Wellness Is …

Mahatma Gandhi said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”  His wisdom needs to be heeded.

With a world that is overstressed and out of balance, we desperately need more “wellness” in our lives and in our jobs.  However, in order to get more wellness or create more wellness, we must first know what it is.

John Travis, M.D., gives one of the best definitions I have ever encountered.  It may be worth your while to print out a copy of this and place in a spot where you’ll read it everyday.  And the more you read it, the more you’ll internalize it, and the more wellness you’ll have.

Wellness Is…

knowing what your real needs are and

   how to get them met;

expressing emotions in ways that

   communicate waht you are

   experiencing to other people;

acting assertively, and not passively or


enjoying your body by means of

   adequate nutrition, exercise and

   physical awareness;

being engaged in projects that are

   meaningful to you and reflect your

   most important inner values;

knowing how to create and cultivate

   close relationships with others;

responding to challenges in live as

   opportunities to grow in strength and

   maturity, rather than feeling beset by


creating the life you really want, rather

   just reacting to what “seems to


relating to troublesome physical

   symptoms in ways that improve your

   condition and increase your

   knowledge about yourself;

enjoying a basic sense of well-being,

   even through times of adversity;

knowing your own innter patterns –

   emotional and physical – and

   understanding “signals” your body

   gives you;

trusting that your own personal

   resources are your greatest strength

   for living and growing;

experiencing yourself as a Wonderful


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