Mind Over Matter – 6-MP3 Album


Get Bigger PAYOFFS In Life … Let Your Subconscious Work For You

The use of subliminal programming can unlock the 90% of your potential that never gets utilized. In these 6 audio MP3's, you will hear several hours of stimulating music filled with positive subliminal affirmations that will increase your Confidence, Achievement, Success, Energy, Health, and Direction.

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Confidence, Achievement, Success, Energy, Health and Direction through subliminal affirmations

Getting Bigger PAYOFFS In Life By Getting Your Subconscious To Work For You!

The average person uses a mere 10% of his mental capacity.   But these MP3s will help you unlock the powers of the other 90%. Through the use of subliminal programming, you will be exposed to several hours of stimulating music filled with positive affirmations.   The affirmations will get your subconscious mind to work for you instead of against you. Of course, you won’t consciously hear the affirmations, but your subconscious mind will pick up every one of them.   And the research makes it clear that subliminal programming really works.   It’s easy, fun, safe and relaxing.  Listen to relaxing music while you are programming your mind with positive affirmations. Subliminal messaging is a positive way to help you along your path to success.

In this album, you will receive the following MP3s:

  1. Subliminal Confidence
  2. Subliminal Achievement
  3. Visualizing Success
  4. Subliminal Energy
  5. Subliminal Health
  6. Subliminal Direction

All you’ve got to do is listen to these MP3s. The more you listen the more success you’ll have.

What people have to say about the subliminal MP3s

“I just want to thank you for helping me find my life again. In July I found out my husband had terminal cancer and he died in September. I not only lost my husband but my business partner the last 31 years in a retail store. My life was turned upside down when he died, but I had a responsibility to our employees to make sure the business survived. To make matters worse, a large national competitor opened to the public the same day he died. “Then I ordered your ‘Mind Over Matter’ series. I was still riding the mood waves of grief and stress when they came. But I have faithfully listened to them for over a month every chance I have. I really feel the changes that have come over me are due to these wonderful MP3s. I have actually made it through a week without breaking down and crying! The job before me doesn’t seem so overwhelming anymore, and my life is beginning to come together. I have a long ways to go, but with the help of the your subliminal MP3s They always seem to be just what I need.”

Becky Hazen Blue Lake Sport

Hi. Just want you to know that I’ve been listening to your ‘Mind Over Matter’ album over and over for four days now. I got up this morning at 5:30 and before going to sleep I thought of good things that might happen today and how I could make good things happen for others. I had the best Monday at work! I love what I do, but for several years now I have worked in a different city than my husband and we see each other only on weekends so I don’t have my best friend to talk to through the week. But when I arrived home after work tonight I parked my car and got out, and realized I was singing. Kind of dumb but have no memory of the last time I did that. Not sure if you read all the emails you get because there must be guzillions. But sitting here on my own after work, having no one to talk to in person, I felt like I wanted to celebrate. This is a weird thing for me to do because I don’t talk about feelings easily, but I FEEL SO GOOD!! Thank you for my energy and enthusiasm these past few days.

Donna Hains

My ten year old son, who has ADD, has been listening to your subliminal program on self-confidence at bedtime for approximately nine months. I have seen his self-confidence soar. He just brought home the best report card he has ever had. He is more willing to try new things, and if I forget to turn it on, he says, ‘Mom, I need my program on!’ Dr. Zimmerman, thanks for your help!

Becki Woodson

Become more confident while you are achieving more than ever before!