The Encyclopedia of Success


Success is never an accident.

It’s the result of thinking the “right” thoughts and doing the “right” things. The problem is … it can take a lifetime to learn those “right” thoughts and actions. Not anymore. These 3 volumes are filled with dozens and dozens of the greatest motivational quotes and inspiring posters of all time. Simply exposing yourself to them will make an immediate and inspiring difference in your life.

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All your life, you’ve heard people say, “Everything happens for a reason.”  And it’s true.

But I wonder if you really know HOW true it is.  Everything happens for a reason … because we live in a world governed by laws.

And I don’t mean the measly little laws made up by some legislature.  I’m talking about the laws of the universe and the laws of life.

For example, we are governed by the law of gravity.  If you step off a building, you’re going down, baby.  And it doesn’t matter if your goal or desire was to go up.  Gravity says when you step off a building, you’re going down.  It’s one of the laws of the universe.

In a similar sense, there are laws of life that determine where you’re going.  Or at the very least they STRONGLY influence where you’re going, the success you’ll have, or the failure you’ll experience.

Well, I’ve been studying the laws of life … all my life.  It’s my personal passion and my professional expertise.   And one of the laws I find the most fascinating … and the most powerful … is the LAW OF EXPOSURE.  Simply put, the law of exposure says the more you’re exposed to something, the more you’ll become like that something. 

The question is:  Do you have the Law of Exposure working for you or against you?

For example, as a consultant and professional speaker in hundreds of organizations, I’ve noticed that the most negative employees always find each other.  They have coffee breaks together, and they have lunch together … where they complain about the company, their manager, their customers, or their coworkers.  It’s their daily pity party.

Unfortunately, the more they expose themselves to other negative people, the more negative and unsuccessful they become.  It’s the law of exposure at work.

Or take a look at married folks.  It’s no accident that … more often than not … happily married couples have friends who are also happily married.  And troubled couples usually hang around other couples with bad marriages.  It’s no accident.  It’s the law of exposure at work. 

For those of you who find yourself in the company of other people who are a bad influence, I’ve got one piece of advice for you.  Release them, or at the very least reduce your exposure to them.  If you don’t release them, you’ll resemble them. 

By contrast, I’ve worked with thousands of highly successful people … successful in their careers, in their families, and in all parts of life.  And do you know what I’ve found?  They consciously use the LAW OF EXPOSURE to their benefit. 

They consciously choose to spend time with other highly successful people.  By doing so, they know the insights, attitudes, and behaviors of other successful people will rub off on them. 

I’ve also found that highly successful people apply the LAW OF EXPOSURE to the thoughts that come into their minds.  When I’ve gone into their offices, for example, I usually see a bunch of things on their desks or on their walls.  It may be photos of their families, a memento from a favorite sport or vacation, letters and plaques of commendation, and motivational posters and sayings.

They surround themselves with things that make them feel good or that guide and inspire them to even greater levels of happiness and success.  So it’s no wonder they’re successful.  They’ve got the LAW OF EXPOSURE working for them all the time … consciously and unconsciously. 

And the good news is … you can too!!!  You can surround yourself with the best thoughts and the most inspiring bits of wisdom.  You can fill your head and your heart with the same ideas that have brought overwhelming success to so many others.

That’s why I’ve spent countless hours creating “The Encyclopedia of Success – Volumes I, II, and III.” 

The format is simple.  In each 100 or more page volume, you get dozens and dozens of the most powerful inspiring quotes of all time … from some of the best minds over the centuries. And each quote comes with a full-color downloadable poster you can put on your wall to reinforce your motivation.  

It’s a very simple way to make the LAW OF EXPOSURE work for you.  You will be feeding your mind the direction and motivation you need to put you on … and keep you on … the road to extraordinary success.