The ABC’s Of Success

Looking for a sure-fire formula for success?  Well, there may not be ONE, but there are several behaviors … if done consistently … will do an awful lot to ensure your success.

I’m particularly fond of  “The ABC’s of Success.”  Even though I couldn’t find the author, I find these ABC’s to be right on target.  In fact, you might print them out, put them on your wall, read them every day, do what they suggest, and you’ll be a great role model to others.

     Arrive a little early for every date or appointment.
     Be enthusiastic in everything you do.
     Complete every assigned task.
     Do a little bit more than is required.
     Express yourself after you know the facts.
     Feel comfortable in every situation by acting yourself.
     Go all out to please your friends.
     Help your enemies.
     Identify yourself by accomplishment rather than words.
     Join in and help when you are needed.
     Keep your head; it may save your hide.
     Listen with your ears, not your mouth.
     Make do with what you have.
     Never say never.
     Open your heart to those less fortunate than you.
     Please yourself by pleasing others.
     Quickly respond to an emergency.
     Remember the spirit of Christmas especially in August.
     Study, study, study to excel.
     Take advantage of opportunity.
     Use spare time intelligently.
     Value your health.
     Work at your work.
     X-out any qualities that could lead to failure.
     You (and your Higher Power) are your most important assets.
     Zestfully meet any challenge.
Great advice. Follow it and you’re bound to have a great IMAGE that even motivates others to be their best.