaders.  Effective leadership starts with a purpose-driven, take-charge attitude, which enables you to spread the vision, build the confidence, and encourage others to embrace change.

From there, you will deploy the exact Processes used by the best leaders to get the best results.  You’ll get the exact steps you need to build trust, show respect, inspire excellence, and motivate productivity in others … no matter what.  You will even learn how to hold others accountable and extinguish any lingering negativity in the workplace.

And unlike other leadership or motivational programs that merely focus on theory, this program focuses on the exact-how-to’s.  No guessing.  You’ll get time-tested, experience-proven strategies that engage the whole person and all of his talents.    And you will leave this program with lasting tools you can use the very next day … to get better results than ever before.


  • Avoid words and actions that inadvertently de-motivate others
  • Generate enthusiasm in yourself and others … that keeps on working … even in the tough times
  • Use tactics that get others “to give it their all” instead of “doing just enough to get by”
  • Give feedback that promotes good performance and stops poor performance
  • Build a workplace atmosphere where trust and respect are the norms and not the exception
  • Increase your co-workers’ sense of ownership and accountability for the organization’s success
  • Listen to what is said and left unsaid … so you can truly understand the other person and what makes him tick


PURPOSE of Leadership

  • Bring out the best in others
  • Serve with excellence
  • Make a difference inside and outside the organization

PASSION of Leadership

  • Drop any “stinkin-thinkin” attitudes
  • Project your contagious enthusiasm
  • Encourage “the will to win”


  • Avoid the 50 motivation killers
  • Demonstrate your belief in others for present efforts and future potential
  • Show respect for the other person in spite of dislike or disagreement
  • Take 10 specific steps to greater trust


  • Tap into the magical power of the cooperation principle
  • Honor the 5 prerequisites to full and willing cooperation
  • Speak the other person’s “language” to build rapport and fuel achievement


  • Discard the 10 bad habits that sabotage your communication
  • Listen with empathy and accuracy
  • Ask brave questions
  • Exhibit nonverbal behaviors that communicate respect and attentiveness
  • Make it “safe” to be open and honest


  • Deliver motivating praise
  • Move people from “just-enough-to-get-by” behavior to “whatever it takes”
  • Discover 12 best recognition techniques to bring out the best in others
  • Use excellence as a motivator


  • Learn from and follow the example of the best leaders
  • Give constructive criticism that does not de-motivate performance


  • Ask for what you need in a way that encourages others to say “yes”
  • Keep promises no matter what
  • Practice the consistent-persistent principle


“I have yet to see a motivational leadership program as effective as yours. We have witnessed some instant successes amongst our staff already. Our staff rated you and your programs an awesome 4.94/5. Those are the best scores anyone has ever gotten from our staff.”

– Floyd Thompson, Director,
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service

“There was quite a bit of skepticism going into this meeting. But your positive, productive, and uplifting message created an entirely different attitude among our personnel in the weeks since you were here. Everyone is trying harder to get along, be more productive, positive, and work as a team.”

– Bryan Timberlake, Vice President, Timberlake Construction

“Your information, exercises and guidance had the same effect as it has in the past at J & J. The ‘Zimmerman Effect’ brings out the leaders in all of us and makes more effective as managers of others. You have become a very important person to this company.”

– Louis Fordham, Director, J & J Industries

“One District Sales Manager wrote me saying, ‘I have attended a number of programs over my career, but this is the first program that truly moved me and woke me up to what I have and have not been doing.’ Another wrote, ‘I received more practical learning from this program than any other program in the last 20 years.’ Our National Sales Director is inviting you back to present to his leadership team.”

– Sean Purdy, National Sales Director, Sciele Pharma


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