21 Secrets for Vibrant Work-Life Balance


HOW DO YOU FEEL? Do you ever feel like you have too much work to do and too little time?  Of course.  

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO FEEL? Would you like a greater sense of calm, peace and balance in your professional and personal lives?


Balance You’ve Always Wanted


Do you ever feel like you have too much work to do and too little time?  Of course.  Just about everyone is being pushed to do more with less.

And do you ever feel like you and your priorities get lost in our crazy, pressure-filled world?  Most likely yes.  The Family Research Council says parents are spending 40% less time with their children than they did 25 years ago.

But the more important question is…


Would you like a greater sense of calm, peace and balance in your professional and personal lives?

Would you like to be happier, healthier, and more energized on and off the job?

Certainly.  No question about it.

Well you can have all that … and more … when you learn and apply the 21 simple keys that I outline in this 60-minute audio webinar. 

You don’t have to feel stressed-out, overwhelmed, exhausted, or totally out of balance.  You can learn to reduce your stress, replenish your energy, and live by your priorities rather than be controlled by your pressures … no matter how hectic and busy your schedule might be. 

All you have to do is listen … and maybe re-listen … to my (Dr. Zimmerman’s) webinar on “Take This Job and Love It: 21 Keys to the Work/Life Balance You’ve Always Wanted.”


Work-life balance is a matter of having some positive and effective strategies going on in each of the 8 dimensions of life.  You can’t, for example, spend all your time on the Occupational Dimension of life and expect your Relational Dimension be in good shape. 

No.  To have a healthy and meaningful work-life balance, you must be doing the right things in all 8 dimensions.  And this webinar will show you exactly how to do that.

To be specific, you will learn how to manage the:

  • Physical Dimension: 2 keys to a healthier, more energized physical well-being,
  • Recreational Dimension: 4 ways to engage in “re-creation” rather than “wreck-reaction” so you can handle those times when you’re overwhelmed,
  • Occupational Dimension: 4 life-saving keys for managing your job/career/occupation without losing your balance or your sanity,
  • Financial Dimension: 2 ways to get the financial pressure off your back,
  • Relational Dimension: 3 skills to make sure your friends/family don’t get the short end of the stick when it comes to your work-life balance,
  • Mental Dimension: 4 keys that make time your friend and not your enemy,
  • Emotional Dimension: 2 ways to keep your sense of calm even though you’re working and living in an ever-changing world,
  • Spiritual Dimension: 2 practices to keep your spirit alive and well no matter how much stress you’re under.

You see … there’s a huge difference between making a living and having a life.  In this 60-minute live webinar, you will learn how to take better care of yourself in a stressful world.  You’ll learn 21 research-proven, time-tested keys to more energy, endurance, and enthusiasm.



You could wish your work-life balance will somehow just magically improve.  You have a 1% chance of that ever happening.

Or you could decide to invest 60 minutes of your time to learn the 21 keys that will create the work-life balance you’ve always wanted. 

The truth is, no one has to be stressed out. No one needs to burn out. And no one needs to have personal and professional lives that are out of whack. You can kick the stress habit, prevent the burnout, and ensure a healthy work-life balance once you learn the strategies in this extremely helpful webinar.

After Sylvia Allen from Boeing listened to this webinar, she wrote, “This was great. I found this webinar experience to be very insightful and practical.  I got doable principles that were easily integrated into my lifestyle. Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.”

And Alfred Colón wrote, “Thanks for a great webinar.  I enjoyed every portion of it, and I am making changes to my work-life balance as a result of it.” 

To get your audio MP3 copy of this webinar, just click here.   Within minutes you can have the entire program downloaded to your computer.  And you can listen whenever you like as often as you like. 

I will also send you a multi-page handout so you can follow along and capture every point being made during the webinar. That way you don’t have to worry about remembering all the points.  You’ll have a great set of notes you can refer to over and over again.

It’s time to kick stress out of your life and instill a healthy work-life balance, once and for all. It’s time to skip over all the academic mumbo-jumbo and get right to the point of what works.  And that’s what you’ll get in this webinar, TAKE THIS JOB AND LOVE IT: 21 Keys To The Work-Life Balance You’ve Always Wanted