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  • The top achievers. The peak performers. The super happy. The ultra-successful. How do they do it? Are they just lucky? Or do they have an inside track and special connections?  Sure—a few people get lucky breaks, and others have the right connections. However, the vast majority of highly successful people are those who have learned how to up their attitude and make it work for them. And, as a result, they get the biggest and best payoffs on and off the job.

    Indeed, the research shows you’re several times more likely to succeed, and succeed big, if you are emotionally intelligent… equipped with soft skills and empowering attitudes. And that is precisely what you will learn and master in this life-changing program.

    With the 6 Secrets revealed in this program, you will breeze through your biggest challenges with confidence and ease. You will deliver on your personal and organizational goals, on time, with competence, and without excuse. You will put meaningful purpose into your work, contagious enthusiasm into your life, and constructive get-ahead risk into your decisions.  But please be warned. This is not a sit-back-and-listen type of lecture. This is a highly interactive program with a strong emphasis on practical skills that really work. So you’ll actually use the skills during the program to ensure your use of the skills after the program…on the job as well as at home.

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    • Work with a purpose focused on what matters most
    • Build your self-esteem and fortify your self-confidence
    • Strive for excellence and attain peak-performance results
    • Create an undefeatable attitude that propels you to success
    • Leave your comfort zone and take constructive risks that pay off
    • Reduce stress, avoid burnout and build a healthy work-life balance
    • Stop negative talk, people and circumstances from bringing you down
    • Apply Olympic-winning techniques for setting and achieving your goals

    (Can be customized to fit client’s objectives)

    “You change your life when you change your mind.”Dr. Alan Zimmerman


    • The connection between high confidence and high success
    • 7 invincible confidence strategies so you handle challenges with ease
    • Tools that eliminate self-doubt in tough situations or with difficult people


    • How the power of purpose drives peak performance
    • 3 questions that reveal your purpose and focus your energies
    • Strategies that ensure your behavior is purpose-filled and values-driven


    • Barrier-busting affirmations to achieve your goals…almost effortlessly
    • An insurance policy so you don’t give up on your goals halfway through
    • Process for defining and writing out goals you really, really, really want


    • The empowerment move: to be an actor instead of a reactor
    • 8 skills to fire up your attitude and keep it burning … positively
    • 7-day mental diet: the diet that transforms you from the neck up
    • Energy, enthusiasm, and excitement: how each one feeds the other
    • 4 strategies to deflect the negativity of others and safeguard your passion


    • Danger in the comfort zone: what you lose if you play it too safe
    • Dreamer, Struggler, Good-Enougher, or Producer: who are you?
    • The “to-get-more-of-anything-you-want” principle: why risk is critical
    • Smart risks that pay off and dumb risks that don’t: the 4 differentiators


    • Time wasters: how to identify yours and eliminate them
    • 24 quick, simple, easy strategies to make sure you never burn out
    • Your stress profile: where you are and what you need to do about it
    • Nonproductive responses when your work and life are out of balance


    Available as a keynote, half day or full day program


“You really struck a chord that helped our consultants rock the nation. They gave you a 5.9 on a 6-point scale which is OUTSTANDING.”

– Jill Blaschack-Strahan
President, Tastefully Simple

“Real estate sales associates and brokers are a tough audience.  But you treated them with respect and involved them in your program.  I heard nothing but great comments from our members.  As a veteran meeting planner, real estate professional for 18 years, and a university professor of Speech-Communication, I grade your program A+.  I would recommend you without reservation to any company that wants a powerful program.”

– Ed Hill
Regional Director, ERA Real Estate

“As people left your session, they were simply raving about it.  One person planned to drop into your session for a few minutes and said he was so ‘captivated’ that he stayed the entire time.  The written comments said: ‘Fabulous … A real motivator … The room was just energized with excitement.”  Several told me that your keynote was the best keynote in all their 18 years of attending the convention.  We’ll definitely have you back.”

– Linda Falkman
Executive Director, MN Newspaper Association

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