The Relationship Factor


How to make bad relationships better and good relationships great

Bring out the best in others.  Turn a group into a team.  Learn dozens of time-tested strategies that communicate support, motivate performance, gain cooperation, demonstrate effective listening, resolve conflict, and give appropriate criticism.  You can build or re-build any relationship with these 6 MP3s…

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How To Make Bad Relationships Better and Good Relationships Great

Most people leave their relationships to chance. They hope their teams at work … work out. And they hope their relationships in life … get better. But you don’t have to leave your relationships to chance. Relationships can be built … when you understand a few simple principles and practice some easy communication skills. And that’s what you’ll learn in this album. You’ll learn what works and doesn’t work when it comes to your relationships on and off the job. You’ll get dozens of tips, tactics, skills, and strategies you can use with anyone in any circumstance – to build or re-build your relationship. To be specific, this album contains the following 6 MP3s:

  • SUPPORT: 7 Best Ways To Put Esteem and Respect Into Your Relationships
  • MOTIVATION: 10 Ways To Bring Out The Best In Others
  • COOPERATION: How To Get People To Do What You Want
  • LISTENING: How To Understand What Is Being Said And Left Unsaid
  • CONFLICT: How To Resolve Your Conflicts Without Tears Or Terror
  • CRITICISM: How To Give Negative Feedback And Get A Good Response

Of course, you’re wondering, “Do these techniques work?” Absolutely. They’re based on 30 years of research conducted by Dr. Zimmerman. So you can expect practical strategies, clear examples, and lots of motivation that you can use immediately.

Here is what one person had to say:

Besty Haskins, a team manager at Tastefully Simply writes, “I heard you speak at our national convention last year, and you were awesome … to say the least!!! In fact, I was so motivated, so inspired, that I purchased all of your books and MP3s to share with my husband. He’s not the kind of person that usually goes for this kind of thing, but my enthusiasm for your material caught his attention. In fact, he suggested the two of us go away for the weekend, listen to your ‘Relationship Factor’ MP3s, take notes, and make a plan of action for our business and our family.”Betsy went on to say, “WOW!!! We did it. Now he’s so motivated that he’s a different man! The Lord used you in our life and our family to make it all better than ever. Thank you for all you do! Thank you for the vision, the words of encouragement, and our improved relationships on and off the job.”

Here are the details for each MP3:

SUPPORT: 7 Best Ways To Put Esteem And Respect Into Your Relationships

The bottom line in any relationship with your coworkers, customers … and even family members … is respect. When people feel valued, connections are made, work gets done, and loyalty is developed. But the bigger question comes with HOW … how do you give others the respect they need so your relationships are mutually satisfying and productive? This MP3 gives you the 7 best ways to do exactly that. You will learn such things as:

  • How to give recognition that changes the other person’s behavior,
  • How to show understanding rather than judgment,
  • How to communicate a genuine interest in the other person,
  • How to ask brave questions that deepen your relationships, and
  • How your thoughts about another person can actually bring out his/her best.

MOTIVATION: 10 Best Ways to Bring Out The Best In Others There’s a myth floating around that says nobody can motivate anyone else. But it’s not true. Every one of us can think of times when we accomplished a great deal more when we were under the guidance, leadership and motivational skill of a particular person. It all boils down to having the right kind of communication skills and knowing how to use them. And that’s what you’ll learn on this MP3. You will learn how to ask others for what you want, and you will learn how to modify their behavior when they don’t give you what you want. The skills taught on this MP3 are simple, but they will work with your team members, your employees, your customers, and even your family members.

COOPERATION: How To Get People To Do What You Want No matter what job you hold, you’re in the “people business.” You’ve got to get people to work with you instead of against you … if you want to make money at work or make peace at home. You’ve got to get people to give you their full and willing cooperation … without fear, threats, warnings, bribes, coercion, or intimidation. And that’s what you’ll learn to do when you absorb the material found on this MP3. On this MP3, you will learn such things as:

  • The “secret” of the Cooperation Principle,
  • The seductive power of remembering and using names,
  • The recognition power of keeping the other person informed,
  • The joyful power of putting fun into the workplace, and
  • The reciprocity power of doing more than expected.

LISTENING: How To Understand What Is Being Said And Left Unsaid When people don’t listen well, it costs … BIG TIME. Messages have to be re-sent and projects have to be re-done. Poor listening costs millions of dollars each and every month … not to mention the thousands of hours of wasted time … and the emotional wear and tear on relationships. To make things worse, the average untrained listener gets less than 25% of what is being said … because he/she falls prey to the 10 worst listening habits outlined by Dr. Ralph Nichols. On this MP3, you’ll be able to identify which of the bad habits is getting in the way of your listening effectiveness, and you’ll be able to replace your bad habits with simple, powerful, effective listening skills. The result? You will be able to triple your listening efficiency in no time … which will which will save you time, reduce your stress, and prevent misunderstandings.

CONFLICT: How To Resolve Your Conflicts Without Tears Or Terror Most people are less than effective when conflict arises … because they don’t even know what caused the conflict. On this MP3, Dr. Zimmerman outlines the causes that lie beneath the surface of every conflict and even identifies the type of conflict you’re having. And that’s important … because each type of conflict requires a different resolution strategy. If you choose the wrong strategy, you can try hard, have good intentions, but get no results. You see … conflict is inevitable. Conflict resolution is not. And this MP3 will give you the skills you need to resolve some of the more challenging interpersonal situations you’ll face.

CRITICISM: How To Give Negative Feedback And Get A Good Response No one likes negative criticism. No one likes to say it, and no one likes to hear it. But there are times when it is necessary to confront someone, to give a performance review, or share some bad news. But poorly constructed negative criticism can be one of the biggest killers of motivation and teamwork. This MP3 offers you a better way. Based on the research of Dr. Sidney Simon, you will learn six filters to ask yourself … BEFORE you give any negative criticism. The filters prevent you from saying things you might regret, and they help you phrase your comments in a way the other person can hear you without getting all defensive. The few dollars you spend on this MP3 will save you a lot of grief.