Journey to the Extraordinary

12 Keys to Guaranteed Success

Dr. Zimmerman’s Journey to the Extraordinary is an intense, interactive workshop designed to transform your life and give you the tools you need to get the happiness and success you want on and off the job.  It is held publicly only twice each year (or can be held on-site – see details below) and attendance is limited to promote an environment of change and growth.  During this seminar you’ll learn the 12 keys to happiness and success that Dr. Zimmerman has discovered and tested over the past 30 years.

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“Your ‘Journey’ made a tremendous difference in my life.  I learned how to deal with stress so I’m happier, more productive, and better received by my coworkers.  I learned how to achieve my goals, once and for all.  So I went back to school, started exercising, and lost 25 pounds.  I dramatically improved the way I listen to my staff and my peers, and my attitude has certainly improved!”
– Sheila Fitzgerald, – Supervisor, Department of the Treasury

Day 1 – Taking Charge:
Motivating Yourself To Achieve More Than Ever

Overall Description: Peak Performers … in any profession … at any level … have invariably mastered the 6 keys to personal and professional transformation.  They have mastered the keys of self-esteem, purpose, goals, attitude, risk, and balance.

And Day 1 of the JOURNEY gives each participant the tools he/she needs to be a Peak Performer … all the time … no matter what … on and off the job.

Topics Covered:

  • 7 strategies for unshakeable confidence … no matter what’s happening at home or on the job
  • 10 questions that will help you determine what you really want out of your career and your life
  • A process for figuring out your purpose … so you live your life on purpose
  • The #1 biggest block to the use of your full potential and how to eradicate it once and for all
  • A process for setting your goals and an easy, 10-minute exercise that achieves your goals
  • A simple way to turn ideas into action – quickly and consistently
  • The danger of living in your comfort zone and which risks are most likely to pay off
  • 8 skills that lead to a positive attitude and a never-ending source of energy and motivation
  • 9 strategies that neutralize stress, no matter how busy your life is.
  • How to create true balance in your life – without sacrificing results

DRZ Journey Women

“Your ‘Journey’ is absolutely incredible.  I’ve been using the affirmation techniques you taught, and they have brought about some major changes in my life. Just to name a few, I left a very comfortable role to take on a new position — where I turned a group into the most effective and productive sales team in the company.  I achieved a great deal more work-life balance, have deepened my spiritual life, and have a new and clearer vision for my future.  I learned it all from your program.”
– Stuart Gray, President, 4Remarkable Service

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Day 2 – Peak Performance:
How To Bring Out The Best In Others

Overall Description:  It doesn’t matter if you’re an executive, a manager, a team leader, team member, employee, parent or spouse; you’ve got to work with people.  You’ve got to know what “motivates” them and what kinds of things build solid, cooperative, and lasting relationships with those other people.

Day 2 of the JOURNEY skips the boring, impractical theories delivered in so many programs and gets right down to the nitty gritty skills that actually work.  You learn people skills you can use today … to get results today.

Topics Covered:

  • 5 languages of cooperation and how to speak them so you melt people’s resistance to change
  • 5 reasons people refuse to go along with you
  • #1 key in getting people to happily do what you want them to do
  • 2 listening systems that ensure understanding and improve relationships
  • 12 recognition strategies that motivate others to do their very best … but cost you nothing
  • Ways to ask for what you want …  so others feel naturally inclined to say “Yes”
  • Strategies that inspire your team to accomplish even the most demanding goals
  • A simple script you can follow that easily incites change in any team member
  • How to create a fun, productive, engaging work environment
  • 9 brave questions you need to ask people on and off the job to build better relationship

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Interested in bringing the Journey to your organization?

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“Your BELIEF system for bringing out the best in others was brilliant … especially your section on how to ensure the follow-through of others.  Now we’re in the process of bringing your ‘Journey’ to all of our people here in the U.K.
– Dave Hirst, Audit Manager, HBOS


DRZ Journey Splash Man Arms Up
“What would I change in the ‘Journey’? Nothing.  You have made the greatest impact on my life of any public speaker.  This program is terrific!”
– Carolyn Krumrey, Chief, NASA
“Your ‘Journey’ was unlike any other training program I have ever attended.  When those programs were over, we put our notebooks on the shelf and never opened them again.  But at the end of your ‘Journey,’ you gave each of us a 10-week reinforcement program to keep the lessons in the forefront of our minds, and you made sure we stayed on track and used what we learned. Thanks!!!”
-Kathy Welte, Director, National Marrow Donor Program