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The Payoff Principle PDFThe Payoff Principle:

Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want Out of Life and Work

Mega-successful people accomplish as much in one or two months as average people do in one or two years. They’re the calm in every storm … as they sail through difficult situations without breaking a sweat.  And they deliver on their personal and organizational goals without excuses or exceptions.

So how do they do it?  Sure – a few people get lucky breaks, and others have the right connections.  But the vast majority of highly successful people are successful because they follow “The Payoff Principle.”

Somehow or other, they organize their work and their lives around the Principle that says Purpose + Passion + Process = Payoff.  And best of all, they know that success is not some far out, wishy-washy dream.  It’s the natural result of consistently doing the right things in the right way at the right time.

This “Payoff Principle” is the foundation of all success in any profession and in any industry. And once you apply its power to your own career and life, you’ll find that it’s teachable to others.

In this program, you’ll discover your clear sense of purpose and ignite an invigorating passion that never fizzles out.  You’ll boost your own self-confidence, deflect the negativity around you, take smart risks, and achieve your goals … without losing your balance.

But please be warned.  This is not a sit-back-and-listen type of lecture.  This is a highly interactive program with a strong emphasis on practical skills that really work.  So you’ll actually use the skills during the program to ensure your use of the skills after the program … on the job as well as at home.


  • Snuff out the hidden internal factors that destroy your personal motivation
  • Live your life “on purpose” rather than “by accident”
  • Build an undefeatable attitude that invariably leads to greater success
  • Stop negative people and circumstances from bringing you down
  • Fortify your self-esteem so it’s a help and not a hindrance in any situation
  • Apply gold-medal winning techniques for setting and achieving your goals
  • Refuse “good enough” behavior and commit to “excellence” instead
  • Step outside your comfort zone to take the risks that lead to the biggest pay offs
  • Build a healthy work-life balance that prevents or cures stress and burnout
  • Fill your tool bag with skills that guarantee your peak performance … all the time … no matter what



  • Understand the critical importance of a purpose-driven life and career
  • Clarify and write out your purpose statement
  • Make sure you’re living your life and working your job “on purpose”


  • Deflect negative influences that could drag down your passion
  • Discover the #1 way to pump up your passion
  • Choose to “act” rather than “react”
  • Build inner drive and spirit
  • Implement 8 skills that build and maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude despite the circumstances


  • Understand how an inadequate self-image blocks success and a strong self-image guarantees success
  • Defeat self-doubt and maintain self-confidence in challenging situations and around difficult people
  • Master the 7 strategies for “LASTING” self-esteem


  • Neutralize self-defeating thoughts that block goal achievement
  • Determine, set, and write out worthy goals that define your success
  • Plant barrier-busting affirmations in your mind that achieve your goals … almost effortlessly


  • Begin to live and work outside your comfort zone … where all greater success is to be found
  • Take smart risks that are likely to pay off and let go of stupid risks
  •  Take smart risks that are likely to pay off and let go of stupid risks


  • Access your stress, burnout, and balance profiles
  • Get strong and stay healthy in all 8 dimensions of life and work
  • Turn time into a friend instead of an enemy


“On behalf of Volkswagen of America I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for conducting one of the best seminars we have ever attended. People are now practicing the ‘power of positive affirmations’ each day. And the positive impact of your program has already changed the negative behavior exhibited by some team members.”

– Dale Hawke,

Director, Volkswagen Audi

“You achieved every one of our objectives – in particular, to get the participants interacting with new people and to foster an environment of positive thinking for better business and personal results. Your message really hit home with the audience.”

– Robert Schenck

Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank

“I can’t thank you enough for speaking at our managers’ meeting. You were, without question, terrific. Our managers were soaking up everything you had to say. Your words impressed upon them the importance of keeping life in balance. You gave everyone a jump-start to a renewed life.”

– Greg Sparks

President, Safeway

“After Dr. Zimmerman spoke to us, I saw a much more pronounced positive attitude throughout our organization. In the months that followed his program, we kept the attitude going as we faced two audits. We performed a near miracle, and it was largely due to Dr. Zimmerman’s program. When our audit results were compared against other states, we delivered the best results of any state in the past five years! Please tell Dr. Zimmerman that his conferences are invaluable, and the proof is in the pudding.”

– Gerry Card,

Senior Accountant, US Property & Fiscal Office


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