Time Management

You’re Never Going To Have Time; You Have To Make Time

Managing TimeFor the last two years I’ve been working on my newest book, The Payoff Principle: Using Purpose, Passion, and Process to Create the Life, Work, and Relationships You’ve Always Wanted. I’m truly excited about this book because I know it’s the best, most insightful, most powerful book I’ve ever written. I know it will change lives. And to some extent it’s my legacy to all my hundreds and thousands of followers.

The problem is … I’ve been spending two years … TWO YEARS writing and re-writing this book because I’m SO busy. And I’ve been telling myself that I’ll get back to my writing when I have the time.

Well, duh, I finally realized I will never have the time. I’ll always be busy. I simply have to make the time … which means making the book writing a priority and then do it. Period! No excuses. No more waiting for that big magical chunk of free time because it’s not going to happen.

I also realized that I need to find the place that is free of distractions … where I can truly focus on the book. And my office wasn’t fitting that bill. My office has a thousand things calling out to me, saying, “Work on me next … or … No this other project is more important.”

So I’ve made two decisions that have dramatically improved my productivity. One, make the time to write. Two, find the place to write. And it’s working. I’m stuck in the back corner of our local library, away from my desk, my mail, my emails, and everything else.

I suspect this same procedure will work for you as well when you really want to get something done.