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How To Go From Chaos To Control

All progress is the result of change, but not all change is progress.  Despite your best intentions, some change is jarring and other well-planned change is poorly implemented.  So it’s no wonder resistance is so much more common than resilience and results.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can make change pay off for you, your team and your organization.

Imagine becoming not only a change agent but a change master.  What if you could bounce back from difficult changes beyond your control? What breakthroughs await you if you became a natural at toughing out the tough times? How much easier would your life become as an intelligent, constructive, pro-active risk-taker who makes things happen rather than waits for things to happen?

As a change leader, you’ll be able to create an environment that is conducive to change, where mutual trust and creative ideas flourish.  And best of all, you’ll lead change in such a way that others willingly join you – from a place of genuine commitment, not mere compliance.

In this program, you’ll learn the “how-to’s” of change mastery and change leadership.  You’ll learn how to leave your comfort zone, take risks, and get results no matter what.


  • Move beyond the blocks that keep people stuck in their comfort zones
  • Eliminate the fear of change
  • Grab hold of change with a “can-do” attitude
  • Implement change with as little pain as possible
  • Avoid the pitfalls that turn change into a morale-zapping activity
  • Embrace risk-taking as a healthy and necessary part of continual improvement
  • Lead change in such a way that others willingly join you



  • Master the 4 predictable phases of change, understanding at every phase where you are and where you need to be
  • Identify the accelerators of and blocks to change


  • Let go of the past
  • Stop paying the big price of a small comfort zone
  • Sell the need for change
  • Deploy resistance-neutralizing strategies on your “tough sells”
  • Communicate endlessly and effectively
  • Defuse the 5 negative reactions to change: fear, loss, anger, apathy, and confusion
  • Provide the support and training that ensures successful change


  • Apply the 7 strategies of change masters
  • Get your head to accept change
  • Get your will to implement change
  • Adopt an appropriate risk style
  • Evaluate the advisability of a risk


  • Implant a vision
  • Fire up commitment to and ownership of change
  • Reinvigorate a change-weary workforce
  • Facilitate change without intimidation
  • Serve as an example
  • Honor the prerequisites to positive change

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“We are being challenged to make changes we never thought possible. So your program on accepting change and keeping a positive attitude was right on target. I had many people take time to stop by my desk after the program to share with me their personal insight and how they are putting into practice the principles you presented that day. I also received many, many e-mail communications thanking me for the session and telling me how useful it was.”

– Judi Hovde, Senior Trainer, Target Stores

“So many people thanked me for having you speak to our association. It started on the very first break when some said they had already learned more than a full day at other sessions. It spoke volumes when our executives spent the entire day at the program. Typically, they attend for a short while and don’t come back.”

– Joyce Pietila, Training Consultant, AAA

“Your discussion and perspective on risk taking helped our staff shift their view of change from a threatening situation to one of growth. The staff said this was the best in-service that the district has ever had.”

– Stephen Doerr

Superintendent, Brookings School District

“Superb presentation! What a way to wrap-up our meeting, and what a show-stopper for our group—as affirmed by the evaluations where you maxed out at the highest possible level. Our people went home, prepared for change and innovation in the more competitive and demanding marketplace. You struck a responsive chord with our group.”

– Donald Hanes, Vice President,

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives


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