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  • 11 Secrets of a Positive Attitude that Win Every Time

    11 Secrets of a Positive Attitude that Win Every Time A positive attitude brings good results, and a negative attitude destroys your energy and brings bad results. So it’s critical that you know how to get, build, maintain and deploy a positive attitude so you get the best possible results in any situation. In this webinar recording, you’re going to learn the 11 behaviors and mental practices of a positive attitude that have proven to work … and will work for you. To be specific, you will learn:
    • How to turn on a behavior that always turns up your energy,
    • How to stop yourself from catching the negativity of others,
    • How to change the way you talk … from negative to positive,
    • How to choose the right perspective for the best possible outcomes,
    • How to use a positive “but” to overcome any problem,
    • How to use possibility thinking for greater creativity,
    • How to use the power of positive focus,
    • How to live and work with enthusiasm no matter how you feel, and
    • How to be an actor rather than a reactor in life and at work.
    This webinar recording comes with a multi-page handout so you can put your learning into immediate action.  

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