Relationship Turbocharge


How to make bad relationships better and good relationships great

Bring out the best in others.  Turn a group into a team.  Learn dozens of time-tested strategies that communicate support, motivate performance, gain cooperation, demonstrate effective listening, resolve conflict, and give appropriate criticism.  You can build or re-build any relationship….


How To Make Bad Relationships Better and Good Relationships Great

Most people leave their relationships to chance. They hope their teams at work … work out. And they hope their relationships in life … get better. But you don’t have to leave your relationships to chance. Relationships can be built … when you understand a few simple principles and practice some easy communication skills. And that’s what you’ll learn in this album. You’ll learn what works and doesn’t work when it comes to your relationships on and off the job. You’ll get dozens of tips, tactics, skills, and strategies you can use with anyone in any circumstance – to build or re-build your relationship. You will find out:

  • Best Ways To Put Esteem and Respect Into Your Relationships
  • Ways To Bring Out The Best In Others
  • How To Get People To Do What You Want
  • How To Understand What Is Being Said And Left Unsaid
  • How To Resolve Your Conflicts Without Tears Or Terror
  • How To Give Negative Feedback And Get A Good Response

Of course, you’re wondering, “Do these techniques work?” Absolutely. They’re based on 30 years of research conducted by Dr. Zimmerman. So you can expect practical strategies, clear examples, and lots of motivation that you can use immediately.

Here is what one person had to say:

Besty Haskins, a team manager at Tastefully Simply writes, “I heard you speak at our national convention last year, and you were awesome … to say the least!!! In fact, I was so motivated, so inspired, that I purchased all of your books and MP3s to share with my husband. He’s not the kind of person that usually goes for this kind of thing, but my enthusiasm for your material caught his attention. In fact, he suggested the two of us go away for the weekend, listen to your ‘Relationship Factor’ MP3s, take notes, and make a plan of action for our business and our family.”Betsy went on to say, “WOW!!! We did it. Now he’s so motivated that he’s a different man! The Lord used you in our life and our family to make it all better than ever. Thank you for all you do! Thank you for the vision, the words of encouragement, and our improved relationships on and off the job.”