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In our crazy-busy world, it’s getting more and more difficult to attend conferences or participate in lengthy seminars. And yet deep down you know you’re never going to get better at anything without some new insights and new strategies. You can’t conquer today’s challenges with yesterday’s skills.

A brief, 60-minute, laser-focused, content-rich webinar may be the perfect answer to your quest for greater success, personally and professionally. Each of these webinars can fit perfectly into one of your quarterly training sessions, one of your weekly brown-bag lunch-and-learns, or any number of other formats.

Each of these webinars is personally written and delivered by Dr. Zimmerman, and works well with 5 people or 50 people. You also get a multi-page handout to make sure you capture every point made during this virtual presentation, and if you like, we can even customize the program or add some extra time for Q & A.

Go ahead and browse through Dr. Zimmerman’s most requested webinars. See which ones sound most appropriate for you or your group, and give us a call. We’ll talk about how to make one or more of these programs work for you.

The Power of the Positive: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Become a More Positive Person

When you get right down to the bottom line, life is fairly simple. Positive attitudes and positive energy bring good results. And negative attitudes and negative energy bring bad results. The difficult thing is … most people have never been taught HOW to become a positive person. In this webinar you will learn how to:

• Determine your positive or negative programming,
• Stop the negatives from entering your mind,
• Eliminate worry and its disastrous side effects,
• Remove a loser’s language from your vocabulary,
• Feed your mind a steady diet of positive input,
• Unleash the power of focus and perspective, and
• Avoid toxic people and connect with positive people.

Let the 10 transformational strategies taught in this webinar release the power of the positive into every dimension of your life.

Difficult People: How to Spot Them and Stop Them

You’ve probably got at least one difficult person in your life or at work. Perhaps several. And those difficult people are making your life a lot less pleasant and your job a great deal more challenging. The good news is you can take charge of yourself, the situation … and to a large extent … the difficult people in your world. In this webinar you will learn how to:

• Identify the 5 characteristics of all difficult people,
• Adopt 2 attitudes that will prevent difficult people from getting to you,
• Focus on what’s right rather than who’s right,
• Stop yourself from inadvertently reinforcing the difficult behavior in others,
• Apply the exact strategy that contains Critics, Complainers, Martyrs, Exploders, and
• Set enforceable boundaries with Silent Types, Control Freaks, Know-It-Alls, and Tanks.

You will learn more than two dozen strategies that will embolden and empower you, so you can put sanity and productivity into your difficult relationships.

The Emotional Intelligence Edge: The Best Life and Career Insurance That Money Can’t Buy

The research is overwhelming and abundantly clear. Your IQ might get you hired, but it will never be enough to take you to the top in your career or your relationships. By contrast, people with high Emotional Intelligence have the greatest success … because they know what it takes for people to live and work together effectively, harmoniously, and productively, on and off the job. And fortunately, Emotional Intelligence can be learned. In this webinar, you will:

• Identify the 4 critical, interconnecting sets of E.I. skills,
• Discover more about who you are so you become better at what you do,
• Learn how to manage your emotions so they work for you instead of against you,
• Develop a keen sense of what’s happening in others and your organization, and
• Polish your empathy and relationship building skills to create higher levels of engagement.

After our sixty minutes together, you will not only understand EI more thoroughly, but you will also learn how you can get more of it.

Emotional Intelligence Ramped-Up: Beyond the Chicken Soup and the Pleasant Smile to Positive Peak Performance

You can’t afford to be emotionally ignorant. It will cost you a fortune … in job opportunities that will never come your way, in relationships that will never mature, and in a life that will never be as good as it could be. In this advanced version of The Emotional Intelligence Edge, you will learn how to:

• Rid your life of unproductive behaviors and emotions,
• Put the power of emotional self-discipline to work for you,
• Handle irrational thinking and overcome negative emotions,
• See how optimism and pessimism determine your successes and failures,
• Sharpen your political awareness for greater professional success, and
• Connect with others to maximize productivity and minimize conflict.

When you have the high level of Emotional Intelligence taught in this webinar, you will be more more calm, confident, capable, and focused. You will dramatically increase your performance and earn the respect of others.

The Human Side of Change: How to Go from Chaos to Control

All progress is the result of change. If you want a better marriage, a healthier weight, a better work relationship, a stronger business bottom line, a hotter brand as an organization, or anything else, the ONLY way you’re going to get it is through change. Properly planned and executed change. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

• Take control of your mind in the midst of change,
• Stomp out the fear of change that may be holding you back,
• Help other people embrace and carry out needed changes,
• Make and keep a commitment so change really happens,
• Sort out the good and bad in any change,
• Get out of your comfort zone so you get the best possible results, and
• Apply 7 easy, simple strategies that ensure the success of any desired change.

It’s time that you learn how to make change work for you instead of against you. And this webinar is exactly where you start that process.

The Time-Saver’s Toolkit: 30 Ways to Save an Hour a Day at Work and at Home

Time is your most valuable commodity. Take any two people who are working on the same task, and you will notice the person who uses time more wisely will almost always be the more successful of the two. That being the case … imagine what your life would be like if you could save 1 hour a day. Over the course of a year, that’s an extra 2 weeks on your calendar. In this webinar you will learn how to:

• Identify the biggest time wasters in your life,
• Eliminate your obvious and not-so-obvious time robbers,
• Make sure your use of time fits with your goals and priorities,
• Reduce the amount of time you spend on interruptions,
• Get rid of your time distractions,
• Minimize the amount of time you spend on paper and emails, and
• Make procrastination a non-issue in your life.

This webinar is short on fluff and theory. But it is packed full of 30 quick and easy techniques you can use right now that will save you an hour a day.

A Relationship Turbocharge: How to Make Any Relationship More Positive, Engaged, and Productive

Few things in this world are more important and more satisfying than good, cooperative, positive relationships with your coworkers, clients, friends, and family. Good relationships are the source of productivity and profitability at work and the source of contentment at home. And ineffective relationships are the biggest cause of stress on and off the job. The good news is you don’t have to take a time-consuming trial-and-error approach to better relationships. In this webinar you learn how to:

• Draw people towards you rather than push them away,
• Get more cooperation from people by using the appropriate soft skills,
• Put more trust into your relationships (even if the trust was broken in the past),
• Instill a positive attitude in others,
• Motivate others to do their best (rather than just enough to get by), ,
• Use the power of the promise to encourage personal responsibility,
• Give meaningful and inexpensive recognition, and
• Show appropriate respect, even if you disagree with someone.

You don’t have to leave your work and personal relationships to chance. You can actually do these things and make a quick, positive difference in each of your relationships.

Body Language: How to Hear What Every BODY is Saying

Do you know that everyday interactions are filled with secret messages just waiting to be decoded? Especially someone’s real feelings and attitudes. It’s also true that an amazing 60% to 80% of the meaning in any interaction is to be found in the other person’s body language. And yet most people have no idea how to decode all those nonverbal messages. You can’t afford to miss so much of what people are saying. In this webinar you will learn how to:

• Figure out what someone is really saying (but not verbalizing),
• Tell whether a person is lying or telling the truth,
• Use your smile to open doors of opportunity,
• Deliver messages with authority rather than weakness,
• Deal with people who say one thing but do another,
• Influence what your boss, family, friends, and strangers think of you, and
• Control any face-to-face encounter … from making a great first impression, acing a job interview, to finding the right partner.

When you can read someone’s body language, you will have a decisive advantage in every business deal and personal interaction.

Conflict Resolution: 6 Strategies For Coming Together Rather Than Coming Apart

If you’re going to have a life that works and a career you enjoy, then you’ve got to get good at resolving the inevitable conflicts that are going to come your way. The problem is … most people have never been taught HOW to resolve conflicts. They simply “wing it,” and then they wonder why the good results they hoped for “just flew away.” Don’t wait until things get so bad at work or at home that you need outside help or can hardly stand it anymore. In this 60-minute webinar you will learn how to:

• Take a win-win approach,
• Find the positive possibilities in any conflict,
• Deploy a disarming empathy that de-escalates tension,
• Speak assertively, so you don’t arouse the other person’s defensiveness,
• Use language that invites full and willing cooperation, and
• Negotiate an outcome you both feel good about.

Don’t miss your chance to learn these 6 insanely simple but dramatically powerful strategies that will make you more effective in any conflict situation.

Tapping Into The Power of Purpose: How to Put Greater Depth, Meaning and Contentment into Your Life and Work

Too many people never quite figure out their purpose. They’ll spend their whole life saying, “I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.” Or if they do figure out their purpose, they let too many minor things distract them from this one, super-important, BIG thing. On the other hand, when you get a well-defined purpose … or as some would call it, a clearly-focused dream … you literally become unstoppable. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

• Figure out the 3 things you are losing without a clearly defined purpose,
• Grab hold of the 3 prizes that accompany a life and work that is purpose-driven,
• Ask yourself the 3 key questions that will reveal your purpose,
• Align your purpose with the 6 characteristics of a truly worthwhile purpose, and
• Apply 9 strategies that will keep you on the purpose-driven track.

The overwhelming conclusion of all the happiness research is simply … “Purpose gives you fulfillment and joy!” And this webinar will show you how.

Kicking The Stress Habit: 21 Keys to the Work-Life Balance You’ve Always Wanted

With greater demands on your time than ever before, it’s very difficult to make a living and have a life at the same time. BUT … you don’t have to feel stressed-out, overwhelmed, exhausted, or have a personal and professional life that is totally out of whack. You can learn to reduce your stress, replenish your energy, and live by your priorities rather than be controlled by your pressures. In this content-rich, 60-minute webinar, you will:

• Adopt 2 simple routines that will give you a healthier physical well-being,
• Use 3 techniques to re-energize yourself during the hectic times,
• Deploy 2 strategies to get the financial pressure off your back,
• Implement 3 formulas that neutralize your job stresses,
• Release 3 skills that give your friends and family get the attention they deserve,
• Engage 3 techniques that turns time into your friend and not your enemy,
• Master 2 ways to keep your sense of calmness, no matter how crazy it gets,
• Align your words and actions so you actually walk your talk,
• Adapt 2 methods that will keep you spiritually alive and well.

You are not stuck with stress. You can take control of your situation and get more of the work-life balance you want and deserve.

Creating Customer Service Champions: How Customer Service Champions Outshine, Outserve, Outsell, and Outlast the Competition

Quick! Name the most powerful success tool a business can have. One that costs nothing to buy, takes little to maintain, and can leave your competitors reeling. No idea? Then chances are you’re missing out on it. The answer is customer service. In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn:

• The 5 critical behaviors that help your customers know, like and trust you,
• The 5 keys that ensure customer satisfaction,
• 2 strategies that unmistakably tell your customers you really care about them,
• 4 devastatingly powerful ways to increase your positive customer word-of-mouth advertising, and
• 9 secrets that turn your satisfied customers into enthusiastic loyal customers.

When you think about it, everybody in your life is a customer. The question is … are you treating them that way?

Resiliency 2.0: Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do

Those who make it through the tough times may not be following the latest business fad or adhering to some complex set of psychological theories. And they may not have the fanciest degrees. Those who make it through the tough times are resilient. They use 7 strategies that help them survive … and even thrive … in the midst of their challenges. And these 7 strategies apply to every aspect of your work life as well as your personal life. In this webinar you will learn how to:

• Let go of the stress that accompanies any tough time,
• Guard your attitude from demoralizing negativity,
• Get and keep your financial situation in order,
• Keep on going when you feel like quitting,
• Overcome setbacks and failures,
• Fortify your spiritual reserves, and
• Live above your circumstances instead of beneath them.

You’re going to have some tough times. No doubt about it. Everybody does. But it’s the smart ones … the resilient ones … who know how to bounce back rather than break down.