Trust Is The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

There’s been a lot of talk in the media and amongst the politicians that integrity and character are old fashioned, outdated concepts. How a person behaves and what a person says are “private” matters that should be of no concern to anyone else.

Don’t believe it. When it comes to customer loyalty, for example, nothing is more important than the trust you develop with your customers. Research from Texas A & M University says if the customer can trust you, if the customer sees you as being reliable, if the customer sees you doing what you said you would do, he will become an enthusiastic customer.

The same is true with your co-workers or internal customers. If your co-workers see you telling the truth, being honest, even when it’s not easy or comfortable to do so, you’ll build an incredible bond of trust with them. And with that bond of trust will come more cooperation and help.

So yes, trust is your ultimate competitive advantage.

Key Thought:     Integrity matters.  Character counts.  Trust is the ultimate competitive advantage.