Journey to the Extraordinary

  • Why is it that some people accomplish so much while others accomplish so little? Several years of research reveal the answer. Take-charge champions have mastered 12 milestone strategies that ensure their success in every endeavor on and off the job.

    In this ground-breaking, transformational program, you will learn these 12 milestone strategies that have stood the test of time and have proven to work in all professions and industries. They’re easy to learn, and your take-it-back-home, take-it-to-the-bank, pull-through results will be so incredible that you’ll see this program as an investment that pays off for years and years.

    More specifically, day 1 of the “Journey” focuses on you, the individual. Whether you’re a leader, individual contributor, or a family member, you will learn the 6 milestones of personal excellence that nail down the results you’ve always wanted. You’ll learn how to be filled with confidence, be purpose driven, and goal achieving — all the time, without excuses. And you’ll learn how to stay positive, energized, and work-life balanced, no matter what is happening around you.

    Day 2 of the “Journey” focuses on the people in your professional and personal worlds … your coworkers, customers, friends, and even your family members. You will learn exactly what it takes to build respectful, engaged, cooperative relationships. And you will learn the communication and motivation skills that build teamwork and bring about peak performance … because these 6 milestone strategies work with everyone.

    Don’t expect a lot of fluff, theory, faddish buzzwords, or flavor-of-the-month training. Do expect, however, a highly interactive experience centered on the strategies that produce the results YOU want. Join with the hundreds of thousands of “Journey” graduates who declare, “This is the best, most valuable two days of education I’ve ever received. It is life changing and career-building!”


    “Your ‘Journey’ is absolutely incredible. I used your affirmation techniques to leave a very comfortable role and take on a new position — where I turned a group into the most effective and productive sales team in the company. I achieved a great deal more work-life balance, have deepened my spiritual life, and have a new and clearer vision for my future. I learned it all from your program.”

    – Stuart Gray
    President, 4Remarkable Service

    “Your ‘Journey’ made a tremendous difference in my life. I learned how to deal with stress so I’m happier, more productive, and better received by my coworkers. I learned how to achieve my goals, once and for all. So I went back to school, started exercising, and lost 25 pounds. I dramatically improved the way I listen to my staff and my peers, and my attitude has certainly improved!”

    – Sheile Fitzgerald
    Supervisor, Department of the Treasury

    “Your BELIEF system for bringing out the best in others was brilliant … especially your section on how to ensure the follow-through of others. Now we’re in the process of bringing your ‘Journey’ to all of our people here in the U.K.”

    – Dave Hirst
    Audit Manager, HBOS

    “Your ‘Journey’ was unlike any other program I have ever attended. When those programs were over, we put our notebooks on the shelf and never opened them again. But at the end of your ‘Journey,’ you gave each of us a reinforcement program to keep the lessons in the forefront of our minds, and you made sure we stayed on track and used what we learned. Thanks!!!”

    – Kathy Welte
    Director, National Marrow Donor Program

    “What would I change in the ‘Journey’? Nothing. You have made the greatest impact on my life of any public speaker. This program is terrific!”

    – Carolyn Krumrey
    Chief, NASA

    “My wife Laura pushed me to attend Dr. Zimmerman’s ‘Journey to the Extraordinary’ experience even though I was skeptical. Thank God she did! It was the most powerful, most motivating training session I ever attended. This was a life changing event. It changed my business and my family relationships for the better.”

    – Gary H. Pendleton
    Chartered Financial Consultant, Pro Equities, Inc.


    MILESTONE 1: Unshakeable SELF-ESTEEM

    • Two forces that undermine your self-esteem
    • How to see yourself more positively so you perform more effectively
    • 7 secrets for lasting self-esteem, no matter what is happening at home or on the job


    • 10 questions that will help you determine what you really want out of your career and your life
    • A process for figuring out your purpose … so you live your life on purpose rather than by accident

    MILESTONE 3: Meaningful GOALS

    • The #1 block to the use of your full potential and how to eradicate it — forever
    • A process for setting your goals and an easy, 10-minute exercise that ensures the attainment of your goals


    • 8 quick and easy ways to get and keep a positive attitude
    • The actor-reactor strategy and how it makes you a victor instead of a victim

    MILESTONE #5: Constructive RISK

    • The danger of getting stuck in your comfort zone
    • How to move beyond the fear of change and take risks that are likely to pay off


    • What it takes to create true work-life balance without sacrificing results
    • 9 strategies that neutralize stress, whatever the circumstances may be

    MILESTONE 7: Climate-building RESPECT

    • Levels of respect: which one eliminates negativity in the workplace?
    • 50 commonly-used phrases that poison the atmosphere at work and home


    • 5 languages of cooperation that melt people’s resistance to change
    • #1 principle in getting people to happily do what you want them to do


    • Brave questions: the quickest route to stronger relationships
    • 2 listening systems that ensure accurate understanding on and off the job


    • 17 reward and recognition strategies that bring out the best in others
    • What it takes to build a workplace where people want to work and truly excel

    MILESTONE #11: Performance FEEDBACK

    • What to say and when to say it, as well as when to shut up
    • 6 guidelines for constructive criticism that encourage listening and accountability rather than excuses


    • 6 ways to ask for what you want so others say “yes”
    • How to close the gap between good intentions and real action


    This program can be customized to fit a one-day format and a client’s key objectives.

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