Journey to the Extraordinary by Dr. Alan Zimmerman

The Journey To The Extraordinary


12 Steps To Becoming A Successful Leader

Successful leaders have invariably mastered the 6 keys to personal and professional transformation. But they have also mastered the 6 keys that bring out the best in others … on and off the job. Now you can have the 15 part live, unedited, audio mp3s of Dr. Zimmerman’s two-day, life-changing program.

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12 Steps to Becoming a Successful Leader

The Complete, Live, Audio Recording of Dr. Zimmerman’s Leadership Training Program …

The “JOURNEY TO THE EXTRAORDINARY” is now on mp3 Over the years, I’ve had dozens … no, hundreds … of people tell me they desperately wanted to attend my “Journey to the Extraordinary” experience. But they just couldn’t. The dates didn’t fit their calendar; the location didn’t fit their needs, or the tuition didn’t their budget. I understand that. So those same people asked me to please make the “Journey” available to them via audio recordings. Well, I listened to you, and here they are. An extraordinary album of mp3s.

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You get every word I spoke, and you are led through every exercise the live audience experienced. Nothing got left out. In fact, you even print out the same 156-page manual that the audience received. And let me tell you, the “Journey” is powerful. And this complete, live, unedited recording of the “Journey” is something that can and will dramatically improve your life, your work, and your relationships … if you let it. But don’t take it from me. Listen to what Paul Morrison from ReMax has to say. He attended my most recent “Journey” in Orlando. And this is what he wrote to tell me just a few days ago.

Learned to be more positive and put more balance into his life.

A 100% satisfaction grantee for this Journey is a easy thing to offer attendees. I couldn’t imagine anyone asking for their money back after attending this 2 – day program. Heck, I flew all the way out to Florida from MN to attend this Journey because I knew it was going to be that amazing and let me tell you it truly was everything I imagined and more. I learned how to balance my life more evenly, think more positively, be a better businessman and husband. I really like Alan’s demonstration of “Behavior Kinesiology”. That is very valuable information that I learned. Behavior Kinesiology is how the mind effects your performance. Alan’s demonstrations on this was amazing. It truly hit home for me on understanding that what I think about will effect my results in what I do. This alone was worth every penny of what it cost me to attend and my lodging/flight expenses. I plan on attending this Journey again in the near future. It is that good.

Sincerely, Paul Morrison Sartell, MN

As all of you know … if you read my “Tuesday Tips,” I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from people who talk about the power and practicality of the “Journey.” That’s why I love teaching this course or offering this experience. It really does work. And I love to see the results that people get when they apply the skills they pick up at the “Journey.” Of course, you’re wondering what you’ll learn if you get a copy of the “Journey” mp3s. Glad you asked. The first 7 audio recordings cover the first day of the two-day “Journey” experience. The theme for that day of your leadership training is “TAKING CHARGE: Motivating Yourself To Achieve More Than Ever.” On Day 1, you get all the tools you need to be a effective leader … all the time … no matter what … on and off the job. In particular, you will learn:

  • 7 strategies for unshakable confidence … no matter what’s happening at home or on the job
  • 10 questions that will help you determine what you really want out of your career and your life
  • A process for figuring out your purpose … so you live your life on purpose rather than by accident l
  • A process for setting goals and an easy, 10-minute exercise that ensures the attainment of your goals.
  • A simple way to turn ideas into action … and why the first action step you take significantly shortens the road to success.
  • The danger of living in your comfort zone and how to get out of it. How to know which risks are most likely to pay off.
  • 8 skills that lead to a positive attitude and a never-ending source of energy and motivation
  • 9 strategies that neutralize stress, no matter how busy your life is. How to create true balance in your life … without sacrificing results (even if you don’t think you’re overworked, over stressed or out of balance!)

Good Leaders Improved Their listening skills and became more patient!

Here is my story… I have benefited tremendously from attending the Journey to the Extraordinary seminar. The biggest things that have helped me are the goal setting and daily affirmation techniques. These tools help me focus on constant improvement in areas that are most important to me. I can tell you that my wife and children have seen me change in positive ways. My kids have told my wife that I am more patient and a better listener. I know that I am more calm under stress and I much better at keeping things in perspective. The power of positive thought that we covered in the seminar has been transformational for me. I always knew that you “are what you believe yourself to be” and the seminar provided tangible examples and techniques that I have successfully used to turn this into action in my life. In addition to daily positive affirmations, I am using the power of displacement to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Michael Overby

The theme is “Leadership Performance: How To Bring Out The Best In Others.” As I tell people, it doesn’t matter if you’re an executive, a manager, a team leader, team member, employee, parent or spouse; you’ve got to work with people. You’ve got to know what motivates them and what kinds of things build solid, cooperative, and lasting relationships with those other people. So Day 2 of your leadership training skips the boring, impractical theories delivered in so many programs and gets right down to the nitty gritty skills that actually work. You learn people skills you can use today … to get results today. You’ll learn:

  • 5 languages of cooperation and how to speak them so you melt people’s resistance to change
  • 5 reasons people refuse to go along with you
  • #1 key in getting people to happily do what you want them to do
  • 2 listening systems that will improve relationships … and a powerful tool to help you pick up what’s not being said in a conversation
  • 12 recognition strategies that motivate others to do their very best … on the job or at home … but cost you nothing
  • Ways to phrase your questions … so when you ask for what you want … others feel naturally inclined to say “Yes”
  • Strategies that inspire your team to accomplish even the most demanding goals by giving maximum effort
  • A simple script you can follow that easily incites change in any team member who hasn’t been sticking to his/her end of the bargain
  • How to create a fun and profitable work environment where your co-workers want to work and your customers want to buy
  • 9 brave questions you need to ask your employees, colleagues, customers and family members to build better relationships

The “Journey” is packed full of information, skills, techniques, strategies and exercises that will help you improve every aspect of your life and work. I urge you to attend a “Journey,” and I urge you to get a copy of this 15-part mp3 album. You owe it to yourself.

So go ahead and grab your copy of the “Journey” mp3s.

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