Work-Life Balance

  • Take This Job and Love ItThe world of work has become more challenging. With more work, fewer people, tighter budgets, and less time, such things as morale, energy, and attitude often take a hit. Negativity increases. Comments such as, “It won’t work here … We’ve always done it this way… and …That’s not my job” become more familiar.

    Indeed, work-life balance may seem more like a never-gonna-happen fantasy than an ever-present reality.

    The good news is you can create a positive workplace that is less stressful and more exciting … where satisfaction and fulfillment are the rule, not the exception. You can create a lifestyle that is relatively free of stress.

    You don’t have to feel stuck, helpless, overwhelmed or exhausted … even if your work schedule is highly demanding. And you don’t have to choose between your career and your family IF you apply the simple work-life balance strategies detailed in this program.

    Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s game-changing seminar offers real-world practical help that will energize you, boost your productivity, keep stress at bay, and put you in the driver’s seat of the job and life you’ve always wanted. And just so you know what to expect, you won’t be sitting back, listening to someone rehash what you’ve already heard and know. You’re going to get an interactive learning experience that’s powerful, eye-opening, and entertaining.


    Available in keynote, half day and full day programs.


    • Break through the too much work–too little time dilemma
    • Renew and recharge yourself at any time in any circumstance
    • Turn negative gloom-and-doomers into positive can-do performers
    • Flush away factors hurting morale and productivity of individual contributors
    • Balance your personal-professional lives in the midst of increasing demands
    • Create a fun, high-energy workplace characterized by a truly positive attitude
    • Maximize what’s healthy in your life and work and eliminate what’s out of whack
  • Sample Program Outline:

    (can be customized to fit client’s objectives)

    “Balance is never achieved by mastering a slice of life; balance is the result of having something positive and effective in all 8 dimensions of life.”
    Dr. Alan Zimmerman

    1. Physical dimension

    • 5 burnout stages: how to stop them from taking root in your life
    • Nutrition and exercise that increase personal and organization ROI

    2. Occupational dimension

    • Purpose-driven work and making a difference
    • Difficult people: how to stop them from stealing your joy
    • 3 questions to make sure you choose your fights carefully
    • 50 killer statements that destroy morale and how to end them

    3. Recreational dimension

    • The juice that turbo-charges your energy batteries
    • 15-second mini-breaks that neutralize 2-hour blocks of stress

    4. Financial dimension

    • The power and peace of the 10-10-80 rule
    • 1 key to removing financial stress, whatever your income

    5. Relational dimension

    • Assertive nonverbal behaviors that invite respect
    • No, the biggest stress-busting word you will ever use
    • 5 needs that build stress-free relationships on and off the job
    • Cooperation principle: how to get others to do what you want

    6. Mental dimension

    • “Be” goals and “get” goals: you’ve got to have both
    • Tools that turn time into a friend instead of an enemy

    7. Emotional dimension

    • Reaction control: it’s not what happens to you that matters
    • 2 questions to make sure you’re doing the most important things

    8. Spiritual dimension

    • Attitude of gratitude and how it prevents burnout
    • Values-driven decisions: walk your talk or track your back

“Your powerful message along with positive interaction, interpersonal examples and demonstrations left an everlasting impression on the 800 attendees. We received so many comments saying you were the best keynote speaker in my ten years of attendance.”

– Jeff Hanthorn, Director,
Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin

“Your program was poignant and powerful and has already made an impact on our employees. I recommend your services to other agencies seeking a creative, fun, and robust speaker to advance professional development and life balance in their organizations. Top notch!!!”

– Garfield Boon, Jr., Deputy Director
U.S. Army Space and Missile Command

“When your keynote started, you grabbed everyone’s attention from the very first and didn’t let them go until the time was up. Your ability to target the subject and materials right to the heart of each participant is a tribute to your presentation skills and your ability to read our audience and their real needs. We’re building a more positive workplace and more balanced lifestyles as a result of your work.”

– Diane Fulcher
Manager, Siemens

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