Leadership Training

  • Leadership has little or nothing to do with your title or your position. But it has everything to do with your ability to influence and bring out the best in others.

    And it doesn’t matter if you’re a senior executive, manager, supervisor, team leader, individual contributor, or even a parent. If you influence other people in any way, you are a leader.

    The question is: are you as effective as you’d like to be? Are you getting the results you want with other people?

    With 4C Leadership, you will! You will develop an emotionally intelligent take-charge attitude that shows respect and builds trust. You will turn on the other person’s motivation and cooperation. You will deploy the communication skills that engage others, inspire peak performance, and encourage positive change. And you will extinguish any lingering negativity in the workplace.

    Unlike other programs that focus on academic theory, the latest flavor-of-the-month, or fluffy psychobabble, 4C Leadership focuses on practical tools you will implement right away to get better results – right now. You’ll make it happen with tested, proven strategies that motivate the best in other people.

    And unlike other programs, this will not be a boring, good-luck-here’s-your-manual cookie-cutter rehash. Expect a fresh, relevant, enjoyable, and engaging learning experience. Go back to work energized, ready to go and ready to lead, more effectively than ever.

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    • Turn negative resistance into positive response
    • Foster ownership and accountability for desired results
    • Build a climate of trust and respect where people flourish
    • Avoid words and actions that defeat and demotivate others
    • Generate enthusiasm that survives even the toughest times
    • Deploy strategies than that influence others to cooperate and change
    • Deliver feedback that promotes excellence rather than “good enough”
    • Become a great listener – understand what’s said, left unsaid and why
  • Sample Program Outline:

    (can be customized to fit client’s objectives)

    “If you think you’re leading and look behind and no one is following, you’re just out for a walk.”
    Dr. Alan Zimmerman

    C1 Leadership: Communication

    • 8 ways to project contagious enthusiasm
    • 5 nonverbal listening behaviors that ensure connection
    • Potential principle: you treat others exactly as you see them
    • Brave questions that encourage openness and engagement
    • Caring Principle: product-process knowledge versus people skills
    • Emotional intelligence and empathic listening to build relationships

    C2 Leadership: Cooperation

    • Respect levels: how to attract others to you and your ideas
    • Difficult people … turn their resistance into responsiveness
    • Work “languages” that build instant rapport and yes behavior
    • 4 types of conflict and a unique strategy for resolving each one
    • 5 questions people need answered before they are fully engaged
    • 50 statements that block cooperation and how to neutralize them

    C3 Leadership: Commitment

    • Accountability: how to get others to follow through
    • 6 ways to ask for what you need and get a “yes” response
    • Promise keeping: say what you mean and mean what you say
    • Top 10 recognition techniques that motivate the best in others

    C4 Leadership: Change

    • Change leaders and losers: what makes the difference?
    • 7 conditions for change and how to make them work for you
    • Positive feedback that changes behavior, but costs you nothing
    • 6 filters that ensure “constructive” criticism, without defensiveness


    Keynote, half or full day programs


“What a dynamic keynote presentation. It set the tone for our entire meeting. Our attendees said such things as: Alan’s presentation had more impact on me than any other seminar I’ve ever attended and Alan’s presentation kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

– Bob Silvy
Director, American City Business Journals

“Your keynote presentation was outstanding, adding real value to our meeting, giving our partners practical and powerful information to quickly and dramatically improve their leadership skills.

– Darold Rath, CEO, Eide Bailly LLP

“We were a little apprehensive offering your keynote presentation when we had another session going on with a famous athletic coach, but we obviously picked the right speaker when we picked you. The evaluations rated your keynote presentation as overwhelmingly ‘Excellent.’ Thank you for a very successful session. I know those who missed your session really missed out on something.

– Connie Dooley,
Director, Petroleum Equipment Institute

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