Presentations by Dr. Alan Zimmerman

My presentations focus on transforming communication inside and outside of organizations.

Clients are typically looking for 3 things:

Take-aways attendees can use immediately

Extraordinary content that is fun and highly motivational

Interaction that fully engages the audience, rather than have them sit back, passively listening to another lecture.

And my clients know they are going to receive those 3 benefits. That’s why I’ve maintained a 92% repeat and referral business for more than twenty years. Bottom line, all that really means is that people love these programs because the programs work.

Below is a list of my most requested Keynotes and Workshops.  Click on any of these programs for more information or to download a program outline.

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Up Your Attitude:

How To Turn Steadfast Confidence Into Goals Accomplished

  • There is no such thing as an “accidental” champion. Every champion starts the race with an invincible confidence, a clear sense of purpose, and a passionate attitude. And every champion crosses the finish line with constructive risk taking, goal-achieving behavior, and a healthy work-life balance. With the 6 Secrets revealed in this program, you will breeze through your biggest challenges with ease, delivering on your personal and organizational goals, on time, with competence, and without excuse.   Learn More >>


  • If you influence other people in any way, you are a leader.  The question is: are you as effective as you could be?  Are you getting the results you want with other people?  And are they as positive, engaged, and achieving as they could be? With 4C Leadership, the answer will be yes! This program skips the academic mumbo-jumbo and gets right to the nitty-gritty of what really motivates peak performance.Learn More >>

Take This Job and Love It!

How to De-Stress, Re-Charge, and Re-Balance Your Life and Work in a Crazy Busy World

  • You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. You can have a life and make a living. In this program you’ll learn how to reduce your stress and replenish your energy — no matter what is going on at work or at home. In this program you’ll learn about the 8 domains of the full life and tips on how to keep ’em all balanced! You can do it . . . if you just know how.
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The Power of Partnership:

7 Keys to Better Relationships and Greater Teamwork

  • In spite of all our technological advances, success in today’s world still requires a huge amount of people skills. You’ve got to know how to build relationships . . . so respect and teamwork become a reality instead of flavor-of-the-month buzzwords. In this program you learn the exact skills that will have people working with you instead of against you.
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The Journey to the Extraordinary:

How to Get the Very Best Out of Yourself and Others

  • You don’t have to settle for results that are “good enough.” You can be extraordinary, and you can have the extraordinary! You can learn how to release your full potential and create the life and career you’ve always wanted. You can learn how to bring out the best in others. And when you learn the twelve, how-to, no-fail strategies taught in this intensive, interactive, life-changing, relationship-building, career-enhancing, boot-camp experience, you will have the tools you need to reach the next level … and the next level … and beyond … personally and professionally.
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