Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s Keynotes and Seminars

Few people have spoken to more groups in more places than Dr. Alan Zimmerman. And with his 92% repeat and referral business, few people have been invited back more often than he has.

His programs fall into two categories:  Keynotes and Seminars.

Most often, keynotes are delivered to larger groups and last between 45 and 120 minutes, depending on the client’s preference.  And even though Dr. Zimmerman is highly interactive with every audience he addresses, his keynotes focus more on education and inspiration … with lots of humor, several stories, and plenty of take-aways sprinkled throughout.

Seminars, on the other hand, can range from a half day, a full day, to two days in length.  In each of these sessions, the focus is on skills and the motivation to use those skills.  The participants get a program that is filled with practical content, high energy, and active engagement.

PS:  Just so you know, you can mix and match keynotes and seminars.  Dr. Zimmerman often delivers a keynote address at a general session and then provides one or more breakout sessions/seminars at the same conference that may by an hour or two in length.

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