Dr. Zimmerman's Video Tour of the "Journey to the Extraordinary"

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What You'll Get from the Journey Video Tour

In this video tour, Dr. Zimmerman is going to walk you through the 12 Keys to Extraordinary Success on and off the job.  In addition, he'll give you several downloads you can use right away to get started on your journey to success.  You'll receive:

  • 4 Videos that will outline the 12 Keys to Extraordinary Success, 3 Keys per video
  • Handouts from the Journey to the Extraordinary Experience to get you started right away
  • Email access directly to Dr. Zimmerman for any questions you have along the way
  • A 5th Bonus Video that will contain a special offer to attend Dr. Zimmerman's next Journey Experience!

"You are truly focused on providing great information ."

"I appreciate the quality and quantity of your free offer. You are truly focused on providing great information. I've clicked on free offers from other programs before and it's all advertising. I can't wait to get the other videos. Thank you!"

Janet Busby- Dodge Center, MN

"I only wish I had run across your information earlier."

"Thank you for your very wise words that you have put together from several years of experience. I only wish I had run across your information earlier."

Sherri Hartson - Iowa

  • What's covered in these videos?

Video 1 - The First 3 Keys to Personal Excellence

This first video will take you through the first 3 keys to incredible success at work and at home: SELF-ESTEEM, PURPOSE, and GOALS. In addition to all of that critical information, you'll also receive Dr. Zimmerman's L.A.S.T.I.N.G. System for getting all the self-confidence you need to achieve the things you want.

Video 2 - The Next 3 Keys to Personal Excellence

In Video #2, Dr. Zimmerman dives into some of the ways you can build an unshakeable POSITIVE ATTITUDE, take constructive RISKS outside your comfort zone, and keep your work and life in BALANCE. He has also included THREE downloads ... all at no charge ... to help you in your own "Journey to the Extraordinary." 

Video 3 - The First 3 Keys to Professional Success

In Video #3, Dr. Zimmerman will take you through the keys of BELIEF, ENGAGEMENT, and LISTENING. He has also included an incredible downloadable resource called "Brave Questions for Work."

Video 4 - The Final 3 Keys to Professional Success

In this fourth video, Dr. Zimmerman will take you through the last 3 of the 12 keys featured in his "Journey to the Extraordinary" experience.  He'll focus on IMPORTANCE, EXAMPLE, and FOLLOW-THROUGH and how these keys will help you to bring out the best in those around you ... at home and at work. 

Video 5 - The Bonus Video

In this BONUS video, Dr. Zimmerman will review all 12 of the success keys.  He will bring them together in one easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement process.   In addition, you'll receive a special offer to attend his next "Journey to the Extraordinary" experience coming to Chicago on November 10-11, 2016.

Remember, in addition to each video, you'll receive:

  • Several downloadable tools to improve your personal excellence and professional success now
  • Email access to Dr. Zimmerman to ask questions about your personal journey
  • A special offer to attend Dr. Zimmerman's next "Journey to the Extraordinary"

Thousands have already requested these videos and continue to see results.

We've made this video series available before, and we've received tremendous feedback from those who have watched and begun their own journey.  Even more exciting is the feedback received from those who have attended Dr. Zimmerman's "Journey to the Extraordinary" Experience in person.

“It actually gave me the tools to make improvements in my life.”

"I am a project manager and spend countless hours planning my jobs for success but never really took the time to plan my own life for success. I even attended a number of seminars and read a variety of books on the subject, but Dr. Zimmerman’s JOURNEY is different. It actually gave me the tools to make improvements in my life."

Jeff Navin, Project Manager - Consigli Construction

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How Do I Register for Dr. Zimmerman's Journey to the Extraordinary?

By requesting the videos above you'll be included in a special offer to attend the Journey that will not be available anywhere else.

Registration for the Chicago Journey opens August 17th, 2016.

The Chicago Journey Experience will be held November 10-11, 2016 at the Hilton Garden Inn Chicago O'Hare Airport. If you have any questions please call our office at 800-621-7881.