Kudos for Dr. Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip!

Dr. Zimmerman,

I don’t know if you’re aware of the impact you are making with your “Tips”.

Wait a minute. I guess I should speak only for myself. But I can’t help but assume others find the help I get from you.

I print these things out every week and read them every Friday to my employees at our sales meetings. While reading I often find myself laughing at the irony, stopping often to emphasize your point, being inspired by the insightfulness, and holding back the tears from the sensitivity. I look at my wife and she’s quietly applauding with tears in HER eyes.

If someone had told me about your letters and how I would react. . . I mean, there I am giving a sales meeting and getting that emotional, I would not have believed them.

I know you’ve had an impact on my life. When some of my more alert employees ask for a copy, I know you’ve had a positive impact on them.
And just in case no one out there is saying thanks. I am.

Energy Conservatory Bike Shop
Dunedin, Fl.

Dr. Zimmerman,

Thank you so much for making these wonderful weekly visits to my office.  I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation to our campus and am enjoying staying connected through your newsletter.  The “lifebalance” articles have been very “on target”.  Your willingness to share your personal connective to those issues adds a special impact and one that stresses the importance and validity of what you have written.  Thank you again.  You are doing a valuable work in giving of your heart and soul to the living experiences of other workers.

Thank you
Beth Baltz

Dr. Zimmerman,

This particular tip has really hit home for me. I can absolutely relate to what you are speaking of. This entire week, in particular, has been a real struggle. I found myself feeling empty. . . “off-balance”. I know for certain what it is. . . . I have been putting off going back to school to learn what I have always wanted to do. . . . work in the healthcare field.

I am so unchallenged at work. . . Its too simple. . . . I am bored! Because of my procrastination, the class I wanted to enroll in this summer is filled / closed. I will have to wait. . . AGAIN.

I really do appreciate the tips! Putting time into perspective as you did, gives me that spark again! Its not too late for me, I just have to do it NOW!


Dr. Zimmerman,

Just wanted to let you know how much your Tuesday tips have helped my Housekeeping staff. After the Manager’s away day for Tillamook Hospital, I started printing the Tuesday tip and leaving it on the break room table. I have to say there has been a positive change in attitude within the staff during this time. They all look forward to Tuesday to see what words of wisdom you have to offer. They now stop and think about the other person instead of jumping to conclusions or blaming others for what might be their fault. Again my Thanks to you and your staff for making this information and insight available.

Sincerely yours,
Naomi Wheeldon


Hello!  I have thoroughly enjoyed your Tuesday Tip for the last two years.   You were here at Eglin Air Force Base for a seminar (which was truly motivating by the way) a couple of years ago and mentioned that you offered a tip of the week so I subscribed and have been hooked ever since.   Yesterday’s tip was one of the best!  I have a fitness and nutrition consulting business and nothing is more important to my business than my clients and their satisfaction and success.   Yesterday’s tip really brings the issue of “Customer Service” home.   I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the insightful messages.   By the way Labrada Lean Body Bars are some of the best.   Try the Detour Bars by Next Protein sometime but don’t tell Lee I told you about them =:)

Dan Russell

Dear Dr. Zimmerman,

Thank you so much for these Tuesday Tip’s! What a powerful positive way to help individuals strive to look at life situations and strive to be the best we can be!! These tips have not only helped me in my business relations, but also in my relationships with my 4 children.

I recently ordered your book “Brave Questions” and gave it to my husband for Father’s Day. He loves it! I have to admit that I sneak the book away and read it, too:) Thank you for writing this book.

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Denise Wood

This epitomizes the effectiveness of your Tuesday Tips, Dr. Zimmerman! My wife and I were just talking about the things we should be thankful for yesterday while driving home from work. My wife’s a dreamer and always wishes for her house on the beach. Meanwhile, we’re “stuck” in rainy old Pittsburgh! I told her that I wouldn’t mind living here for the next five years in mediocrity, if it meant maybe living that “bonus” “happiness” near the beach, but in due time I told her. That list of things to be thankful for hit home with me. That is exactly the way I have been trying to think. If you think about the things that you long for to keep you happy, you’re right, you’ll waste your time and cause even more suffering. I like the way you put it. . . maintaining your joy as opposed to looking for happiness, because happiness is that underlying bonus.

I am thankful I have you as a friend and someone I can rely on in times of despair. You are such an inspiration.

Thank you, Dr. Zimmerman, for being you!!
Jason A. Zaperach

Dear Alan:

I recently got a call from a company for whom I’ve done work. They were looking for a motivational speaker. I forwarded them your web address.

I just read your Tuesday Tip #157. It struck a cord when I read about Dale Carnegie making a list of all the bad things that didn’t happen to him. It brings to mind a similar exercise I go through at the Blood Bank. I donate blood every two months and have been fortunate to be able to have given over 10 gallons over the past 25 years.

The exercise I’m talking about is the health history interview that precedes donating. Because of HIV, mad cow disease and other maladies; that interview has gotten to be a long list. It is a real blessing to be able to answer ‘no’ to question after question of health problems. Besides doing a good deed, I walk out of there appreciating good health.

Thanks again for the Tips.  
Best regards,

Thank you for the Tuesday Tip, I’ve only recently been introduced to your website and so appreciate it.  Not least of which, I take time to read and digest what the note says.  Thank you for providing such a warm and loving service to so many of us!

I have always been one to be the brave questioner . . . and I also listen for the answers . . . for me, there needs to be a further aspect, which is ‘brave questions, earn honest answers’

For me, that means being a truer friend and answering honestly even when the answer provides ‘tough love’.  its what my friends know me for, and what many of my business associates respect me for.

I also recognize that asking brave questions, further requires respect for the person who provides the ‘brave answer’, listening and reserving any judgment or comment, but taking the chance to learn . . . there are so many blessings/gifts . . . if only we are brave enough to make the time!

Sheilina Somani, PMP

Dear Mr. Zimmerman,

I am so excited to receive your newsletters on a weekly basis.

I truly believe your newsletters will help me with my weekly team meetings in our animal medical facility. I have a staff of 50 highly motivated (most of the time) team members! Each and every one of our team members are special, gifted people. I am very lucky to have the chance to be their administrator.

Say. . . if you are ever in the Rochester, MN area. . . We would love to meet you. You can even bring your pet with you. (if you have one).

Hope your day is great!
Amy Klepper
Cascade Animal Medical Center
Rochester, MN