Trust Is A Must Or The Relationship Will Bust

The strength of your team, the loyalty of your customers, and the depth of your marriage are all  determined by the trust levels in those relationships.

The good news is … trust can be built … if you do certain things.

*Take time to listen, to really listen to the other person, to what is being said and left unsaid.

*Find out what is important to the other person and spend more time and energy focusing on those things.  Just remember, what you think is important to another person may only be important to you.

*Make and keep your promises.  Live up to you commitments.  Anything short of that will always damage the trust in your relationships.

*Treat people with kindness and courtesy.  The Golden Rule really does work.

*Be open and honest, but avoid “brutal honesty.”   You can make your point without destroying the other person.

*Be authentic.  You can’t sweet talk people to their face and bad mouth them behind their backs and expect to build trust.

*Say you’re sorry when you make a mistake.  More trust is killed off by coverups than fessups.