Improving Customer Service



The Service Payoff:
Moving From Customer Service To Customer Enthusiasm

Quick! Name the number one most powerful sales tool your business can have. One that costs nothing to buy, takes little to maintain, and can leave your competitors stunned and reeling with very little recourse.  No idea?  Then chances are you’re missing out on it!

The answer is customer service. And it doesn’t matter if you’re involved in a business, a health care organization, a professional association, or a government agency.  Success comes to those, and only those, who are obsessed with customer enthusiasm. When customers are treated well, they work with you.  They buy more, stay longer, and spread the word for you – they act as your unpaid yet invaluable sales force.

Unfortunately, many organizations spend heavily on advertising, facilities, inventory, and technical job-related training… then they invest even more in business development and sales training. And meanwhile, other forces – stronger yet far less obvious forces – are unwittingly driving away customers by giving them poor service.  As one person said, “We’ve entered a service economy, and the only thing missing is service.”

In this program, you’ll learn how to dazzle your internal as well as your external customers.  You’ll learn how to turn disgruntled customers into loyal customers, and you’ll learn how to transform loyal customers into enthusiastic advocates and virtual “salespeople.”


  • Keep yourself pumped up and eager to serve, no matter what is going on or who you’re serving
  • Adopt the “customer comes first” attitude
  • Make sure every customer transaction is a positive experience for the customer
  • Ratchet up your service … to move beyond “customer satisfaction” to “customer enthusiasm and loyalty”
  • Remove the factors that create customer conflict, irritation, and push-back
  • Turn dissatisfied customers into ambassadors for your product or service
  • Keep customers for life instead of losing them to the competition



  • Grasp the full value of your customer
  • Go beyond mere customer service to critical customer loyalty
  • Demonstrate the behaviors that ensure customer loyalty
  • Keep yourself pumped up and eager to serve, no matter what is going on or who you’re serving


  • Build rapport with your customers that bonds them to you
  • Meet the 5 critical needs that every customer is begging you to meet
  • Practice the 12 skills that blow your customer’s expectations out of the water
  • Implement strategies that will make you better than the competition


  • Remove all factors that create customer conflict, irritation, and push-back
  • Speak the 7 magical phrases that ensure customer understanding and cooperation
  • Treat your coworkers as customers to build a stronger climate of teamwork and trust


  • Defuse and avoid the 5 major causes of all customer complaints
  • How to welcome complaints as opportunities
  • Remain professional when handling complaints, not ever taking it personally
  • Take 9 steps to effectively resolve any and all customer problems
  • Avoid words that tick off customers
  • Restore damaged customer relationships


“Your seminar received great feedback and they’re all asking you to come back on an annual basis. Your program has already helped a number of our departments raise the bar on internal customer service.”

– Karen Harthorn
Director of Purchasing, University of St. Thomas

“It’s rare that we invite a speaker back to our symposium, but because of your past programs, we unanimously decided to have you back. Our team is using your information to move our customers from being merely ‘satisfied’ to being truly ‘enthusiastic’ for our services.”

– John Barnshaw
Education Specialist, IBM

“Your presentation had a HUGE impact. Your presentation provided our managers very positive information that they are using to improve customer service in their workplaces at this very moment. ”

– Ralph Shalda
COO, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

“Our people are saying your program was the best program they have ever attended. It was a re-charging of the batteries, an evaluation of our leadership styles, and a chance to make changes in how we interact with our employees, peers, customers, and families. We look forward to doing business with you again!”

– Ellen Gaucher
Vice President, Blue Cross Blue Shield

“Thank you for the outstanding presentation you gave at our company meeting. You gave us practical ways to accept change, motivate others, and improve our customer service. I appreciated how you kept our group involved during the entire seminar—giving us ‘hands on’ time to practice and implement your methods.”

– Michael Rueckert
President, Younglove Construction


Available as a half-day or full-day program.


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