Brave Questions


Building Relationships And Teamwork By Asking All The Right Questions

Most communication does little to build a team or a relationship. But real magic happens when you learn to ask “Brave Questions” that go beyond the superficial and get you into deeper, more meaningful conversations.

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Building Stronger Relationships by Asking all the Right Questions

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Communication can be magic, but it can also be maddening. It all depends on the skills you have at relationship management. This book will bring out the magic. Whether it is with your spouse, your kid, your friend, or your co-worker, almost any relationship can be strengthened.  And the strengthening process taught in this book is simple, fun, safe, and effective.  It really works!

You’ll learn how to ask Brave Questions that go beyond the mundane and the superficial.   You’ll learn how to listen with respect and understanding. And you’ll have better conversations than you ever dreamed possible. And when you dig into these Brave Questions, you’re going to …

  • Deepen your understanding (You’ll learn more about people in a few minutes than you may have learned in a few years.)
  • Build trust (You’ll strengthen the very foundations of your relationships with open, honest communication.)
  • Strengthen your team (You’ll get greater cooperation on and off the job when you know how to communicate.)
  • And you will just plain have fun. In fact few things in life are more enjoyable than a great conversation, and this book will make sure you have exactly that.