I challenge you to watch the news these days and NOT come away scared, angry, or stressed out. And I hate, hate, hate to say that because I’ve been speaking and writing on how to get and keep a powerful, positive attitude for years. But the truth is, it may be more challenging now than most of us have ever experienced in the past.

The result is STRESS on steroids. And you weren’t designed to do your best or perform with excellence if you’ve got too much unmanaged STRESS in your life.

That’s why I felt compelled to send you my whitepaper on 50 Ways to Get UNSTRESSED in a STRESSED-OUT World. If you will adopt two, three or more of the strategies I’ve outlined in this whitepaper, you’ll either have less stress or more stress-coping mechanisms at your disposal. It’s my gift to you for being a Tuesday Tip subscriber.

That’s also why I decided to send you another gift.


With inflation eating up many of my clients’ profits, with employee recruitment-retention-motivation becoming a bigger headache, with a number of unwelcome changes being thrust upon you, I wanted to do something to make your life and work a bit easier and a lot more successful.

If you or your organization book any one of my live or virtual programs between now and the end of August, to be delivered at any time in the future, you will save 25%. I’ve never done this before, but it seems like this is the right thing to do at the right time. It’s one more way to become UNSTRESSED.

All you have to do is email me (, call me (800-621-7881), or text me (239-273-7743) and let me know you’re interested. I’ll get back to you and we’ll go from there.

You will find attached to this email my most requested programs. Of course, I’ll customize anything to fit your exact objectives to make sure you get the results you want. In brief, my most requested programs include:

  • UP Your Attitude: How to Turn Steadfast Confidence into Goals Accomplished
  • 4C Leadership: Communication, Cooperation, Commitment, and Change
  • Take This Job and Love It! How to De-Stress, Re-Charge, and Re-Balance Your Life and Work in a Crazy-Busy World
  • The Power of Partnership: 7 Keys to Better Relationships and Greater Teamwork
  • The Journey to the Extraordinary: How to Get the Very Best Out of Yourself and Others


Enjoy, savor, and apply some of the 50 Ways to Get UNSTRESSED in a STRESSED-OUT World.

And if want to invest in one of my programs, if you want to save 25%, let me know. I’m ready to work with you.

Dr. Z