Work-Life Balance

Take Time For Recreation Before Your Body Takes Time For Illness

I love to work. I really do. I love the feeling of being productive, using my time wisely, and seeing results.

BalanceHowever, I ’m also a little ignorant … or at least I used to be. There have been periods in my life where I’ve worked so much that I actually got very sick and lost some very important relationships in my life.

Enough of that. A part of my philosophy today includes a strong emphasis on work-life balance. I know I can’t keep on working, and working, and working, and expect to feel good or have healthy relationships. I’ve got to take some time to re-lax, re-create, re-juvenate, and re-energize myself.

That’s why I took a few hours off recently to go hiking amongst the Indian Peaks of Colorado. It put juice back in my batteries. Maybe you need to put some extra juice in your batteries as well.